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Accelerate Development with Agile Teams and Continuous Delivery | Assembla
Taking Teams Beyond Scrum - In a cloud-based world, Agile software development goes beyond Scrum.
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january 2013 by rickcogley
TargetProcess—Agile Project Mgt SW
Software developers have the right to work with a simple, visual, customizable and powerful agile project management tool.
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january 2013 by rickcogley
blog:Cogley - Online Project Management Solutions
Many people on Twitter ask for recommendations for a good online project management solution. There are many such web-based applications out there, and it really depends upon your needs and intended project approach - are you "agile", do you want to use "scrum" or "kanban", or are you PMI all the way. Do you want it SaaS, or self-hosted? Do you need time tracking? Should a wiki be integrated? The list goes on. My requirements to make it through the "first cut" are listed in the article.
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february 2009 by rickcogley
Planning Poker
Effective estimation method.

From the site - How does Planning Poker® work? ... The idea behind Planning Poker is simple. Individual stories are presented for estimation. After a period of discussion, each participant chooses from his own deck the numbered card that represents his estimate of how much work is involved in the story under discussion. All estimates are kept private until each participant has chosen a card. At that time, all estimates are revealed and discussion can begin again.
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january 2009 by rickcogley
Vasco Duarte's Personal Scrum
Vasco Duarte is using a "personal scrum" to manage and "eat his own dog food" so to speak.

He says -
I'm using Scrum patterns for managing my own work. Let me explain this a little bit. I'm following a method for the management of my personal work that resembles and is largely based on the patterns that we see in Scrum.
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january 2009 by rickcogley
Scott Ambler's Agile Project Planning Tips
Scott Ambler shares some Agile project planning tips. Good advice in here. --Rick Cogley

From the site - My goal with this article is to share good project planning practices which I find to work well in practice. A fundamental difference between agile project planning and traditional project planning is that agile project planning is very collaborative in nature: the team is responsible for planning, not just the project manager. In this article I discuss:

1. Scheduling Tips
* Iterations
2. Estimating Tips
3. People Management Tips
4. Agile Metrics Tips
5. Some Humor (Perhaps)
6. Training
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january 2009 by rickcogley
Does Agile Development Work for Systems Integration? « SmoothSpan Blog
Can Agile be applied to systems integration projects? Yes and no. --Rick Cogley

From the site: Agile is not for everyone or every project. There are some requirements for it to be successful that fly in the face of a lot of the established norms for IT projects and implementations. That’s not to say you couldn’t use Agile for such projects, but unless everyone involved clearly understood the Agile requirements, it would not likely be an unsuccessful attempt.

What are these requirements?
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january 2009 by rickcogley
Scrum works, even for non-development GIS projects | EdgeHopper
Some thoughts on using AGILE / SCRUM techniques for non-development projects. -- Rick Cogley

From the site: The other night, I was at a get together of some regional ArcGIS developers. They asked about Scrum and we started talking about the requirement that every iteration must produce some potentially shippable product increment. Being GIS folks, someone asked how you would apply that “rule” to non-development GIS projects. It made me sit back and think for a bit. So, out of curiosity, and to find out if anyone out there used an Agile approach to these types of projects, I searched Google using several appropriate search phrases. To my astonishment, I couldn’t find a single reference to anyone using Agile methods for non-development GIS Projects. In fact, most led me to very rigid, stepwise, waterfall approaches to GIS project management.
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january 2009 by rickcogley

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