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APA National, Advertising Photographers of America
APA's mission is Successful Professional Photographers. Our goal is to establish, endorse, and promote professional practices, standards, and ethics in the photographic and advertising community. We seek to mentor, motivate, educate, and inspire in the pursuit of excellence. Our aim is to champion and speak as one common voice for advertising photographers and image makers to the advertising industry in the United States and the World.
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july 2012 by risdcareers
Society for Photographic Education
The Society for Photographic Education is a nonprofit membership organization that provides and fosters an understanding of photography as a means of diverse creative expression, cultural insight, and experimental practice. Through its interdisciplinary programs, services, and publications, the society seeks to promote a broader understanding of the medium in all its forms through teaching and learning, scholarship, and criticism.
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july 2012 by risdcareers
CCNY | The Camera Club of New York
One of New York's oldest arts organizations, the Camera Club (CCNY) has been a home for photographers to develop their craft, providing both a working facility and collegial environment for discussion and the exchange of ideas. The Club is dedicated to continuing its long tradition of welcoming both photographers and devotees of photography and encouraging their participation through memberships, classes, lectures, exhibitions and residency program. Since its founding in 1884, the club has nurtured many talented photographers whose careers cover a wide range of disciplines, including portraiture, photojournalism, fashion, street photography, advertising, documentary and fine art.
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may 2011 by risdcareers
Art-Support.com is a resource for fine art photographers and other visual artists. The web site was created to help artist understand the business side of art. Our primary goal is aimed at providing information and art resources for artists. If you're an artists interested in selling fine art photography or any kind of visual art, or you're just interested in learning something about creating a successful career in art, you've landed on the right website.
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may 2011 by risdcareers
ONE - The Journal of Literature, Art and Ideas
One is a quarterly journal of literature, art and ideas that celebrates the human in us all. In every issue, One will feature one item for each of its departments—an essay, a poem, a short story, a photograph or photo essay, an audio/multimedia presentation and an interview.
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november 2010 by risdcareers
Art in General
Art in General is a nonprofit organization that provides a laboratory environment for the newest of today’s art—work that is often underrepresented in art museums or commercial galleries.
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The Print Center
The Print Center is a nonprofit gallery whose mission is to support printmaking and photography as vital contemporary arts and encourage the appreciation of the printed image in all its forms.
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october 2010 by risdcareers
AI-AP: American Illustration American Photography
The most interesting exhibit at the most arresting gallery in print. .Now in its twenty-third incarnation the top juried annual lives up to its reputation as the best resource for cutting-edge work - and always on the mark.
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september 2010 by risdcareers
FotoFest’s purpose is to promote the exchange of art and ideas through international programs and the presentation of photographic art. Our programs work globally and locally, bringing together an international vision of art and cross-cultural exchange with a commitment to community involvement and the enrichment of Houston’s cultural resources.
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september 2010 by risdcareers
Creative Time strives to commission, produce and present the most important, ground-breaking, challenging and exceptional art of our times; art that infiltrates the public realm and engages millions of people in New York City and across the globe. We are guided by a passionate belief in the power of art to create inspiring personal experiences as well as foster social progress.
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The PhotoForum's List of Links to Galleries and Societies Pages
This is a list of Photography Galleries, Photographic Associations and Societies, Photo Clubs and Virtual Galleries.
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Working with Artists
Working with Artists is a non-profit workshop program in Denver, Colorado. Its mission is to encourage the creation of exceptional photographic images by providing intensive workshops with fine artists.
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august 2010 by risdcareers
Seattle Professional Photographers Association
Organized by local photography professionals, SPPA provides educational and networking opportunities in a supportive atmosphere to those pursuing a career in professional photography. Membership available for business owners, employees and spouses, aspiring professionals and students enrolled full time in photography programs, as well as for people and businesses that provide products and services to the industry.
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august 2010 by risdcareers
International Federation of Journalists
The International Federation of Journalists is the world's largest organisation of journalists. First established in 1926, it was relaunched in 1946 and again, in its present form, in 1952. Today the Federation represents around 500.000 members in more than 100 countries.
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august 2010 by risdcareers
CAPIC - Canadian Association of Photographers and Illustrators in Communications
CAPIC members create the photographs and illustrations which are reproduced in published materials of all types. This includes editorial, advertising, education, books, brochures and periodicals.
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august 2010 by risdcareers
Women In Photography International
Women in Photography is a non-profit organization that strives to be a resource for women photographers worldwide. The site includes member galleries, a reference library, an e-zine with articles and resources from around the world, marketing information, links, books reviews and competition listings.
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august 2009 by risdcareers
Professional Photography Associations
Listing of professional photography associations throughout the world.
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august 2009 by risdcareers
Professional Photographers of America
Today, Professional Photographers of America (PPA) is the world’s largest nonprofit association for professional photographers, with more than 20,000 members in 54 countries. This association seeks to increase its members’ business savvy as well as broaden their creative scope.
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august 2009 by risdcareers
Professional Photographers Assocation of Massachusetts (PPAM)
The Massachusetts state affiliate, PPAM is comprised of more than 200 photographers, suppliers and image makers.
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august 2009 by risdcareers
Photo Marketing Association (PMA)
Photo Marketing Association International (PMAI) has grown and evolved to meet the changing needs of the continuously expanding imaging industry. The purpose of the group, then and today, was to promote the growth of the industry through cooperation.
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august 2009 by risdcareers
North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA)
NANPA promotes the art and science of nature photography as a medium of communication for nature appreciation and environmental protection.
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july 2009 by risdcareers
National Press Photographers Association (NPPA)
The National Press Photographers Association is dedicated to the advancement of photojournalism, its creation, editing and distribution, in all news media. The website has a mailing list, news, a job bank, a members gallery, and educational programs aimed at press photographers.
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july 2009 by risdcareers
International Association of Architectural Photographers (IAAP)
The IAAP is the top rated online resource and community for buyers of architectural photography services, and forum for professional architectural photographers.
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july 2009 by risdcareers
FotoFest's purpose is to promote the exchange of art and ideas through international programs and the presentation of photographic art. Our programs work globally and locally, bringing together an international vision of art and cross-cultural exchange with a commitment to community involvement.
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july 2009 by risdcareers
Editorial Photographers (EP)
Editorial Photographers (EP) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health and profitability of editorial photography. Our mission is to educate photographers and photography buyers about business issues affecting our industry.
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july 2009 by risdcareers
American Society of Media Photographers
The American Society of Media Photographers, Inc. is a trade organization which promotes photographers' rights, educates photographers in better business practices, and produces business publications for photographers.
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july 2009 by risdcareers
Association of International Photography Art Dealers (AIPAD)
The Association of International Photography Art Dealers [AIPAD] was organized in 1979. AIPAD is dedicated to creating and maintaining high standards in the business of exhibiting, buying and selling photographs as art.
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july 2009 by risdcareers
Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA)
The Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA) is a vehicle for connecting Canadian photographers to one another and to the photographic scene.
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july 2009 by risdcareers
Aperture Foundation
Aperture—the premier not-for-profit arts institution dedicated to advancing fine photography—was founded in 1952 by six profoundly gifted individuals possessed of lofty ideals and high ambition. With scant resources, these prescient artists created a new periodical, Aperture magazine, to serve the medium, and photography users and fine art lovers worldwide.
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