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Public Art Archive | Public Art Throughout the United States
For many, a public art collection is not only part of a city or regional identity, it often serves as a major vehicle for engaging local citizens and visitors through art. Within these pages you will find interesting and beautiful images and extensive descriptions of public art from across the country.
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november 2012 by risdcareers
Architects Index - The Comprehensive Architect Directory
The architects' index (ai) has been designed to actively promote the quality of registered architects within the architectural profession and provide a free resource and assistance tool for consumers and business users in finding the right registered architect for the their project.
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july 2011 by risdcareers
Architype Review - The World's Leading Online Architectural ...
The Architype family of websites (Architype Review, Architype Source and Architype Connect) were created as a means through which to advance the discussion of design within specific building typologies and explore the influence that type has on the design process. The primary goal of Architype Review is to honor those projects that are challenging the limits and redefining the norms of certain building types.
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may 2011 by risdcareers
Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens
The Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens is located three hours north of San Francisco and is situated directly on the Pacific Ocean.
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october 2010 by risdcareers
The McLaughlin Foundation, Garden & Horticultural Center
The McLaughlin Foundation stewards a 65-year-old garden and 19th century New England farmstead. The 3-acre garden, on the Nat’l Register, features Maine's largest lilac collection and other perennials.
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october 2010 by risdcareers
Longwood Gardens
Created by industrialist Pierre S. du Pont and offers 1,050 acres of gardens, woodlands, and meadows; 20 outdoor gardens; 20 indoor gardens within 4 acres of heated greenhouses; 11,000 different types of plants and spectacular fountains.
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october 2010 by risdcareers
Betty Ford Alpine Gardens
Specializes in alpine plants and native mountain perennials. There are 2 acres of cultivated gardens surrounded by parkland with another half acre of gardens planned for the spring.
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october 2010 by risdcareers
The Center for Land Use Interpretation
he Center for Land Use Interpretation is a research organization interested in understanding the nature and extent of human interaction with the earth's surface. The Center embraces a multidisciplinary approach to fulfilling the stated mission, employing conventional research and information processing methodology as well as nontraditional interpretive tools.
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september 2010 by risdcareers
A/E/C JobBank
The A/E/C JobBank became the first Construction Job Board, and has since received over fifty-million construction visitors, and published over one-million construction resumes & construction jobs.
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september 2010 by risdcareers
Pennsylvania / Delaware Chapter of the ASLA
The American Society of landscape architects is the front runner for landscape architecture news and information.
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september 2010 by risdcareers
American Society of Landscape Architects
Founded in 1899, ASLA is the national professional association for landscape architects, representing 17,000 members in 48 professional chapters and 68 student chapters. The Society's mission is to lead, to educate, and to participate in the careful stewardship, wise planning, and artful design of our cultural and natural environments.
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september 2010 by risdcareers
Death by Architecture
Provides information on competitions, jobs, resources, organizations, online journals, international sites, etc.
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august 2010 by risdcareers
Architects USA
This site allows you to search architects (over 20,000 listings), post your project and provides a list of state licensing boards as well as schools with architecture programs.
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august 2010 by risdcareers
New York Architects
This site lists the names of local architecture and landscape architecture firms as well as a job page.
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august 2010 by risdcareers
DesignGuide is a comprehensive and efficient research, communication and advertising platform for the building & design industry.
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august 2010 by risdcareers
Boston Society of Architects/AIA
The Boston Society of Architects (BSA) administers programs and provides resources that enhance the practice of architecture and the public and professional understanding of design. Since its establishment in 1867, this nonprofit professional service organization has been a committed advocate of excellence in the built environment and increased service of the profession to society.
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august 2010 by risdcareers
American Institute Of Architects
Based in Washington, D.C., the AIA has been the leading professional membership association for licensed architects, emerging professionals, and allied partners since 1857.
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august 2010 by risdcareers

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