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IndieGoGo helps you raise more money, from more people, faster.
Have something you are passionate about? You can create a funding campaign to raise money quickly and securely by tapping into your network of supporters and beyond. Our trusted platform has helped to raise millions of dollars for over 15,000 campaigns, across 167 countries.
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march 2011 by risdentrepreneur
Business and Legal Forms for Illustrators
(BOOK) Containing 25 of the most essential business and legal forms to meet the everyday needs of today's successful illustrator, this updated edition includes new forms for trademark application, commercial lease, sublease, and lease assignment agreements. Unique negotiation checklists will guide illustrators to make the best deal.
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january 2011 by risdentrepreneur
2011 Children's Writer's And Illustrator's Market
(BOOK) Now includes a subscription to CWIM online (the children's publishing area of writersmarket.com). The 2011 CWIM offers more than 650 listings for book publishers, magazines, agents, art reps and more. It?s completely updated and is the most trusted source for children?s publishing information. CWIM also contains exclusive interviews with and articles by well-respected and award-winning authors, illustrators, and publishing professionals as well as nuts-and-bolts how-to information. Readers will learn what to do, how to do it, and get loads of information and inspiration.
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january 2011 by risdentrepreneur

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