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Test Your Perception of Color with this 1000 Piece Puzzle of the CMYK Color Gamut - Linkis.com
Test Your Perception of Color with this 1000 Piece Puzzle of the CMYK Color Gamut:
How good are ...
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december 2014 by rickcogley
Reha Alev: My Camera Settings For Street Photography
In this post I'd like to give you an overview of what my usual camera settings are. ... These are the settings I end up using most of the time, and you may end up with your own technique or set of controls. Also, I am using a Fujifilm X100s for street photography, but this post applies to any other camera, as long as it allows for (partial) manual control.
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october 2013 by rickcogley
PA241W-BK-SV, 24 Widescreen Color-Critical Desktop Monitor w SpectraView<sub>II<sub> - Highlights & Specifications | NEC Display Solutions
Tackle even your most demanding color-critical projects with the 24" NEC MultiSync PA241W, a widescreen LCD display ideal for graphics/photography applications.
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january 2013 by rickcogley
diglloyd - Advanced Photography
Lens and camera reviews, research and how-to covering Nikon and Canon DSLR bodies and lenses, along with related gear
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january 2013 by rickcogley
Really Right Stuff-What Drives RRS
Our Vision: To be your first choice for camera support systems with products of soul satisfying, uncompromising quality, simple convenience and superior total service.
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january 2013 by rickcogley
About Us :: Acratech
Acratech is a family run manufacturer of quality, innovative products for photography and imaging. All Acratech products are proudly made in our new Pomona, CA facility using the finest materials and top quality workmanship.
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january 2013 by rickcogley
Gitzo Tripods
Premier Professional Accessories for Photo, Video and Birdwatching | Gitzo.com
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january 2013 by rickcogley
Nikon D90 | How To Use D-MOVIE
A tutorial video from Nikon on the D90's video capability. —Rick Cogley || From the site: A new idea for D-SLRs, the D90 offers a movie function, allowing you to shoot movies in three different motion JPEG formats: 320 x 216 pixels, 640 x 424 pixels and 1,280 x 720 pixels. Now you can capture life’s moving moments with added drama by using many of Nikon’s NIKKOR lenses, including the AF DX Fisheye 10.5mm f/2.8G ED and the Micro-NIKKOR lenses. The shallow depth of field can give your movies a more creative and emotional impact. An additional benefit is the D90 image sensor, which is much larger than a typical camcorder for higher image quality and exceptional high ISO performance during low-light shooting.
Nikon  Photography  D90  D-Movie  Video 
june 2009 by rickcogley
The 2009 Hollywood Portfolio from Annie Leibovitz | vanityfair.com
An outstanding set of photographs of directors and actors by Annie Leibovitz. A must-see with good commentary next to each photo. -- Rick Cogley | From the site: Something Just Clicked - Some of these actor-director teams have a history together—remember Ron Howard and Tom Hanks’s breakthrough, Splash, a quarter-century ago?—while others produced their first mind-melds in 2008. Sam Mendes and Kate Winslet even brought marriage and kids to the Revolutionary Road set. But in each case the chemistry was profound, the effect exponential. From Gus Van Sant and Sean Penn to John Patrick Shanley and Meryl Streep, Annie Leibovitz photographs 10 partnerships that helped generate more than four dozen Oscar nominations this season. Related: Krista Smith goes behind the scenes at the shoots. Plus: Video from the photo shoots.
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february 2009 by rickcogley

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