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Another Limited Rebellion : Socially Conscious Graphic Design ...
Another Limited Rebellion is a challenge. Conceived first and foremost as a challenge to myself, but one that I hope will be considered by everyone we come in contact with: Can someone make a living doing what they enjoy and effect positive change in the world? Could I create graphic design that upholds my deepest beliefs yet still be able to feed myself?
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march 2011 by risdentrepreneur
Barnum Design
Our Process No Ego, No Fluff, No Limits
We start by checking our egos at the door and letting the ideas fly. This collaborative approach allows the best ideas to rise to the surface, no matter where they originate. We strip away the internal or industry jargon that could muddy your message in the marketplace. Once the key message and visual approach is defined, we follow through to make sure the final product is impeccably crafted and delivered on time and on budget.
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march 2011 by risdentrepreneur
Hot Studio
We help people and companies interact in new ways.
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march 2011 by risdentrepreneur
Design for people. Open is an independent design studio that creates rewarding experiences for people who look, read, and think.
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march 2011 by risdentrepreneur
International Design Clinic
The International Design Clinic is a registered not-for-profit that provides students, artists and designers the opportunity to use their unique creative talents to design and construct projects for communities in need throughout the world.
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march 2011 by risdentrepreneur
2011 Artist's and Graphic Designer's Market
(BOOK) Informative articles offer advice on how to succeed in the competitive art industry.
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january 2011 by risdentrepreneur
Studio Culture: The Secret Life of a Graphic Design Studio
(BOOK) Tony Brook and Adrian Shaughnessy conduct penetrating interviews with a group of visionary graphic designers who have formed and run landmark international design studios. In a series of candid and revealing interviews, many of the leading figures in contemporary graphic design reveal the secrets behind creating a vibrant studio culture.
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january 2011 by risdentrepreneur
How to Be a Graphic Designer without Losing Your Soul
(BOOK) Graphic designers love to talk about sources of inspiration, but less willing to discuss the basics on location work, pricing, and how to handle irate or non-paying clients - so it's essential that any graphic designer operating independently have this practical reference.
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january 2011 by risdentrepreneur
The Business Side of Creativity: The Complete Guide to Running a Small Graphics Design or Communications Business
(BOOK) Hailed by one reviewer as the creative business "bible," and considered the authoritative book on the subject for over ten years, The Business Side of Creativity is back, updated and revised to include even more invaluable facts, tips, strategies, and advice for beginning creatives.
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january 2011 by risdentrepreneur

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