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Coach - Careers
Look closer at Coach. You'll find more than the craftsmanship, quality, and innovation that have made us an industry leader - you'll discover that at Coach we also make great careers. Coach is proud of its diverse, talented and aspiring workforce. We set high standards and recruit employees based on their ability to meet and exceed expectations. We seek out individuals who are not only technically skilled and knowledgeable but who enjoy challenges, who seek to develop themselves and who have excellent interpersonal skills.
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july 2012 by risdcareers
Americans for the Arts Job Bank - Job Search
Americans for the Arts' mission is to serve, advance, and lead the network of organizations and individuals who cultivate, promote, sustain, and support the arts in America.
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july 2012 by risdcareers
Thomas & Associates, Inc. is an innovative firm that offers staffing, consulting and training programs for museums, non-profit organizations, and art businesses nationwide. Our exhibition division develops, designs and travels major exhibitions nationally and internationally.
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june 2012 by risdcareers
Style careers is the largest, fashion-only job listing site on the Internet. Search Fields are geographic within the US and include: Apparel, bags/accessories, beauty, Footwear, Home Fashion, Retail and Textiles.
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january 2012 by risdcareers
24 Seven Inc.
24 Seven is the leading talent recruitment agency for the biggest names in fashion, retail, beauty, marketing, advertising, and entertainment.
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january 2012 by risdcareers
Fashion Jobs Opportunities - Industry Careers Include ...
Subscription based site specializing in job postings in but not limited to New York and also in LA, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, New Jersey, Toronto, London, Paris, Philadelphia, and Miami.
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june 2011 by risdcareers
Rush and Company - Recruiting for Fabric and Fashion
Rush & Company is a full service Executive Search Firm that specializes in the fiber, fabric and fashion industry. Included in this industry are the apparel, home furnishings, industrial and automotive markets. We work with clients and applicants located all over the world.
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february 2011 by risdcareers
Textile Careers - Forum on Jobs in Fashion Design and Textile Design
Southeastern Search has been serving the professional staffing needs of the textile industry since 1994. Many positions listed here are technical in nature, but not all, and most of the jobs listed are located with mills in the south. This may be a good reference point for an alum with experience in the industry more so than for a recent graduate.
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november 2010 by risdcareers
The largest selection of international apparel, textile, and accessories career information available! The InfoMat editors have researched and rated the best fashion job sites to help you reach your career destination. Peruse job outlook reports from an insiders view of design, manufacturing, retail and wholesale employment opportunities. Resume preparation and fax broadcast services for resume distribution also available.
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november 2010 by risdcareers
The largest collection of who's who in fashion. Find biographies and profiles on designers and professionals in the apparel, textile and accessories industries. Trace the career paths of fashion industry legends, find out where they are now and current company contact information.
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november 2010 by risdcareers
Online career center for WWD and FN. Search for jobs by employer type, job type, state and region.
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november 2010 by risdcareers
Fashion Career Expo job fairs :Fashion Jobs and Career Fairs
Fashion Career Expo is the Nation’s premiere producer of professional job fairs for the Fashion Industry.
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november 2010 by risdcareers
Karlyn Associates
The recruiters at Karlyn, are passionate about the industry they work in. They focus on personalized service in the fashion, retail, and home markets.
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november 2010 by risdcareers
Ford & Associates - Executive Search Consultants
Ford & Associates is a leader at the forefront of the Recruiting Textiles Industry.
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november 2010 by risdcareers
The Textile Institute - The worldwide professional association for ...
The Textile Institute is a unique organisation in textiles, clothing and footwear.The Institute has individual and corporate members in up to 80 countries, the membership covers all sectors and all disciplines in textiles, clothing and footwear. Within the global textiles, clothing and footwear industries the aim of the Institute is to facilitate learning, to recognise achievement , to reward excellence and to disseminate information.
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november 2010 by risdcareers
Surface Design Association
The mission of Surface Design Association is to increase awareness, understanding, and appreciation of textiles in the art and design communities as well as in the general public.
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november 2010 by risdcareers
AATCC Online
AATCC is the world’s leading not-for-profit association serving textile professionals since 1921. AATCC is headquartered in Research Triangle Park, N.C., USA, providing test method development, quality control materials, and professional networking for thousands of members in 60 countries throughout the world.
TextileDesign  Associations  Nonprofits  JobBoards  Sourcing  Publication  NC  Resources 
november 2010 by risdcareers
ICF Group
Furniture, fabric, and accessories for office, hospitality, institutional, and residential spaces.
FurnitureDesign  TextileDesign  firms  IndustrialDesign  JobBoards 
october 2010 by risdcareers
Style Careers is the largest, fashion-only job listing site on the Internet. Search fields are geographic within the US and include: Apparel, Bags/Accessories, Beauty, Footwear, Home Fashion, Retail and Textiles.
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september 2010 by risdcareers
Online portal for apparel, footwear and textile news, events & resources worldwide.
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september 2010 by risdcareers
Fashion Net
Fashion Net is the leading search engine and guide to all things chic, listing fashion-related positions and interships including design, retail, accessories and more.
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september 2010 by risdcareers
Apparel Search
Part directory, buying guide & search engine, this resource covers all aspects of the apparel industry, including manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, quality standards, education/training, trade shows, publications, etc.
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september 2010 by risdcareers
Costume Society of America
The Costume Society of America advances the global understanding of all aspects of dress and appearance. Our purpose is to stimulate scholarship and encourage study in the rich and diverse field of costume; disseminate information on dress and appearance; raise the profile and credibility of the field of costume; network among our members and with other people and organizations having costume interests; manage and govern the organization to serve the membership.
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september 2010 by risdcareers
Costume Designers Guild
The Costume Designers Guild promotes the research, artistry and technical expertise in the field of film and television Costume Design. You may search the Membership Directory to identify designers working in the field. You will also find a Gallery of work created by their members and an Industry Links button for identifying companies in this field.
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september 2010 by risdcareers
24 Seven Inc. is the only full service creative job source for the fashion, home and beauty industries. With a vast network of qualified, talented professionals, 24 Seven provides freelance, temporary and full-time staffing for any creative or design-related job.
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august 2010 by risdcareers
British Design Initiative (BDI)
Search companies by name, keyword, city, 'area', discipline, industry sector/expertise, and number of employees.
IndustrialDesign  ApparelDesign  UK  Directories  Metacrawler  JobBoards  Firms  Resources  GraphicDesign  FurnitureDesign  Film/Animation/Video  TextileDesign 
august 2010 by risdcareers
LIMA - The International Licensing Industry Merchandisers' Association
Provides support serves and information to find professionals to help navigate the many challenges and opportunities in today's licensing industry.
IndustrialDesign  International  Associations  JobBoards  Licensing  Design  conference  Directories  TextileDesign  FurnitureDesign  illustration  Business  Entrepreneurs  Resources  Legal 
august 2010 by risdcareers
International Textile and Apparel Association
The ITAA is a professional, educational association composed of scholars, educators, and students in the textile, apparel, and merchandising disciplines in higher education. ITAA welcomes professionals employed in those fields who wish to join with members of the Association in the pursuit of knowledge, interchange of ideas, and dissemination of knowledge through meetings, special events, and publications.
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september 2009 by risdcareers
American Apparel and Footwear Association
The American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) is the national trade association representing apparel, footwear and other sewn products companies, and their suppliers. AAFA's mission is to promote and enhance its members' competitiveness, productivity and profitability in the global market. Click on the Career Center button to view the AAFA job board.
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september 2009 by risdcareers
Theater Communications Group
Theatre Communications Group (TCG), the national organization for the American theatre, was founded in 1961 with a grant from the Ford Foundation to foster communication among professional, community and university theatres. Today, TCG's constituency has grown from a handful of groundbreaking theatres to nearly 700 member theatres and affiliate organizations and more than 12,000 individuals nationwide. TCG offers its members networking and knowledge-building opportunities through our conferences, events, research and communications; grants approximately $2 million per year to theatre companies and individual artists; advocates on the federal level and serves as the U.S. Center of the International Theatre Institute, connecting its constituents to the global theatre community.
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august 2009 by risdcareers
International Textile and Apparel Association - Jobs
The ITAA is a professional, educational association composed of scholars, educators, and students in the textile, apparel, and merchandising disciplines in higher education.
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july 2009 by risdcareers
Project Solvers (Placement Agency)
Project Solvers is a resource for top freelance and permanent personnel in the fashion, apparel and design related industries.
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july 2009 by risdcareers
Clothing Industry Jobs
Clothing Industry Jobs is dedicated to assisting employees locate job opportunities in the field of apparel or textiles.
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july 2009 by risdcareers
Fashion Career Center Jobs
This site allows you to search for apparel related jobs by phrase, job title, and state. Post your resume for potential employers to see.
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july 2009 by risdcareers

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