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aarongough/potion · GitHub
Potion is a simple, clean, and easily extensible static site generator. Potion is designed from the ground up to be friendly to any tech-savvy person running a blog or website of almost any kind.
Static_Site_Generator  ruby  potion 
march 2013 by rickcogley
seattlerb/zenweb · GitHub
Zenweb is a set of classes/tools for organizing and formating a website. It is website oriented rather than webpage oriented, unlike most rendering tools. It is content oriented, rather than style oriented, unlike most rendering tools. It uses a rubygems plugin system to provide a very flexible, and powerful system.
Static_Site_Generator  zenweb  ruby  site-wide 
march 2013 by rickcogley
Serve - Delicious ERB, Haml + Sass
Build fantastic websites with your favorite template languages. ERB, Haml, Markdown, Textile, and more!
Static_Site_Generator  Serve  Ruby  ERB  HAML  Markdown  Textile 
march 2013 by rickcogley
Home | ruhoh universal static blog generator
ruhoh is the only static blog generator built with language-agnostic APIs.
Static_Site_Generator  blogging  generator  ruby  ruhoh 
january 2013 by rickcogley
Stasis - Static Sites Made Powerful
At its most essential, Stasis takes a directory tree with supported template files and renders them.
Static_Site_Generator  ruby 
january 2013 by rickcogley
Ruby CMS - Nesta
A Ruby CMS for developers and designers. With simple code that's easy to follow, Nesta is easily extended using the Sinatra web framework.
Static_Site_Generator  nesta  ruby 
january 2013 by rickcogley
Octopress is a framework designed by Brandon Mathis for Jekyll, the blog aware static site generator powering Github Pages.
Static_Site_Generator  octopress  jekyll  ruby  blogging 
january 2013 by rickcogley
Bonsai, Forward
Bonsai builds dynamic web sites that run anywhere. Perfect for portfolios, catalogues and other image-heavy sites.
Static_Site_Generator  development  generator  ruby 
january 2013 by rickcogley
Middleman: Hand-crafted frontend development
Middleman is a static site generator using all the shortcuts and tools in modern web development.
Static_Site_Generator  ruby  development 
january 2013 by rickcogley
Web developers are used to using dynamic and frameworks like Ruby on Rails to develop applications. When it comes to working with static, non-dynamic websites it can seem like stepping back in time.
Static_Site_Generator  ruby  development 
january 2013 by rickcogley
nanoc: a Ruby site compiler that generates static HTML » home
nanoc is a tool that runs on your local computer and compiles documents written in formats such as Markdown, Textile, Haml… into a static web site consisting of simple HTML files, ready for uploading to any web server.
Static_Site_Generator  ruby  nanoc 
january 2013 by rickcogley
transform your text into a monster.
Static_Site_Generator  jekyll  ruby 
january 2013 by rickcogley

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