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Pyramid Atlantic Art Center Denbo Fellowship
This Fellowship is designed to offer artists, working in the fields of printmaking, papermaking or book arts, an environment conducive to individual and collaborative creative practice, and provides an opportunity to complete a new body of work at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center.

Selected artists will receive up to one month of 24-hour access to the printshop, typeshop, paper studio and/or bindery, ten hours of one-on-one technical assistance, a stipend for travel, materials, or housing, a flat file, and use of standard shop supplies.
Printmaking  Books  residencies  papermaking  Maryland 
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Gate33 Milan Historical Center Residency Printmeking Art Prize
PRINTMeKING 2019 Art Prize is an opportunity for artists, printmakers, designers and illustrators in the contemporary art world whose practice and research involves, but is not necessarily limited to, the medium of printmaking.

We wish to award an individual with the possibility to travel to Italy, where they can experience a new culture, access the necessary facilities to express their ideas, engage in meaningful conversations, and gain visibility amidst new audiences. PRINTMeKING is aimed to those who are self-sufficient in one or more of the following traditional printmaking techniques: etching, photopolymer etching, silk-screen, woodcut, and lithography.
residencies  italy  Printmaking 
january 2019 by risdgrants
XL Catlin Art Prize
The XL Catlin Art Prize is a new juried art contest and traveling exhibition of 40 two-dimensional figurative works (paintings, drawings, and original prints.) The contest launches this fall through press, social media and direct institutional outreach.

The XL Catlin Art Prize in the US builds on a 10-year legacy of the XL Catlin Art Prize in the UK which recognized young artists through a prestigious London exhibition and catalog publication. The prize established a reputation as an insightful overview of emerging talent.
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december 2017 by risdgrants
Kala Art Institute Fellowship
For over 30 years, Kala Art Institute has annually awarded artists time, space, and financial support for their work through the Kala Fellowship award. The Kala Fellowship award is an international competition open to artists from the U.S. and around the world. Artists producing innovative work in all mediums including printmaking, digital media, installation art, social practice, photography, and book arts are encouraged to apply.

In 2017, Kala will award eight artists a $3,000 stipend, unlimited access to Kala's facilities for up to six months, one Kala class, and a culminating show in the Kala Gallery. The award is geared towards supporting artists in completing specific projects or bodies of work that would benefit from Kala's specialized equipment.
residencies  Printmaking  digitalmedia  StudioSpace  california 
may 2017 by risdgrants
Lawrence Arts Center
The Visiting and Resident Artists program at the Lawrence Arts Center offers area residents a unique opportunity to study visual arts with practicing artists of varied backgrounds and diverse skills. New artists are invited each year to become a part of the Lawrence community and share their professional skills with Lawrence Arts Center students and artists.

These 12 month Artist in Residence programs are designed to provide a creative and supportive environment in which artists may immerse themselves in creating new work and expanding their own understanding of their medium and other media available at the Arts Center. The residencies are multi-faceted experience that include teaching, community outreach, interaction with other artists, and studio care, and will culminate in an exhibition of new work.

Residencies are currently being offered in Ceramics and Printmaking.
metal  Photography  Printmaking  Ceramics  Kansas  KS  Residencies 
november 2012 by risdgrants
After a successful inaugural phase conducted by the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership, The Japan Foundation (JF), is pleased to announce the next phase of funding for the "Japan-America Collegiate Exchange Travel Program" initiative to facilitate exchange and understanding between Japan and the U.S., the Japan Foundation will provide travel funds to Japan primary for undergraduates and one faculty member. Instructors teaching a Japan-related course at U.S. universities or colleges are invited to apply for a grant to help fund a short-term study-tour to Japan, while incorporating the visit into course syllabi and itineraries arranged to build-on and enrich course contents. The goal is to provide students with firsthand experience that will allow them to gain a more nuanced and balanced understanding of Japan.
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New York Studio Residency Program
The New York Studio Residency Program is a hybrid of structure and flexibility, which results in a meaningful experience and bonding within a diverse community of young artists. The contact with their peers and other artists who are active professionally creates a community that is location-based as well as informational.
The New York Studio Residency Program is a transitional space for a community of peers that provides both support and the taste of independent living as artists in the world beyond academia. The work in the exhibition has a freshness and authenticity that reflects this formula of challenge and support. Although the medium, style, and content of the work is individual, the show as a whole is an important indicator of how young artists are experiencing the world as expressed in their artwork.
Film/Animation/Video  digitalmedia  TextileDesign  Illustration  glass  ceramics  Sculpture  printmaking  painting  EmergingArtist  NewYorkCity  NY  Residencies  Residencies 
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We’re fixing the funding process by removing the middleman and empowering people from all over the world to accomplish extraordinary things through our platform. In 2008 we unleashed Indiegogo in the independent film industry and it was a smash hit. In 2009, we expanded to include all industries and today we’re the leading international crowdfunding platform, having raised millions of dollars for thousands of campaigns worldwide. Our belief is that anyone, anywhere who is passionate and works hard should be able to raise money.
grants  Illustration  Film/Animation/Video  Ceramics  Glass  Printmaking  Painting  FineArts  film  business  crowdsourcing  crowdfunding  funding 
april 2012 by risdgrants
Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation
The objective of the Foundation is to promote, by its charitable activities, an appreciation of traditional expression in painting, drawing, sculpture and printmaking, by aiding worthy art students, artists or sculptors who need further training or other assistance during their formative years.

Awards are limited to candidates in the early stages of their careers and who are working in a representational style in painting, drawing, sculpture and printmaking. The terms of the Foundation's Charter preclude consideration of non-objective art.

First grants are in the amount of CAD$15,000 each, and second and third grants are in the amount of CAD$18,000 each. The foundation reserves the right to award grants in other amounts.

The Foundation welcomes applications throughout the year.
Printmaking  Sculpture  Painting  Award  grants  unrestricted 
december 2011 by risdgrants
- AS220 is a non-profit community arts space in downtown Providence with the mission to provide an unjuried and uncensored forum for the arts in Rhode Island.
Community  PublicSector  Nonprofits  exhibition  music  Printmaking  Residencies  PerformanceArt  programs 
november 2011 by risdgrants
Dar Al-Ma'mûn
-- Dar Al-Ma'mûn is a non-profit organization.
Depending on the nature of the selected projects each session comprises 4 artists over a period of 3 to 5 months.
Thus, we welcome each year 15 to 20 Moroccan and international artists. We assist them in the production of their works and offer them a program of personalized studio visits from international professionals (art critics, curators, institution directors) who are invited for the occasion.The four selected artists will receive during their stay : a return flight to Marrakesh, single on-site accommodation, 100 sq. meter workshop space and full board. Transportation of works produced will also be undertaken by us.The artists receive a production grant of 5,000 euros per person. The works produced at the end of the residency are the property of the artist.

-- find deadline updates on web
Africa  morocco  FineArts  Sculpture  Printmaking  Film/Animation/Video  Grants 
august 2011 by risdgrants
Aomori Contemporary Art Centre
--Residency in Japan for 5 artists at a time. Artists are provided with living and studio space.

--Deadline May 28.
Japan  international  Printmaking  Residencies  FineArts 
july 2011 by risdgrants
Artspace studios
-- Provides studio space and and maintains an educational programs for both national and international artists. Contact Artspace for information on how to become involved in future programs.
StudioSpace  international  Ireland  FineArts  Community  Residencies  digitalmedia  Printmaking  Photography  InstallationArt  PerformanceArt  exhibition 
july 2011 by risdgrants
Künstlerhäuser Worpswede - Start
-- Worpswede is located about 25 kilometers northeast of Bremen, in the midst of Devil’s Moor. The village became known primarily for the artists who settled here at the end of the nineteenth century: Heinrich Vogeler, Paula Modersohn-Becker, Rainer Maria Rilke, and Clara Rilke-Westhoff established Worpswede’s still-vital tradition as an artists colony, known affectionately as a “world village.” The delightful landscape, the historical sites of the first generation of artists, and numerous galleries annually attract droves of visitors.

Worpswede is a member of the EuroArt Network, an association of European artists colonies.
FineArts  Residencies  International  Germany  Fellowship  Stipend  metal  writing  literature  Printmaking 
july 2011 by risdgrants
Pollock-Krasner Foundation
--Provides financial support for expenditures relating to each artist's professional work and personal living, including medical expenses.

--No deadline (ongoing)

--Based on recognizable artistic merit and demonstrable financial need. Awarded to individuals who have worked as professional artists over a significant period of time
Grants  Funding  Painting  Sculpture  Printmaking  midcareer  FinancialNeed  SupportsWork 
july 2011 by risdgrants
Presse Papier
--Presse Papier is a workshop of more than 35 multidisciplinary artists who have printmaking at heart. The workshop has an apartment to rent for artists wishing to work in the workshop for a specified period. Artists in residence have unlimited access to the studio. Artists are responsible for the rent of $400 per month or $150 per week.

--Contact Presse Papier for application information
International  Printmaking  Workshops  Residencies  Painting  Photography  canada 
june 2011 by risdgrants
Pyramid Atlantic Art Center
--Offers two month residencies to artists working with printmaking, papermaking, book arts, or digital media. Artists receive a $200 stipend and 24-hour studio access. Technical assistance is not included in the residency, but is available at an additional cost.

--Four deadlines per year: Feb. 1, April 4, Aug. 8, Dec. 1.

--No restrictions as long as artists work in the specified mediums.
Craft  Printmaking  papermaking  Residencies  Internships  Workshops  digitalmedia  MD  Funding 
june 2011 by risdgrants
Highpoint Center for Printmaking
Highpoint Center for Printmaking is dedicated to advancing the art of printmaking. Its goals are to provide educational programs, community access, and collaborative publishing opportunities to engage the public and increase the appreciation and understanding of the printmaking arts.
Community  Printmaking  collaborative  Education  PublicSector  EmergingArtist  MN  Funding  International  diversity 
june 2011 by risdgrants
Fabric Workshop and Museum
-- The Fabric Workshop and Museum (FWM) is the only non-profit arts organization in the United States devoted to creating new work in new materials and new media in collaboration with emerging, nationally, and internationally recognized artists.
Residencies  AllDisciplines  Funding  PA  Internships  EmergingArtist  Printmaking  InstallationArt  publicart  Sculpture  FineArts  Photography 
june 2011 by risdgrants
Vermont Studio Center
-- Founded by artists in 1984, the Vermont Studio Center is now the largest and most international artists' and writers' Residency Program in the U.S. Each year VSC hosts 600 outstanding emerging and mid-career painters, sculptors, installation artists, printmakers, photographers, poets, and writers (50 per month) from across the country and around the world.
Residencies  VT  AllDisciplines  writing  LandscapeArchitecture  Fellowship  FineArts  painting  Sculpture  InstallationArt  Printmaking  Photography  poetry  literature 
may 2011 by risdgrants
Women's Studio Workshop
--WSW offers a variety of Artist-in-Residence opportunities. Residents receive 24-hour studio access, technical and production assistance, on-campus housing, travel per diem, a materials stipend, and a weekly personal stipend.

--Deadline Nov. 15
Residencies  NY  Printmaking  Photography  Grants  Ceramics  Education 
may 2011 by risdgrants
Lower East Side Printshop
-- Lower East Side Printshop is a not-for-profit printmaking workshop in New York City. It offers professional workspace, educational, and collecting services to artists at all career stages, emerging connoisseurs, print enthusiasts, and collectors at all levels.

-- Lower East Side Printshop, founded in 1968, is a not-for-profit printmaking studio in New York City that helps contemporary artists create new artwork and advance their careers.

-- Through the Printshop’s workspace residency programs, artists receive space and time to work, stipends, technical assistance, career development, and public exposure.

-- With its exhibitions, open studios, education, and other public programs, the Printshop serves as a junction for artists, collectors, museums, galleries, and educational institutions to access and engage in contemporary art.

-- With over 160 artists served each year, the Printshop is the largest printmaking workspace in the U.S.
Internships  EmergingArtist  Residencies  NewYorkCity  Printmaking  FineArts  StudioSpace 
may 2011 by risdgrants
Atlantic Center for the Arts
Atlantic Center for the Arts is an artists-in-residence program that provides artists with an opportunity to work and collaborate with some of the world's masters in the visual, literary, and performing arts. Over 3,500 artists have been served from the U.S. and around the world since 1982. See the full schedule of upcoming master artist residencies here!

The three week Residency Program brings together three "Master Artists" from different disciplines, such as the visual arts (painting, sculpture, photography, film/video, and multimedia), architecture, music (composition and performance), literature, choreography, dance, performance art, and theater. Each Master Artist determines the requirements and basic structure of their residency, and through an online application process, they each select eight "Associate Artists" to participate in the three-week program. The essence of the program is to provide a collegial environment for artists of all disciplines where they can engage in meaningful interaction and stimulating discussions, while pursuing individual or group projects.
Residencies  FL  EmergingArtist  FineArts  exhibition  Sculpture  PerformanceArt  dance  Theater  music  Printmaking  digitalmedia  NewMedia  painting  florida 
may 2011 by risdgrants
Banff CentreBanff Centre for Arts and Creativity Residencies and Programs
The Banff Centre is a globally respected arts, cultural, and educational institution and conference facility. Spend summer or fall in the Canadian Rocky Mountains at an artist residency or symposium for professional artists, curators, and arts researchers. Creative residencies in the Visual Arts department of The Banff Centre provide the luxury of time and space for the artist to create new works, research innovative ideas and experiment with different techniques and modes of production.
Residencies  Education  International  canada  curators  digitalmedia  FineArts  Photography  painting  Sculpture  dance  writing  Film/Animation/Video  music  Theater  publicart  Fellowship  Scholarships  Printmaking  Ceramics 
may 2011 by risdgrants
Sitka Center for Art and Ecology
-- The Sitka Center offers workshops, residencies and community events, while maintaining a facility appropriate to its needs in harmony with its inspirational coastal environment near Cascade Head and the Salmon River estuary.
Residencies  AllDisciplines  EmergingArtist  OR  Workshops  Community  FineArts  music  teaching  exhibition  writing  Printmaking  Sculpture  Ceramics  FurnitureDesign 
april 2011 by risdgrants
Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts
--The Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts offers up to sixty juried residencies per year to working artists from across the country and around the world. Residencies are awarded to visual artists, writers, composers, and interdisciplinary artists.
AllDisciplines  Residencies  EmergingArtist  NE  Stipend  music  writing  FineArts  Sculpture  Printmaking  FurnitureDesign 
april 2011 by risdgrants
Goldwell Open Air Museum & Residency
-- Selected Artists are expected to take advantage of the support we provide—funding, housing, 24/7 access to the studio, technical assistance—to more fully develop their practice and create new work.

All artists are expected to offer one public “Open Studio” program during their stay. This can take the form of an informal studio visit to a more formal artist talk or performance. In addition, many artists seek out opportunities to engage with the local community either in Beatty, Las Vegas, or even Reno. If you are interested in this kind of opportunity, please let us know at the time of application.
Residencies  AllDisciplines  EmergingArtist  NV  Museum  Sculpture  PerformanceArt  writing  FineArts  Painting  Printmaking  literature  Workshops  Stipend 
april 2011 by risdgrants
Burlington City Arts
-- Thirty years ago, BCA was born out of a belief that the arts should be accessible to all, and today this philosophy remains the underpinning of all we do. The BCA Scholarship Fund ensures financial support to anyone seeking to take a class, camp or workshop who could otherwise not afford to attend. Thanks to our members, Burlington City Arts never turns away individuals wishing to participate in our programs.
AllDisciplines  Residencies  EmergingArtist  VT  Printmaking  Ceramics  Scholarships  publicart  Photography  Painting  FineArts  Workshops 
april 2011 by risdgrants
Art/Omi International Arts Center & Ledig House
-- Omi International Artists Residency invites visual artists from every continent, representing a wide diversity of artistic styles, to gather in rural New York State to experiment, collaborate and share ideas. During three weeks each July, concentrated time for creative work is balanced with the stimulation of cultural exchange and critical appraisal. Each session, a distinguished critic/curator is invited to participate as Critic-in-Residence, who leads discussions and makes individual studio visits. Our Visitors Program enables residents to have conversations with many visiting art critics, gallery owners and prominent artists. Direct engagement with the New York City art world is unmatched by similar residency programs. The program culminates with Open Studio Day, during which hundreds of professionals, art lovers, neighbors and friends view work, ask questions and respond.

-- 2012 Application Guidelines will be posted in August, 2011
Residencies  AllDisciplines  NY  EmergingArtist  dance  music  writing  literature  Stipend  Sculpture  Printmaking 
april 2011 by risdgrants
William H. Johnson Foundation for the Arts
The William H. Johnson Prize is awarded annually to an early career African American artist. For our purposes, "early career" is a flexible term that should be interpreted liberally to include artists who have finished their academic work within twelve years from the year that the prize is awarded.

Awards $25,000 each year to an early career African American artist working in painting, photography, sculpture, printmaking, installation or new genres.

--Open only to African American artists who have finished their academic work within twelve years from the year that the prize is awarded.
Printmaking  Grants  Minority  Sculpture  Painting  InstallationArt  NewMedia  EmergingArtist  Photography 
october 2010 by risdgrants
Sanbao Studio
--The Sanbao International Ceramic Art Institute has now launched its pluralistic art and cultural programs, offering residencies, fellowships, cultural tours, international exchange programs and university credited summer schools. Many of the programs offered are eligible for various scholarships.

-- see website for current deadlines
Ceramics  China  Residencies  Scholarships  Fellowship  FineArts  Sculpture  Printmaking  Photography  international 
october 2010 by risdgrants
Gottlieb Foundation: Individual Support Grants
--Provides grants to individuals who have been working in their field for 20+ years and can demonstrate financial need.

--Deadline Dec. 15.

--Applicants should be able to demonstrate that they have been working in a mature phase of their art for at least 20 years. They must show that their primary involvement has been with their artistic goals, regardless of other personal or financial responsibilities. Applicants must also complete a financial disclosure page.
Grants  Painting  Printmaking  Sculpture 
october 2009 by risdgrants
Gottlieb Foundation: Emergency Grants
--The Emergency Assistance Program is intended to provide interim financial assistance to qualified artists whose needs are the result of an unforeseen, catastrophic incident like fire, flood, or emergency medical need. The maximum amount of this grant is $10,000. An award of $4,000 is typical.

--No deadline (ongoing).

--Applicants must be able to demonstrate a minimum involvement of ten years in a mature phase of his or her work.
Grants  Painting  Printmaking  Sculpture 
october 2009 by risdgrants

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