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Elish Warlop 13 FD
Elish Warlop Design Studio is based in Denver, CO and is a multidisciplinary design firm focusing on furniture, lighting and architecture. Elish is a licensed architect with a MFA in furniture design. Her work addresses notions of scale, repetition, and engagement. Experimenting with modeling, prototyping, and testing the limits of each design, is an important part of the studio's process.
FurnitureDesign  furniture  Lighting  jewelry  Jewelry+Metalsmithing  architecture  alumni 
april 2015 by risdtalent
Mike Garman 02 BARCH
Michael Garman is both the mind and hands behind the boutique design firm Garman Furniture. He creates each prototype in his studio outside of Houston Texas– believing that “Furniture should be lived with and interacted with,” he says. “It should be something you want to touch and kick your feet up on – a piece of interactive art. ”
FurnitureDesign  architecture  alumni  furniture 
april 2015 by risdtalent
Andrea Claire '89 BArch
Andrea Claire is an artisan, licensed architect, and surfer. She was born on Long Island NY, and went to Rhode Island School of Design (BFA & B. Arch) and California Institute of the Arts (MFA). She currently lives and works in Brooklyn. Since its launch in 2011 Andrea Claire Studio has quickly evolved into a trusted partner to interior designers and architects all over the world. We work closely and personally with our clients to design and hand fabricate scalable mobile light-art. We tailor the dimensions, colors, and materials to suit the needs of each particular space.
alumni  architecture  IndustrialDesign  Lighting  bfa 
april 2015 by risdtalent
Hart Howerton provides integrated planning, architecture, landscape architecture and interior design services to create cohesive complete environments that are places, not projects.
architecture  LandscapeArchitecture  internships  Boston  NY  NewYorkCity  SanFrancisco  CA  international 
november 2013 by risdtalent
Therani, Nadar '86 - Architecture
Office dA is a Boston-based architecture firm whose principal partners are Monica Ponce de Leon and Nader Tehrani.
Alumni  Entrepreneur  Architecture 
may 2011 by risdtalent
Cunningham, Kevin '05 - Architecture
Spirare Surfboards; Spirare Surfboards are made with a conscientious approach to both the surfboard as a functional device and to sustainable design. Whether boards are shaped from foam, wood, or a composite combination of both, Spirare strives to use the most eco-friendly materials and methods available without compromising on performance.
Admissions  Presentation  Freshman  Career  Presentation  Entrepreneur  Alumni  Architecture  BArch 
may 2011 by risdtalent
Haskett, Joseph '02 - Architecture
Distill Studio; Distill studio was founded to create places to live and work that are not only innovative but simultaneously minimize their impact on the environment. We work collaboratively in interdisciplinary teams of architects, planners and engineers to respond to the many design challenges that face us toda
Architecture  Department  Presentation  Admissions  Presentation  RISD  By  Design  Career  Options  Presentation  Freshman  Career  Presentation  Alumni  Entrepreneur  Architecture  MFA 
may 2011 by risdtalent
Gill Case, Peter '97 - Architecure
The Box Office and Truth Box Architects; Truth box, inc. is an architecture and development firm dedicated to the rapid transition to a green age: no waste, less energy used, healthy buildings and more renewable energy production.
Freshman  Career  Presentation  Entrepreneur  Alumni  Architecture  MFA 
may 2011 by risdtalent
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