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Ready for your daily dose of vitamin D (that’s “D” for design!)? An online magazine dedicated to modern design, Design Milk offers what’s new in art, architecture, interior design, furniture and decor, fashion and technology. Always fresh + never sour, Design Milk fills your thirsty cup to the brim with design finds from around the world. Drink up!
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Wallace Roberts & Todd
WRT is a national collaborative practice of city and regional planners, urban designers, landscape architects, and architects headquartered in Philadelphia. Established in 1963, the firm’s origins are rooted in the principles of sustainability, dedicated to improving the quality of the natural and built environments in the planning and design of buildings, landscapes, cities, and regions. Our governing doctrine is to protect natural resources, promote social justice and economic well-being, and create livable human habitats that reflect local heritage, culture, and values.
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Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture
At Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture—or BRS for short—we strive to design thoughtful, enlivening, functional places that enrich and enhance the lives of their users. Our goal is to make a positive and lasting impact on the communities we serve and to improve the quality of life for the people who belong to them. We actively engage the client and community through a highly interactive process to ensure all needs are met, budgets adhered to and expectations exceeded. It is the wide range of input gathered from owners, staff, community leaders and end-users that drives our designs and fuels our passion for the work we do. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to any project; rather, the design should be one that carefully addresses the requirements and desires of the greatest number of constituents possible.
Speciality in cultural/civic buildings.
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october 2013 by risdcareers
...:::...Stengel Hill Architecture Incorporated...:::...
Stengel Hill Architecture (SHA) is a full service Architectural Firm specializing in Healthcare and Commercial Design. Based in Louisville, Kentucky, SHA was founded in 1996 by Brad Stengel and Charles (Chip) Hill. With a combined 40 years of experience in the design of Healthcare Facilities, Brad and Chip provide the leadership to grow our business through their dedication to our Clients, their expertise in the Healthcare Industry, and their commitment to providing an exceptional work environment for our Professional Architectural Staff. SHA has promoted six of our top architects to Partner and now, including our management, we provide our Clients with the experienced resources of a 25 member Professional Architectural Staff. Our base of operations is a six-story office building located on historic West Main Street where we provide formal and casual Meeting Space and a fully interactive Board Room to our Clients and colleagues during the development of our Projects.
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october 2013 by risdcareers
LHB inc.
LHB is now a full-service firm that can complete all facets of a project using dedicated, in-house teams drawn from our 200-person staff. The focus on leadership in each of our markets, combined with our multi-disciplinary approach, lets us stay ahead of changing technologies in an increasingly specialized world. Our ability to deeply understand the industries we work with creates a strong loyalty between us and our clients.

Focus in Commercial, Education, Healthcare, government and housing structures.
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october 2013 by risdcareers
Zimmerman Architectural Studios Milwaukee Wisconsin Architecture, Engineering, Planning, Interiors, Landscape Architecture
Zimmerman Architectural Studios is one of the oldest and most
successful architectural firms in Wisconsin. Founded in 1906 by
Architect, Peter Brust, the firm's early portfolio included churches,
schools, convents, sanitariums, offices, stores and residences.
M&I; Bank, Schusters Stores, the Kohler Company and Governor
Kohler's home were among the firm's most prominent early projects.

In 1973 the firm incorporated, and by 1981 had doubled in size.
President Gary Zimmerman's private sector experience brought
commercial and corporate clientele to complement the firm's notable
education, governmental, health care, institutional, recreational,
religious and residential portfolio. In addition, the firm's comprehensive services grew to include complete engineering, planning and landscape design.
LandscapeArchitecture  WI  top300firms2013  architecture 
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Mathes Brierre Architects
Our expertise is well grounded through the design of many building types over the years which include: music and performance arts facilities, public assembly buildings, medical facilities, corporate offices, high-rise residential buildings, and other examples of fine civic architecture. The firm continues to provide a full range of architectural services internationally from architecture and interior design to landscape architecture, master planning and construction administration.
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october 2013 by risdcareers
Christner Inc. | Architects, Designers and Planners
Founded by Ted Christner in 1963, Christner is proud to celebrate 50 years of
planning and design in the St. Louis region and across the Midwest.

Focus on health, education, commercial and cultural architecture.
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Public Art Archive | Public Art Throughout the United States
For many, a public art collection is not only part of a city or regional identity, it often serves as a major vehicle for engaging local citizens and visitors through art. Within these pages you will find interesting and beautiful images and extensive descriptions of public art from across the country.
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We offer the tools, technologies and trades that help communities thrive and prosper. We plan, design and build places and spaces people need to live, learn, work and play. And behind all of those projects is a passion to provide a better quality of life to communities across the United States.

When you work with Wendel, you’ll have access to a talented team of expert engineers, architects, planners, designers, energy specialists, construction management professionals and technicians—all working on your behalf to help your vision come to life. We can improve the infrastructure of Municipalities. Create innovative planning concepts for land use, parks and greenways. And execute design and construction projects for markets such as Public Transportation, Colleges and Universities, Water/Wastewater and Energy. But no matter what we do for you, we always do it with safety and sustainability in mind. We aim to preserve and enhance each community’s natural environment.
VA  WashingtonDC  AZ  MN  NY  LandscapeArchitecture  architecture  top250firms2012  top300firms2013 
november 2012 by risdcareers
VOA - Welcome to VOA
VOA is a global architectural design firm, defining spaces with vision and care. We blend the capabilities of a multinational firm with the personal attention of a boutique studio. By immersing ourselves in each client’s culture, we create designs that tell compelling stories about the people who bring them to life.
China  WashingtonDC  NewYorkCity  NY  FL  IN  IL  Chicago  LandscapeArchitecture  InteriorArchitecture  InteriorDesign  architecture  top250firms2012  top300firms2013 
november 2012 by risdcareers
S/L/A/M Collaborative
SLAM is a more than 150-member architecture firm with offices in Atlanta, Boston, Glastonbury, and Syracuse. A fully-integrated, multi-disciplinary firm, we offer architecture, planning, interior design, landscape and site planning, structural engineering, and construction services. Our professional studios of designers, engineers, site planners and construction specialists are skilled in discovering interdisciplinary solutions to design challenges, and serve as collaborative resources on every project we undertake.

As a multi-disciplinary firm, our most distinctive
product is not simply design but
integrated project delivery.
Many design firms are content to simply create architectural drawings and leave responsibility for the built project to others. SLAM is different. We actively pursue new ways to increase our accountability and advocacy for our clients.
LandscapeArchitecture  InteriorDesign  InteriorArchitecture  architecture  top250firms2012  NY  syracuse  CT  ma  Boston  GA  Atlanta  top300firms2013 
november 2012 by risdcareers
The Portico Group
s an interdisciplinary firm, Portico capitalizes on the inspiration found in collaboration. Our work expresses our place-based approach to design, which is linked to the physical, environmental and cultural characteristics of the project location. Each place, and each person who cares about that place, has a story. We are committed to telling those stories, and designing the perfect venue for each story to be experienced.

Providing master planning, programming, design and construction observation to mission-driven clients around the world, The Portico Group was founded in Seattle, Washington and is currently celebrating 25 years of design.
top250firms2012  LandscapeArchitecture  architecture  WA  seattle  top300firms2013 
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The Jerde Partnership is a visionary architecture and urban planning firm that designs unique places that people love to visit and go back to time and again. Nearly one billion people visit Jerde Places every year.

Located around the globe, Jerde Places are iconic, go to destinations that pulse with life through a carefully orchestrated procession of public spaces, shops, parks, restaurants, entertainment, housing and nature. They transform the economic and social landscape of neighborhoods, cities and regions and deliver astounding results across the board – economic success and recognition for developers, businesses and cities and amazing experiences for the people who work, eat, stay, shop, play, wander and live there.
LandscapeArchitecture  architecture  top250firms2012  CA  LosAngeles  top300firms2013 
october 2012 by risdcareers
SWBR Architects
Our firm was established in 1969 through the merger of two Rochester architectural firms and a former Xerox corporate architect. Over the years, the firm’s business evolved to include a broad spectrum of services and talents. Today, we offer specialized areas of practice, which are based on our clients’ needs and the expertise of our principals and staff.

SWBR Architects is one of the largest Architect-led firms in Upstate New York, sub-consulting for mechanical, electrical, civil engineering and specialized consultants. With a focus on Architecture, augmented by Interior Design, Structural Engineering and Landscape Architecture, SWBR offers a broad staff of experienced professionals and has the “firepower” to bring a focused team onto a project to meet tight schedules with the right technical knowledge.
syracuse  NY  top250firms2012  LandscapeArchitecture  InteriorDesign  InteriorArchitecture  architecture 
october 2012 by risdcareers
Stantec Home Page
Stantec, founded in 1954, provides professional consulting services in planning, engineering, architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, surveying, environmental sciences, project management, and project economics for infrastructure and facilities projects. Continually striving to balance economic, environmental, and social responsibilities, we are recognized as a world-class leader and innovator in the delivery of sustainable solutions. We support public and private sector clients in a diverse range of markets, at every stage, from initial concept and financial feasibility to project completion and beyond.

In simple terms, the world of Stantec is the water we drink, the routes we travel, the buildings we visit, the industries in which we work, and the neighborhoods we call home.

Our services are provided on projects around the world through approximately 12,000 employees operating out of more than 190 locations in North America and 4 locations internationally.
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october 2012 by risdcareers
SSOE Group provides architecture, engineering, construction management, and specialized services worldwide.
We promise to deliver high quality projects, on schedule, with fewer problems, and for lower total cost. This saves clients time, trouble, and money and makes them successful.
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october 2012 by risdcareers
Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart
Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart is an internationally established design firm providing innovative professional services for corporate, commercial, hospitality, residential, industrial, government and educational projects. The majority of our services are commissioned by repeat clients in the real estate and development industry. The many longstanding relationships we have developed with our clients reflect our ongoing commitment to quality design and responsive service.

Founded in 1979, the firm is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, with additional offices in Tampa, Florida, the Republic of Singapore, Beijing and Shanghai, China, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, U.A.E.. Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart & Associates, Inc., its subsidiaries and affiliated companies offer design services* in Architecture, Interior Design, Master Planning, Graphic Design and Landscape Architecture.
FL  GA  Atlanta  top250firms2012  InteriorDesign  InteriorArchitecture  LandscapeArchitecture  architecture  top300firms2013 
october 2012 by risdcareers
Sherlock, Smith & Adams
Sherlock, Smith & Adams (SS&A;) is an employee owned Architecture-Engineering (AE) firm established in 1946.
SS&A; is a full service Architectural-Engineering firm offering the following services: Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Fire Protection Engineering, Estimating and Construction Administration.
SS&A; designs projects throughout the United States as well as abroad and is adept at dealing with various soil conditions, wind conditions such as from hurricanes and typhoons, and seismic conditions from minimum to some of the most intense seismic zones in the world.
SS&A; specializes in design for Healthcare, Senior Living, Education, Training, Research and diverse Department of Defense Facilities.
We serve both Government and Private markets.
AL  top250firms2012  LandscapeArchitecture  InteriorDesign  InteriorArchitecture  architecture  top300firms2013 
october 2012 by risdcareers
SBLM Architects PC
SBLM Architects is a nationally recognized firm dedicated to realizing its clients' goals through responsive architecture. THe New York City headquarters and branch offices in Miami, Florida, Dallas, Texas, and Dublin, Ireland offer a wide range of services through five Design Studios: Education, Mixed-Use & Residential, Retail & Commercial, Healthcare & Wellness, and Civic. With thirty years of experience, a highly trained staff, and a thorough understanding of the most recent design and construction technologies, SBLM Architects remains a consistent, steadfast resource for new and longstanding clients.
Ireland  TX  Dallas  FL  miami  NY  NewYorkCity  InteriorDesign  InteriorArchitecture  LandscapeArchitecture  top250firms2012  architecture 
october 2012 by risdcareers
RNL | Welcome to RNL
RNL vitalizes and revitalizes buildings, interiors, plazas, parks, campuses, neighborhoods and entire cities. We accomplish this with the utmost respect for the environment. With more than 60% of our design staff LEED accredited, and over 50 projects registered or pursuing LEED Certification, the firm has made a commitment to incorporate as many green design and building techniques as possible into each of its projects. This commitment, along with our diverse staff of architecture, interior architecture, landscape architecture, urban design and community planning professionals is what differentiates us from traditional architecture firms. We offer multi-discipline design services because no project is one-dimensional in its physical form, users, economics, stakeholders or politics.
international  WashingtonDC  AZ  Pheonix  CA  LosAngeles  CO  Denver  top250firms2012  LandscapeArchitecture  InteriorDesign  InteriorArchitecture  architecture 
october 2012 by risdcareers
RDG Planning & Design : architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, lighting design, graphic design, strategic planning, urban design and comprehensive planning
We're architects, landscape architects, engineers, artists and planners with a passion for design, and a drive to make a difference. Beyond creating a space you love, we want you to enjoy the process of getting there.
NE  FL  IA  top250firms2012  InteriorArchitecture  architecture  LandscapeArchitecture 
october 2012 by risdcareers
Perkowitz + Ruth
The Studios of Perkowitz+Ruth Architects combine design talent, exceptional technical skills and strong project management capabilities to create successful projects that shape our communities. We offer a complete scope of architectural services, including Conceptual Design, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, Specifications, Construction Contract Administration and Onsite Owner Representation.
top250firms2012  InteriorDesign  InteriorArchitecture  WashingtonDC  OR  CA  LandscapeArchitecture  architecture  top300firms2013 
october 2012 by risdcareers
Parkhill, Smith & Cooper
Parkhill, Smith & Cooper (PSC) is a full-service design firm that provides engineering and architectural design primarily in the public sector or with public entities, such as municipal infrastructure, education, healthcare and transportation. Established in 1945 in Lubbock, today PSC's office locations include Abilene, Amarillo, El Paso, Las Cruces, Midland/Odessa and currently has a staff of over 250 professional, technical and support personnel.
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october 2012 by risdcareers
Niles Bolton Associates
Services range from Architecture, Landscape architecture, and interior design to planning and urban design.

Beyond aesthetics, we define success by how well a project realizes the vision of our clients and ultimately fulfills the needs of the people who live, use and work within the environments we create. At NBA, architecture takes the lead on projects, cohesively integrating exterior and interior spaces. We listen, analyze and engage each client throughout the design process and apply our knowledge and experience to achieve a true collaboration and build lasting relationships.
InteriorDesign  InteriorArchitecture  LandscapeArchitecture  architecture  top250firms2012  VA  CA  GA  Atlanta  top300firms2013 
october 2012 by risdcareers
With services in architecture, branding + design, interiors, landscape design, lighting design, planning + urban design, and research + strategy, this firm specializes in civic, commercial, corporate, higher education, healthcare, hospitality, housing, retail, science, and sports architecture.
WA  seattle  NY  NewYorkCity  Moscow  CA  LosAngeles  international  london  OH  ma  Boston  China  top250firms2012  InteriorDesign  InteriorArchitecture  LandscapeArchitecture  architecture  top300firms2013 
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:: Morris Architects ::
Over 200 people in Houston, Orlando and Los Angeles comprise the Morris Architects family. Our growth occurs in an environment that encourages creativity, expression and energized collaboration. As a result of this forward-thinking approach, clients of Morris Architects benefit from an expertise and enthusiasm that is unmatched in the design industry.

Architecture, landscape architecture, planning and interior design are the core disciplines practiced by seven Morris Architects studios. Designated as Civic, Corporate, Education, Entertainment, Healthcare, Hospitality and Public Assembly, each studio is distinct. Yet all Morris Architects studios advance the way design enhances our everyday lives.
LosAngeles  FL  TX  CA  top250firms2012  InteriorArchitecture  InteriorDesign  LandscapeArchitecture  architecture  top300firms2013 
october 2012 by risdcareers
Michael Baker Corp.
Baker seamlessly integrates architecture, planning, landscape architecture, engineering and management. Internationally recognized with a portfolio spanning nearly half a century, the team provides excellence in solutions: superior technical ability, creative design and collaborative integration.

The success of our multidisciplinary approach to built environments results from the expertise of our design professionals. We solve challenges from multiple vantage points providing unsurpassed holistic, sustainable and innovative solutions that benefit our diverse clients, including governmental agencies, institutions, corporations, developers and builders.
PA  top250firms2012  LandscapeArchitecture  InteriorDesign  InteriorArchitecture  architecture  top300firms2013 
october 2012 by risdcareers
LPA, Inc : Architecture : Planning : Landscape : Interiors : Graphics
ounded in 1965, LPA has more than 230 employees with offices in Irvine, Roseville, and San Diego, Calif. The firm provides services in architecture, sustainability, planning, interior design, landscape architecture, engineering, and graphics.

With extensive experience in public and private architecture, LPA designs a diversity of facilities that span from K-12 schools , colleges and universities, to corporate and civic establishments. More than 500 major design awards attest to LPA's commitment to design excellence.
SanDiego  CA  top250firms2012  InteriorDesign  InteriorArchitecture  LandscapeArchitecture  architecture  top300firms2013 
october 2012 by risdcareers
Humphreys & Partners Architects
Humphreys & Partners Architects, L.P. is an Architectural and Urban Design, Master Planning and Land Planning firm engaged in the design of high-rise, mid-rise, mixed-use, luxury, senior, affordable, military and student housing - both rental and for sale - in markets across the country.

Humphreys & Partners can be summed up in one word - innovative. That one word describes our goals, our work and the process by which we achieve them. This has fueled our approach to the multifamily market, which is markedly different from our competitors.
international  India  seattle  WA  AZ  FL  CA  LA  NewOrleans  TX  Dallas  InteriorDesign  InteriorArchitecture  LandscapeArchitecture  top250firms2012  architecture 
october 2012 by risdcareers
Hord Coplan Macht
In 1977, architects Ed Hord and Lee Coplan along with landscape architect Carol Macht formed Hord Coplan Macht to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to design. This was a novel concept at the time which still guides the firm’s evolution. Ed, Lee and Carol are still active in the firm and its leadership as the story continues.Hord Coplan Macht offers architecture, landscape architecture, planning and interior design. We practice an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach through shared experiences and strive for design excellence with environmental sensitivity. In fact, 60% of our professional staff are LEED Accredited. Our resume is broad, with specialties in multifamily, healthcare, and education.
top300firms2013  MD  baltimore  InteriorArchitecture  InteriorDesign  LandscapeArchitecture  architecture 
october 2012 by risdcareers
One of the largest design firms in the country, Heery International is recognized for the diversity of its designs, from corporate headquarters to athletic facilities. The company's 350+ person design staff includes architects, facility planners, graphic/signage designers, landscape architects and building engineers. Our award-winning design expertise includes both new construction and renovation of existing buildings for aviation, commercial, industrial, institutional, higher education, justice, healthcare and sports facilities in the public and private sectors.
top300firms2013  OH  IL  Chicago  IA  seattle  WA  portland  LosAngeles  CA  ut  SaltLakeCity  AZ  Pheonix  CO  Denver  Dallas  TX  LA  FL  sc  NC  WashingtonDC  PA  philadelphia  ma  Boston  LandscapeArchitecture  InteriorDesign  InteriorArchitecture  architecture 
october 2012 by risdcareers
HDR One Company Many Solutions
Our architects and designers weave the threads of design excellence into the fabric of the firm's culture, combining the passion for scale, finish and balance with function, fit and harmony.

Our architects and engineers are world-renowned for their award-winning designs for urban environments, campuses and buildings. We approach each and every project with a complex design and construction process that blends the technical expertise, dedication and experience of a diverse team of professionals. Our integrated approach considers the whole building and the interdependence of many parts and systems. The end result is an engaged client, empowered stakeholders and successful design solutions.

We continually set the standards for design excellence, transforming a client's vision into dynamic reality. We are committed to the practice of designing intelligent architecture that expresses our clients' missions and values.
top300firms2013  international  Canada  InteriorDesign  InteriorArchitecture  LandscapeArchitecture  architecture 
october 2012 by risdcareers
Harvard Jolly
Harvard Jolly has continued its legacy of design excellence and dedication to client service for nearly 75 years. We are proud of what we have achieved over that time. Most importantly, we are grateful for the highly motivated and intelligent people that are the cornerstone of Harvard Jolly. Over the years I have witnessed our firm's tremendous growth from a single office to one of the largest architectural practices in Florida. I look forward to continuing to foster our creative culture, as well as preserve the legacy founded by my father.

Focus on Healthcare, Education, Library, Civic, and Public Safety Structures.
top300firms2013  LandscapeArchitecture  InteractionDesign  InteriorArchitecture  architecture  FL 
october 2012 by risdcareers
HGA Architects and Engineers - Architecture, Engineering, Interior Design
HGA is an integrated architecture, engineering and planning firm that helps prepare its clients for the future. By understanding their cultural and business needs, we help clients realize their organization's vision and potential through responsive, innovative and sustainable design. We achieve this through multidisciplinary collaboration, knowledge sharing and design investigation.

Our founding principals--Richard Hammel, Curt Green and Bruce Abrahamson--established precedence for collaboration, aesthetic achievement and client service since our founding in 1953. These criteria still inspire HGA today as architects, engineers, interior designers and allied professionals work alongside each other from a building's inception through move-in to develop solutions uniquely suited to each client.

Throughout our history, we have pursued new design directions to deliver the greatest value to our clients.
top300firms2013  InteriorArchitecture  InteriorDesign  LandscapeArchitecture  WashingtonDC  SanFrancisco  MN  WI  CA  LosAngeles  architecture 
october 2012 by risdcareers
In addition to the core competencies below, we frequently engage a variety of consultants, including engineers, who are part of our team to provide the full package of services needed to meet the needs of virtually any project.
Comprehensive Architecture Design
LEED Design Services
Interior Design
Landscape Architecture
BIM (Building Information Modeling)
Master Planning
Space Planning
Construction Cost Estimating
Construction Management Services
Forensic Services
CPTED Security Design Services
Incorporation of Innovative Construction Technologies
GA  FL  miami  Atlanta  top250firms2012  InteriorDesign  InteriorArchitecture  LandscapeArchitecture  architecture 
october 2012 by risdcareers
H + L Arch
At H+L we fashion ourselves as people of possibility... a new kind of architecture firm. We are passionate of heart, enthusiastic in outlook, curious in intellect, and optimistic and hopeful in spirit. We realize that first we shape our buildings but then they shape us. We re-establish the distinction between great architecture and mere building. We commit to the high ground of imagination, connecting with our unique ability to send spirits soaring for generations to come. We design with the knowledge that each foundation must not only support the physical structure of the building but it must also support the Dream structure of its people. H+L is committed to discovering concepts that stretch well beyond functional space to engaging place. Together with you, we will shape the spaces that shape the lives in our communities.

• Master Planning
• Architectural Design
• Building Assessment
• Interior Design
• Project Management
• Adaptive Reuse/Remodel
•Landscape Architecture
top300firms2013  Denver  CO  architecture  LandscapeArchitecture  InteriorDesign  InteriorArchitecture 
october 2012 by risdcareers
GSBS Architects
At GSBS, we design with people in mind. To that end, we embrace the emerging principles of architecture that allow us to create positive structures that are more pleasant to be in, less costly to maintain, contribute to a healthier environment, and are more valuable.

We've been at the forefront of sustainable design for more than three decades. In fact, when we designed the Utah Olympic Speed Skating Oval, it became one of the first 13 buildings worldwide designated as LEED-certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) by the United States Green Building Council. Since then, we've continued to design structures that qualify for this prestigious designation.
top300firms2013  TX  ut  SaltLakeCity  InteriorDesign  LandscapeArchitecture  InteriorArchitecture  architecture 
october 2012 by risdcareers
Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood
Great architecture today is about much more than aesthetics. It reflects a larger social context, an inherent commitment to designing places that will make a lasting contribution. Within the discipline of architecture, Goodwyn Mills and Cawood captures the spirit of how people and organizations use space, and work collaboratively with clients, communities and end users to create buildings that work well on every level, inside and out.
top300firms2013  sc  FL  TN  AL  Atlanta  GA  LandscapeArchitecture  InteriorArchitecture  architecture 
october 2012 by risdcareers
Flad Architects
Our clients don't work on small problems. They are tackling challenges that will change people's lives. They employ the brightest individuals, with the boldest ideas. These people are working toward only the smartest solutions and the most dramatic accomplishments.

In every discipline, architecture should support this ideal. Reflect each organization's values. Enhance their culture. Embody the corporate identity. And through innovative physical surroundings, actively help them discover, imagine and achieve.

Our design aesthetic is intrinsically linked to the bright, the bold, the smart and dramatic. We're not talking about buildings. We're talking about the people inside them.

People inspiring architecture.
top300firms2013  WI  NewYorkCity  NY  Atlanta  GA  NC  SanFrancisco  CA  FL  LandscapeArchitecture  InteriorArchitecture  architecture 
october 2012 by risdcareers
Dekker/Perich/Sabatini (D/P/S) is an award-winning design firm with expertise in architecture, interiors, planning, structural engineering, and landscape architecture. D/P/S is a regional leader in design excellence and sustainability, with a 50-year portfolio of education, healthcare, commercial, civic and mixed use projects.

Our collaborative process, where the creative team includes the client, results in the development of functional, comfortable and stimulating designs. Offices in Albuquerque and Las Cruces, NM; and Amarillo, TX.
top300firms2013  InteriorDesign  InteriorArchitecture  LandscapeArchitecture  architecture  TX  NM 
october 2012 by risdcareers
Development Design Group
DDG Inc. is an internationally renowned planning, architecture and design company unique in its ability to deliver dynamic, extraordinary solutions to place-making in cities, towns and suburbs all over the world. With a strong history of providing superior expertise in many successful commercial endeavors – notably CocoWalk in Miami, the award-winning themed movie destinations of Muvico Theaters and the ICSC award-winning Easton Town Center near Columbus, Ohio – the firm’s successful track record is reinforced time and again with numerous awards received for designs that work in the real world. DDG will formulate the highest and best use for property, utilizing our strongest asset: creative design.
top250firms2012  MD  baltimore  InteriorDesign  InteriorArchitecture  architecture  LandscapeArchitecture 
october 2012 by risdcareers
Cuningham Group
Cuningham Group team members have a strong record in Green and Sustainable design. As a group of professionals, we believe each project should be designed for the betterment of the community and society as a whole; thus, Green Design and Sustainability are natural extensions of our core ideology. We provide leadership on issues affecting our planet through research and education, and we apply the knowledge we have gained in practical applications in our professional design work.

Focus in areas such as healthcare, hospitality, restaurants, retail, resorts, theme parks, worship, education, mixed use, libraries, casinos, urban design and workplace.
top300firms2013  InteriorDesign  InteriorArchitecture  LandscapeArchitecture  architecture  MN  international  Asia  CO  Denver  NV  CA  LosAngeles 
october 2012 by risdcareers
Cuhaci & Peterson
Cuhaci & Peterson is a nationally recognized firm celebrating 33 years of business. We offer Architectural, SMEP Engineering, Landscape and Planning services on a variety of project types. We strive at personalizing the experience of each client with focused knowledge, familiarity and confidentiality. We also pitch a pretty mean fastball...!
top300firms2013  FL  LandscapeArchitecture  architecture 
october 2012 by risdcareers
CTA Group
We design environments from the ground up and influence communities beyond the walls

The expertise that our people offer allows us to produce structures of integrity as well as beauty for a broad range of project types. Building on a client's vision, we respond to their needs and bring unprecedented value to the overall project no matter what our contribution.

Focus on Financial, Government, Healthcare, Home, Industrial, Retail, Sport and Education Architecture.
InteriorArchitecture  InteriorDesign  LandscapeArchitecture  architecture  top250firms2012  Denver  seattle  WA  LA  WY  CO  MT  TX 
october 2012 by risdcareers
CSA Group
At CSA Group, we strive to offer our clients a level of quality that is second to none in our industry. Whether it's through our product, service, or our personnel, our goal is simple; to transform your project needs into reality. From conceptual design to project commissioning and even maintenance & operation... we're here throughout the life of your project, and as a total service provider for public & private sector clients within the facilities, infrastructure, and transportation industries, we truly are a one-stop-shop.

So why shop around, when you can get it all right here from our over 50 technical, scientific, and professional in-house disciplines working together to service your project needs. We offer complete turn-key solutions through our 6 Core Services and with offices throughout the United States, Caribbean, and Latin America; and strategic business partnerships throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, there is no challenge we can't handle.
top300firms2013  international  baltimore  MD  OH  philadelphia  PA  NJ  NY  NewYorkCity  miami  FL  WashingtonDC  InteriorArchitecture  architecture  LandscapeArchitecture 
october 2012 by risdcareers
Cooper Carry - The Center for Connective Architecture
Cooper Carry is one of America's most dynamic, context-driven design firms focused on the creation of EXCEPTIONAL PLACES - neighborhoods, buildings, spaces and landscapes crafted to enrich the experience of life for the people who occupy them.

Cooper Carry's professional team includes five key disciplines: planners, architects, interior designers, landscape architects and environmental graphic designers. These professionals work within specialized practice groups with expertise in

K-12 Education
Sustainable Design
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Clark Nexsen :: Architecture and Engineering
Focus on Architecture, Interiors, Engineering, Planning, Landscape Architecture, Lightings, Industrial and Sustainability.
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Ch2m Hill - IDC Architects
Architectural design is the successful combination of architecture and engineering to meet the immediate and long-term needs of a client. We are able to assemble all the services necessary to take a building from start to finish under one roof.

Our architects focus on adding aesthetic, technical, and sustainable value to our clients' investments. We provide adaptable, cost-effective, context-sensitive architecture that engages people's imaginations.

Architectural design services include:

Building design
Landscape design
Sustainable design
Computer visualization
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CASCO offers a broad spectrum of "in-house" services including Architectural Design, Civil/Landscape, Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering, as well as, Feasibility Analysis, Master Planning, and Construction Management. With such capabilities we are able to ensure our clients a totally integrated, cost effective and energy efficient building while maintaining a personal level of service and responsiveness unusual within the consulting industry.
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We’ve expanded from a civil engineering firm into a full-service engineering, architecture and consulting firm. We now offer dozens of services and serve thousands of clients.
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Burgess & Niple
B&N; was established in 1912. On the most fundamental level, our job is listening to clients and translating their visions into structures and infrastructure that work – today and long into the future. We are innovative problem solvers with extensive resources and an award-winning track record.

• Architectural Design
• Engineering
• Civil
• Mechanical
• Electrical
• Structural
• Geotechnical
• Master Planning
• Site Development
• Environmental Sciences
• Anti-Terrorism Force
• Landscape Architecture
• Interior Design
• Utilities Design
• Paving Design
• Sustainable Design
• Energy Conservation
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BNIM Architecture
We deliver beautiful, integrated, living environments that inspire change and enhance the human condition.

BNIM is multidisciplinary architecture, planning and design firm offering a comprehensive menu of services and specialties. Our team understands the complexities behind good design solutions in each of these core service areas and focuses on problem-solving through a simple and seamless process.
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october 2012 by risdcareers
Bernardon Haber & Holloway Architects
Bernardon Haber Holloway Architects PC is a design team that empowers the talents of passionate professionals and promotes the concept that discovery, knowledge, creativity, innovation and collaboration is fundamental to the assets we create for our clients.

Bernardon Haber Holloway Architects believes this philosophy is vital to the viability, the visibility and the advancement of our practice. Our success is measured by the superiority of the designs that meet our clients’ needs and by the impact that our design practices have on the environment and our

Bernardon Haber Holloway Architects imagines awesome environments that have meaning, purpose and excitement – environments that forge client goals into valuable assets.
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october 2012 by risdcareers
Bergmann Associates
Bergmann Associates is a full service, multi-disciplinary design firm employing some of the most talented practitioners in the industry. Our core business segments include Transportation Systems, Civil Works, Building Design, Development Services, and Program Management. Bergmann Associates is very proud of our extensive experience and rich portfolio of work that features everything from restoration of historic landmarks, to comprehensive bridge and highway design, to waterfront master planning, to school of education buildings.

You'll be in good company at Bergmann. Our client list spans commercial, institutional, retail, educational, industrial and governmental sectors throughout the United States, all of whom come to us with unique requirements and challenges. We look forward to helping you with your project needs.
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october 2012 by risdcareers
Belt Collins
Belt Collins is an international planning, design and consulting firm focused on providing value to our clients’ land-based assets. We employ over 500 multidisciplinary professional and support staff practicing from nine offices in eight countries and territories. Belt Collins consistently ranks as one of the top 200 international design firms and top 500 U.S.-based design firms in Engineering News-Record. Since our founding in 1953, we have completed over 16,000 projects in 70 countries around the world, and we have received over 350 awards, honors, and accolades for our projects, practice, and people.
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october 2012 by risdcareers
Ayers Saint Gross / Engaging people and places to create designs that enrich our world.
We have a proven track record in developing elegant and effective designs for our clients with expertise in a broad range of building types and environments for the dissemination of knowledge and culture. Our firm of more than 130 professionals is organized into cross-disciplinary studios specializing in the design of academic and student life buildings, cultural facilities, mixed use developments, planning, landscape architecture, environmental signage, and graphic design.
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october 2012 by risdcareers
Atkins is perhaps best known as an engineering consultancy, but is also one of the world’s leading architectural firms.
Atkins is the world’s largest architectural firm, spread across four continents and 150 countries. Atkins approach to architecture is different and holistic as it does not focus on the promotion and strength of an individual design figurehead. Instead each of our geographical regions has evolved an architectural identity of its own.
This unique and culturally-led identity has developed organically as a response to the ambitions of our clients and the sectors in which we operate.
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Astorino Architects
At Astorino, we believe that great design meets the deepest needs of people who live, learn, heal, work and play in the environments we create. It’s that simple. Our greatest asset is our passion to impact the greater good...to design for the future...and to re-imagine landscapes. Our work does make a difference in people’s lives...this is why we have chosen to do what we do.

Astorino’s highly experienced professional staff is committed to producing appropriate and effective results in land use planning, urban design, master planning and architecture. We use state-of-the-art expertise and technologies, employ thorough analysis and apply intensive design inquiry in the pursuit of comprehensive and thoughtful design solutions. Astorino seeks to enhance quality of life by designing environments of lasting quality.

Architectural Rendering
Design-Build Services
Facility Assessments
Feasibility Studies
Graphic Design
Historic Preservation
Landscape Architecture
Master Planning
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Architectural Nexus :: Architectural design, interior design, planning, landscape design, facility planning and visualization
The design philosophy of Nexus Design Center is centered in the concept of problem seeking and problem solving. This approach is strengthened by the diverse background of the firm and the bringing together of a broad range of thoughts that lead to creative design solutions. Planning, sustainability, visualization, landscape design, and interior design become part of a synergistic whole. This diversity combined with the development of a "high concept" supports strong design.
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HOK | ideas work
HOK is a global design, architecture, engineering and planning firm.

Since our founding in 1955, we have used design to enrich people’s lives and help organizations succeed. Our 1,600 people collaborate across a network of 24 offices on three continents.
HOK’s mission is to deliver exceptional design ideas and solutions through the creative blending of human need, environmental stewardship, value creation, science and art.
Our design solutions result from a collaborative process that encourages multidisciplinary professional teams to research alternatives, share knowledge and imagine new ways to solve the challenges of our built environment.
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Great planning and design create great places. And great places do great things. They transform abandoned cityscapes into vibrant urban spaces bursting with civic pride. They unite strangers into a community of neighbors. They foster enriching, inspiring workplaces. They encourage a busy society to slow down and reflect and play.

We work closely with our clients to understand what they need to accomplish, what they hope to achieve. Then we put our technical and creative skills to work—and help you create the next great place.
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