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RISD Architecture Alumni Travel Award
Each year, the award supports student travel to extend, augment and provoke design scholarship initiated by students within the department.

A total of $4,000 will be awarded to the top submission. Travel awards must be used between July and June.

The award is open to current B.Arch and M.Arch students in good academic standing as of the submission deadline as well as B.Arch and M.Arch alumni who graduated the year before Previous winners are ineligible. Students and alumni who all meet the above criteria may apply as a collaborative partnership or team with the understanding that the total award amount will not be increased.
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Monson Arts Summer Design Residencies
Monson Arts is a new arts center in Monson, Maine. Programs include residencies for artists and writers, intensive shorter workshops, and educational partnerships with area secondary schools.

Monson Arts is partnering with RISD to offer two, month-long, design focused summer residencies. Design residents will focus on developing prototypes and designs, and experimenting with materials.

Both RISD residents will receive a $1,000 stipend, room and board, a private studio, and access to Monson Arts’ wood and metal working shops. Monson Arts has a studio technician on staff 20 hours a week who will provide support. In addition, residents have access to digital fabrication equipment at the Innovative Media and Research Center (IMRC) at the University of Maine in Orono, a partner of Monson Arts.

Monson is located at the edge of Maine’s North Woods, a 3.5 million acres of forest bordering Canada. It is the last town on the Appalachian Trail before the beginning of the 100-Mile Wilderness that leads to Mount Katahdin. Since it was founded in 1822, the community has had an economy based on natural resources. In the late 19th through the early 20th centuries, slate quarries supported a thriving industry. Moosehead Manufacturing produced wood furniture from the 1945 until its closure in 2007. The region also has a rich arts tradition: Henry David Thoreau wrote about the area in The Maine Woods, photographer Berenice Abbott lived in Monson and nearby Blanchard, and traditional makers are well establish in the area including the North Woods Canoe Company, Atkinson.
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Union Station Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Scholarship
Union Studio, a nationally practicing architecture and community design firm based in Providence, has established the United in Design Scholarship to support the development of an architectural profession that is more reflective of our diverse society. The United in Design scholarship includes $2.5K academic scholarship, 10-wk paid summer internship opportunity at Union Studio, housing during the summer internship, and a mentor for AXP within the firm. Underrepresented, minority, or LGBTQ+ undergraduate/graduate students in architecture, urban design, or planning are eligible.
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Brooks International Fellowship Programme
The Brooks International Fellowship Programme offers an exciting opportunity for one visual arts professional to work alongside Tate’s Senior Curator of International Photography, in Tate Modern’s Curatorial department for six months, complemented by activities at Delfina Foundation.

Tate encourages applications from candidates working or having worked outside of the UK, to collaborate with Tate curators in order to identify a range of themes that would focus on the shifts in urbanism, the concept of domesticity/home, and their relationship to photography and time-based media art in South Asia and its diasporas in the era of post-independence and beyond.

During the fellowship period the Fellow will be part of a Tate team, actively participating in gallery projects and discussions, with special access to Tate’s programme, collection, staff and wider networks.
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Stewardson Keefe LeBrun Travel Grant
This grant is awarded to further the personal and professional development of an architect in early or mid-career through travel. Travel plans should be focused on a selected topic of interest to the individual, rather than a part of a larger humanitarian or institutional endeavor. If appropriate, the winner may be asked to present at the Center for Architecture upon return.
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Wheelwright Prize, Harvard Graduate School of Design
The Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD) Wheelwright Prize is an open international competition that awards $100,000 to a talented early-career architect to support travel-based research. This annual prize is dedicated to fostering new forms of architectural research informed by cross-cultural engagement.

The Wheelwright Prize is open to emerging architects practicing anywhere in the world. The primary eligibility requirement is that applicants must have received a degree from a professionally accredited architecture program in the past 15 years. An affiliation to the GSD is not required. Applicants are asked to submit a portfolio, a research proposal, and a travel itinerary that takes them outside their country of residence.

The winner will be selected via an open call for proposals and a rigorous review process. The winner of the Wheelwright Prize will receive: $100,000 cash prize to support travel and research-related costs, invitation to lecture at Harvard GSD, possibility to publish research in a Harvard GSD publication.
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Brunner Grant
Advanced study in any area of architectural investigation that will effectively contribute to the knowledge, teaching or practice of the art and science of architecture. The proposed investigation is to result in a final written work, design project, research paper, or other form of presentation.
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Architectural Record
Architectural Record is awarding two traveling fellowships to architecture students and young professionals to commemorate the magazine’s 125th anniversary. The purpose of the fellowship is to engage with significant architecture and/or urbanism outside the United States—to pursue greater general knowledge of design or to study closely, for example, a single typology, historic period, or place/region. $7,500
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Arnold W. Brunner Grant
Single award of up to $15,000 for the advanced study in any area of architectural investigation that will effectively contribute to the knowledge, teaching or practice of the art and science of architecture. The proposed investigation is to result in a final written work, design project, research paper, or other form of presentation.

Applicants must be a U.S. citizen engaged in the profession of architecture or a related field and have received their first professional degree at least five years prior to the date of application.
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Gensler Design Strategist Development Fellowship
DSD is unlike anything else within the design industry. This 24-month, on-the-job professional training program gives participants firsthand exposure to the skills and experiences they need to achieve professional success as a design strategist. It propels participants directly into meaningful project work, offers world-class professional development, and connects them with a global community of colleagues and mentors. Tailored to each person’s strengths and ambitions, the program provides the maximum breadth and depth of design strategy experience.
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Arthur Ross Awards
Each year, the Arthur Ross Jury selects five recipients for awards from among the following categories:
Artisanship · Craftsmanship
Community Design · Civic Design · City Planning
Fine Arts: Painting · Sculpture · Mural Design · Rendering · Photography
History · Journalism · Criticism · Writing · Editing · Publishing
Interior Design
Landscape Design · Gardening
The awards honor lifetime achievement, a career, or a body of work. The exceptions are for the categories of “Patronage” and “Stewardship” where single works may be honored.
In Fine Arts, the body of work should have been created in association with architectural projects, be related to design and placemaking, or be a depiction of the built environment.
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Gensler Diversity Scholarships
The Gensler Diversity Scholarship awards underrepresented and minority students enrolled in U.S. not-for-profit NAAB-accredited architecture programs with academic scholarships and summer internship opportunities. First prize winner will receive $20k and second prize will receive $10k in scholarships.

Eligible applicants must be: An underrepresented or minority student, Enrolled in a NAAB-accredited architecture program, Entering into the final year of their current academic program in the Fall of 2019.

Institutions are invited to nominate up to two eligible students per NAAB-accredited program for consideration by Gensler.
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WTS RI Scholarships
WTS-Rhode Island offers two $1,000 scholarships annually to qualified candidates and one $500 Transportation YOU scholarship will be offered to a qualified high school student.

Scholarships are open to undergraduate and graduate women with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Applicants do not need to be WTS members or U.S. citizens.
Scholarship winners selected by WTS-Rhode Island may be nominated by the Chapter to compete in the WTS International scholarships.
Scholarships are competitive and based on the applicant's specific transportation involvement and goals, job skills, and academic record.
Scholarships  women  College  architecture 
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Payette Sho-Ping Chin Memorial Academic Scholarship
The Payette Sho-Ping Chin Memorial Academic Scholarship was established specifically for a woman studying architecture within a NAAB accredited bachelor or master's degree program. The $10,000 scholarship will be awarded to a student who will be entering at least their third year of undergraduate or any level of graduate study within an accredited architecture program. Previous Payette Sho-Ping Chin Memorial Academic Scholarship recipients are eligible to reapply in subsequent years. To help the scholarship recipient establish contacts within the profession, she will be assigned a senior mentor from Payette for the scholarship year.
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Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellowship AND ARTS Fellowship
The Enterprise Rose Fellowship partners emerging architectural designers and socially-engaged arts and cultural practitioners with local community development organizations to facilitate an inclusive approach to development that results in green, sustainable, and affordable communities. As an integral member of their host organization, fellows integrate design processes, artistic practices, community engagement principles, and creativity into development projects and the organization overall.

By becoming a fellow, you will learn first-hand the dynamics, challenges, and potential of mission-driven real estate development, community organizing, and policy. You will also join a growing network of passionate and talented creative practitioners who are continuously changing what is possible in community development.

Host organizations join the Rose Fellowship for the opportunity to incorporate new talent and skills into their organization and for the challenge of transforming their organizational processes to better include architecture, design, art, culture and creativity for better outcomes of their developments.
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MOA Architecture Scholarship & Summer Internship Program
MOA ARCHITECTURE offers an annual architectural scholarship + paid summer internship award to students in accredited architectural programs. These awards are designed to support and provide opportunity to learn and gain practical experience in concert with the individual’s educational process to better prepare them for their chosen career in architecture. It is our intent that the internship opportunity challenges and rewards students, and further stimulates their interest in architecture.
Named in honor of founding Principal Robert L. Outland, this $3,000 merit based private scholarship and paid summer internship (plus travel and living expense reimbursement) was established to recognize and reward entering fifth year and graduate level women and minority (men and women) students in an accredited architectural program.
Architecture  internships  Minority  women  LandscapeArchitecture  InteriorArchitecture  scholarships 
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Hart Howerton Travel Fellowship
The Fellowship provides students with an opportunity to enrich their education with both travel and office experience. Hart Howerton defines an 8-week professional internship “assignment” as part of an existing firm project in the New York or San Francisco office, followed by the Fellow’s self-defined, approved topic of travel study. Students with similar interests to the firm’s current research initiatives are especially encouraged to apply. As a result of the Fellowships, schools have graduated students with the added advantages of professional office experience, collaborative interdisciplinary design, and worldwide travel and research. The perspective gained from a carefully defined program within a global design practice has helped students effectively define the choices available after graduation, and more confidently approach their careers.
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SmartGeometry - the premiere gathering of the GenerativeComponents community
The Smartgeometry Workshop and Conference is the premier gathering for the generative design community. Hosted by the Smartgeometry Group, this event focuses on innovative design tools, technologies, and methodologies that allow and encourage new forms of architectural and structural expression – forms that are radically changing the built environment.

This annual event brings together some of the world’s preeminent authorities on advanced 3D design and those interested in learning more about the theory and practice of generative design to participate in an exciting agenda of interactive presentations and engaging discussions. Leading industry and academic experts address new issues arising from generative technology in highly informative and thought-provoking presentations.

To be added to the Smartgeometry Conference mailing list, please contact us.
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Nordisk Kunstnarsenter
Professional artists, designers, architects and independent curators are eligible to apply.

The selection is based on artistic merits and the quality of artistic practice.
Applicants from outside the Nordic region are expected to have a good command of English.
The program is not available for students.

The residency at the Nordic Artists' Centre includes a monthly grant of 6700 NOK, living and working space, as well as support of travel expenses, which will be reimbursed on arrival.

Residency periods are 2 or 3 months.

The centre has five private residencies of various sizes for the selected artists, and five identical north-lit studios, each 50 m².
Artists' houses are fully equipped, and provided with wireless internet access.
Curators  Architecture  Artists  Designers  Professional  norway  residencies 
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Winterthur Research Fellowship Program
Winterthur welcomes researchers. Academic, independent, and museum scholars, as well as advanced graduate students are invited to apply for short and long-term residential research fellowships. Research fellows conduct research in many areas of social and cultural history, including material culture, architecture, decorative arts, design, consumer culture, garden and landscape studies, Shaker studies, travel and tourism, the Atlantic World, and objects in literature. Winterthur's collections are rich and diverse, and we welcome applications that offer fresh approaches to our resources.
Residential  Architecture  Decorative  Arts  Design  Research  Fellowship 
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Pamela H. Simpson Presenter’s Fellowships / Vernacular Architecture Forum
Any person presenting a paper at a VAF annual conference who is currently enrolled in a degree-granting program, or who has received a degree within one year of the annual conference and merits financial assistance, is eligible to apply. The Pamela H. Simpson Presenter’s Fellowship is a one-time award. For the 2013 annual conference, due to the location in the Gaspé, the award has been increased to a maximum of $1,000 per applicant. Previous awardees are not eligible to apply, even if their status has changed.
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James Marston Fitch Charitable Foundation
The Richard L. Blinder Award will be presented biennially to an architect holding a professional degree or a valid license to practice architecture for a proposal exploring the preservation of an existing structure, complex of buildings, or genre of building type through addition, renovation, or other means. The proposal may focus on a real project, or it may be a polemical exercise; in either case, originality is highly valued. The proposal must advance architectural preservation in the United States. The Award is for a sum not to exceed $15,000.
Professional  Preservation  Architecture 
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James Marston Fitch Charitable Foundation
Fitch Mid-Career grants of up to $15,000 are awarded annually to one or two mid-career professionals who have an academic background, professional experience and an established identity in one or more of the following fields: historic preservation, architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, environmental planning, architectural history and the decorative arts. The James Marston Fitch Charitable Foundation will consider proposals for the research and/or the execution of the preservation-related projects in any of these fields.
Research  Grants  Decorative  Arts  LandscapeArchitecture  Architecture  Historic  Preservation  Professional 
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AAUW - Educational Awards
AAUW has been empowering women as individuals and as a community since 1881. For more than 130 years, we have worked together as a national grassroots organization to improve the lives of millions of women and their families.
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Sir John Soane's Museum Foundation Traveling Fellowship Program
$5,000 Traveling Fellowship. The purpose of the Sir John Soane's Museum Foundation Traveling Fellowship is to enable students in graduate degree programs in the history of art, architecture, interior design, and the decorative arts to travel to London to pursue research projects related to any aspect of the work of Sir John Soane or Sir John Soane's Museum and its collections. Annually, the Foundation entertains and reviews proposals from qualified candidates from universities and institutions around the world. Two awards will be presented starting in 2012 - one for a student of architecture and the second open to all candidates. Recipients are selected by Soane Foundation Fellowship Advisory Committee.
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The American Institute of Architects
The AIA National offers several scholarship opportunities and resources for students and teachers interested in architecture education. You will find many additional resources as well to support students in their academic pursuits on their website.
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SOM Foundation Awards
The SOM Prize in architecture, design and urban design is a $50,000 research and travel fellowship that enables one outstanding student to do in-depth research, collaborate with other designers, and pursue independent study outside the realm of established patterns. In addition to the grand SOM Prize, the Foundation also awards a $20,000 travel fellowship to the second strongest candidate.
Eligibility: Graduating undergraduate and graduate students of accredited U.S. schools of Architecture, Design and Urban Design are eligible. A multi-disciplinary, independent jury of prominent professionals, together with one SOM Foundation director, selects the winners based on portfolios, research plans and travel itineraries. U.S. citizenship is not required
Urban  Design  Travel  Fellowship  Architecture 
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After a successful inaugural phase conducted by the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership, The Japan Foundation (JF), is pleased to announce the next phase of funding for the "Japan-America Collegiate Exchange Travel Program" initiative to facilitate exchange and understanding between Japan and the U.S., the Japan Foundation will provide travel funds to Japan primary for undergraduates and one faculty member. Instructors teaching a Japan-related course at U.S. universities or colleges are invited to apply for a grant to help fund a short-term study-tour to Japan, while incorporating the visit into course syllabi and itineraries arranged to build-on and enrich course contents. The goal is to provide students with firsthand experience that will allow them to gain a more nuanced and balanced understanding of Japan.
Study  Abroad  Sculpture  FurnitureDesign  Film/Animation/Video  photography  digitalmedia  LandscapeArchitecture  InteriorArchitecture  Architecture  Illustration  TextileDesign  ceramics  glass  printmaking  painting  FineArts  Design  Japan  Fellowship  grants 
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-- Our seasonal live/work program is open to artists, creators and researchers interested in well... living and working in Istanbul for periods of a few weeks to a few months. This residency is non-competitive - as your presence at Caravansarai is negotiated by a completed application form, followed by a simple rental agreement and deposit. Residents are responsible for their own financial support.
Residencies  international  turkey  FineArts  Sculpture  dance  Museum  PerformanceArt  literature  curators  Film/Animation/Video  Architecture 
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Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen
-- Founded in 1993 by the Department of Culture - Tyrolean Government and the ,Tyrolean Artists' Association’. Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen is a post-graduate center for production, research, exchange in the fields of visual arts and art theory. Within the framework of the International Fellowship Program for Art and Theory, the Künstlerhaus provides a platform that facilitates the development and production of artistic and art-theoretical projects in a critical context. At the same time, Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen offers a forum for direct exchange between professionals – artists, theoreticians, critics, and curators – from the region and abroad, as well as a point of interaction with local interested audiences. Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen is affiliated with the Tyrolean Artists' Association, the major association of visual artists from the region.
Residencies  Fellowship  Austria  Research  Travel  international  FineArts  NewMedia  curators  Architecture  digitalmedia 
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Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec - Page d'accueil
--The Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec supports, throughout Québec, creation, experimentation, production and dissemination in the realms of the visual arts, the arts and crafts, literature, the performing arts, the multidisciplinary arts, the media arts and architectural research. The Conseil also seeks to broaden the influence of artists, writers, arts organizations and their works in Québec, Canada and abroad.
québec  dance  FineArts  Architecture  Craft  PerformanceArt  international 
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-- Arts-in-Residence Taipei (AIR Taipei) provides a platform for diverse cultural collaboration across artistic disciplines throughout the globe. The capital of Taiwan, Taipei is AIR’S base encouraging professional artists exchanges between Taiwanese and international artists. These interactions help create intercultural and interdisciplinary dialogues that resonate between communities and individuals long after the artist’s residence is completed. The length of the residency is from 1 to 3 months.

-- Please visit website for deadlines.
asia  Residencies  Ceramics  international  taiwan  dance  PerformanceArt  Theater  TextileDesign  music  NewMedia  Education  Film/Animation/Video  Architecture 
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Loeb Fellowship
-- The Loeb Fellowship was established in 1970 through the generosity of the late John L. Loeb, Harvard College, class of ‘24. Based at the Harvard Design School, the program offers ten annual Fellowships to mid-career practitioners for independent study at Harvard University.
Architecture  Fellowship  LandscapeArchitecture  Research  MA 
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The Architectural League of New York
--Information on competitions and grants for architects, including the Norden Fund Travel/Study Grants. The Norden Fund awards up to $5,000 annually to students and recent graduates in the fields of architecture, architectural history, and urban studies.

--See website for complete deadline list. Norden Fund applications due April 18.

--Norden Fund applicants must reside in the US, Canada, or Mexico. Grant funds cannot be used for tuition and will not be awarded to support and individual's participation in an organized program.
NY  Design  Competitions  Grants  Award  Architecture 
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Liguria Study Center for the Arts and Humanities
--Fellowships on the Italian Riviera. Fellows are provided with room and board and studio space for one semester (Sept. to Dec. and Feb. to May).

--Deadlines Jan. 15 and April 15.

--Applicants should demonstrate significant achievement in their disciplines, commensurate with their age and experience.
Architecture  FineArts  LandscapeArchitecture  Italy  Theater  music  dance  international  Education  Fellowship  Residencies 
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NKD - Nordic Artist Center
--Two to three month residency in Norway open to professional artists, designers, architects, and curators from all countries. The residency includes a monthly grant of 6700 NOK, living and working space, as well as up to 5500 NOK towards travel expenses.

--Deadline April 10.

--Not open to students, except those in their final year.
scandinavia  Europe  Norway  curators  Residencies  International  Funding  Architecture  Design  FineArts 
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Akademie Schloss Solitude
--Offers residencies of 6 to 12 months in Germany to artists of all disciplines who have completed a university or college degree within the past five years and are under the age of 35. Several fellowships are also available regardless of age. 50 to 60 fellowships are allocated every two years. The Akademie has 45 studios available. The Akademie provides a living and studio space and a stipend of 1,000 Euros per month.
--See website for deadlines.

--Applicants cannot be students at the time of application.
Film/Animation/Video  NewMedia  PerformanceArt  Design  Architecture  Residencies  International  Germany  FineArts 
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Raumars Taiteilijavierasohjelma / Artist in residence Programme
--Residencies in Finland lasting from 2 to 4 months. Applicants should present a project plan for an environmental, public or community art project, which will be realized during the residency. Artists are awarded 300 e per month for materials.

--Deadline April 15.

--Applicants must include a description of a group they wish to collaborate with and a project budget.
Finland  Residencies  Design  PerformanceArt  Architecture  FineArts  International  music  Community  publicart  environment 
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Sacatar Foundation Brazil
-- THE INSTITUTO SACATAR, a non-profit corporation founded in 2000, runs an artist residency program on the island of Itaparica across the bay from Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Sacatar occupies a sea-side estate---formerly the spiritual retreat of a Catholic girls' school---which has a large courtyard house surrounded by coconut palms and countless pitanga berry bushes. In 2005, three additional artists' studios, an administration building and a new woodshop were built around the coconut grove. In 2010, we built two additional studios, appropriate for dance / theater and music / composition. The beach is secluded, with calm waters. It is a short walk to the historic village of Itaparica and an hour boat ride to Salvador, the first capital of Brazil.

-- The deadline for submissions is 16 January 2012.
Residencies  Painting  Sculpture  FineArts  International  Brazil  Fellowship  Ceramics  dance  PerformanceArt  TextileDesign  music  literature  NewMedia  Film/Animation/Video  Architecture 
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Djerassi Resident Artists Program
-- The mission of the Djerassi Resident Artists Program is to support and enhance the creativity of artists by providing uninterrupted time for work, reflection, and collegial interaction in a setting of great natural beauty, and to preserve the land on which the Program is situated.

-- For winter - Deadline: September 16, 2011
painting  CA  Residencies  AllDisciplines  EmergingArtist  FineArts  Sculpture  dance  PerformanceArt  music  Film/Animation/Video  Architecture  USA 
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MacDowell Colony
-- A MacDowell Colony Fellowship (awarded through a competitive application process) consists of a residency up to two months and includes a private studio, housing, and three meals per day. The Colony is designed to facilitate a balance between social interaction and focus on work. Private studios available to artists 24 hours a day, together with the dining and recreation rooms at Colony Hall, combine to provide an environment adaptable to each individual's needs. -- deadline W/S'12 - September 15, 2011
Residencies  NH  USA  FineArts  Sculpture  dance  PerformanceArt  music  literature  NewMedia  Film/Animation/Video  Architecture  poetry  Fellowship  digitalmedia 
may 2011 by risdgrants
Headlands Center for the Arts
-- Headlands provides emerging and established artists with the valuable resources of time and space for open-ended investigation, experimentation and collaboration - free from the usual imperative to create finished artistic “product”.
Residencies  CA  AllDisciplines  FineArts  PerformanceArt  Sculpture  painting  music  writing  Film/Animation/Video  NewMedia  Architecture  Fellowship  Stipend  digitalmedia 
may 2011 by risdgrants
Prairie Center of the Arts
-- Prairie Center of the Arts was founded in 2003 as a juried Artist in Residency (AIR) program to attract emerging and established artists from Illinois and around the world; to provide these artists and local artists with opportunities for research and development of new work; to provide an accessible facility for art and creativity that embraces the Peoria area community offering equipment and new technologies not currently available to the general public.
Residencies  EmergingArtist  Community  IL  Photography  exhibition  painting  Sculpture  FineArts  InstallationArt  design  writing  literature  music  Architecture 
april 2011 by risdgrants
Art Farm Artist Residency
Art Farm’s artist residency program is for professionals, emerging or established, in all areas of the arts, humanities, and areas related: offering accommodations and studio space to pursue their art in exchange for a contribution of labor of 12 hours per week to help renovate and maintain Art Farm’s buildings and grounds as well as other projects, suited to skills and temperament.

All who apply need to be self-motivated and resourceful. Art Farm’s location is semi-isolated and rural and because of this condition, cooperation, social tolerance and an ability to share tasks is helpful.

Residencies are available between 1 June and 1 November (a residency can be of any duration within these months), with accommodations available for up to twelve residents at one time: collaborators and couples are welcome to apply.

Art Farm supports families/partners with up to two children by offering studio and living space consisting of kitchen, bath, sitting and dining, private bedrooms. Rooms in the main barn complex and the two-story farmhouse are available options.

-- Applications for 2012 open in November, 2011.
Residencies  AllDisciplines  Community  EmergingArtist  NE  Ceramics  metal  Workshops  FurnitureDesign  Sculpture  LandscapeArchitecture  Architecture  InstallationArt 
april 2011 by risdgrants
European Ceramic Workcentre
-- The laboratory function ensures that participants are encouraged to experiment in an artistic or technical field, or with the presentation of their work. After all, the .ekwc attaches more importance to gaining experience (from which you may continue to benefit once your residency is over) than to producing perfect exhibits.

-- deadline ongoing
Ceramics  Netherlands  Residencies  Architecture  design 
october 2010 by risdgrants
National Sculpture Society
National Sculpture Society is seeking submissions for the Henry Hering Award, which is presented as the occasion warrants for outstanding collaboration between architect, owner and sculptor in the distinguished use of sculpture in an architectural project.

The jury is looking for excellence in an architectural project in which the architect collaborated with the sculptor and the owner of a site. The winning entry will receive three medals and three hand-lettered citations -- one each for architect, owner and sculptor.

Eligibility - Architects, landscape architects, building owners and sculptors are eligible. The use of figurative or realist sculpture is of greatest interest.
Architecture  Sculpture  Award  Competitions 
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American Academy of Arts and Letters - Awards List
he Academy's purpose is to foster and sustain an interest in Literature, Music, and the Fine Arts by identifying and encouraging individual artists. This is done by administering awards and prizes, exhibiting art and manuscripts, funding stage readings and performances of new works, and purchasing works of art to be donated to museums. Candidates for awards must be nominated by members of the Academy, with the sole exception of the Richard Rodgers Awards for musical theater.
Architecture  NominationOnly 
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Henry Hering Award: Art and Architecture
Henry Hering Award is presented as the occasion warrants for outstanding collaboration between architect, owner and sculptor in the distinguished use of sculpture in an architectural project.
Architecture  Sculpture  LandscapeArchitecture  Competitions  Calls  for  Entries 
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Competitions Project Inc.
Stay informed about major competition events in architecture, landscape architecture, and public art around the world. Discover successful strategies of well-known designers.
Architecture  Competitions  Design  LandscapeArchitecture  InstallationArt  Calls  for  Entries 
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The Architect's Newspaper - Competitions
Extensive listing of competitions for architects and designers.
Architecture  Competitions  Design  Directories  Calls  for  Entries 
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Design Corps - Design As Activism
--Provides opportunities for interested designers to work with Design Corps through the Fellowship Program and Summer Design/Build Studio. Fellowships and Summer studio are focused on community service.

--Fellowship deadline Sept 1. Check website for Summer studio deadlines.

--Must attend / have attended an accredited architecture school. Fellowships are not open to students. Summer studio is open to both undergraduate and graduate students.
Community  Design  Architecture  InteriorArchitecture  LandscapeArchitecture  Nonprofits  International  Grants 
october 2009 by risdgrants
Graham Foundation
Provides opportunities to create, develop, and communicate a project about architecture and the designed environment that will contribute to their creative, intellectual, and professional growth at crucial or potentially transformative stages in their careers.

Grant amount: Production and Presentation Grants to individuals do not exceed $20,000 and are likely to be less. Given the demand for funding, the Graham Foundation is not always able to fund projects at the full request amount.

Grant amount: Research and Development Grants do not exceed $10,000 and are likely to be less. Given the demand for funding, the Graham Foundation is not always able to fund grantees at the full request amount.

--Deadline for inquiry form Sept. 15.
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october 2009 by risdgrants

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