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Iced Audio – AudioFinder (Mac)
AudioFinder is the OS X standard in audio
asset management systems, & music
production hub
AudioFinder can build a catalog of every sound on your system, save it, and search it instantly to find the sounds you need when you need them. Use AudioFinder to create custom sets for sound categories and specific projects, with fast file browsing to audition, analyze, process, convert, and move or copy the samples in your library. AudioFinder features the ability to add Metadata to your library of sounds, making it simple and easy to find the sounds you're looking for when you need it. AudioFinder can visualize sounds instantly with the waveform overview and preview them at any pitch via MIDI or the built in keyboard, all in real-time. Sounds can even be previewed through your favorite AudioUnits. Speaking of Plug-Ins, AudioFinder features an advanced Plug-In manager and slew of other studio necessities that will make your workflow flow. Necessities like audio editing with built-in beat detection and tools for fast trimming, fading, slicing and dicing your sounds. You can even convert your audio sample CDs into individual files with just a few clicks of the mouse.
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BaseHead, LLC (Mac, Win)
BaseHead is our flagship product for PC and Mac for searching and finding your sound effects, music and audio files for PC and Mac!
If your current solution is feeling old and crusty then maybe it's time for something fresh!
BaseHead already dominates the video game industry with most major game houses using it daily in production.  If you are a sound designer for video games or feature films using any DAW ala Nuendo or Pro Tools, and want to speed up your workflow, then this is the product for you!
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march 2015 by rickcogley
FindSounds Palette (Win)
FindSounds Palette

FindSounds Palette is the ultimate software program for finding sounds! Its WebPalette feature provides greater access to sounds on the Web than FindSounds.com, and its MyPalette feature makes it easy to organize and search your own sound collection.
Search for audio files by name, description, category, genre, source, copyright, format, size, number of channels, resolution, sample rate, duration, key, and tempo. For any example sound, a sounds-like search can automatically find similar sounds on the Web and in your sound collection.

Audition sounds using the built-in audio player. Record your own sounds with the built-in audio recorder. Edit sounds using the built-in audio editor. The colorful Comparisonics waveform display helps you to "see" what you are editing.

Hollywood sound designers know well that useful and interesting sounds can be obtained by changing the speed of an audio recording. FindSounds Palette makes it easy to change speeds, and for each audio file in your collection, the sounds of 25 different speeds can be searched. This turns a collection of 10,000 audio files into a searchable database of 250,000 sounds!

You can also search audio files on the Web at multiple speeds, which gives you access to an enormous and growing collection of 1,000,000+ sounds!

FindSounds Palette Version 2.3 is currently available for Microsoft Windows and supports audio files in WAVE, AU, and AIFF uncompressed and mu-law compressed formats. This program is available in three editions:
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march 2015 by rickcogley
Revel Software (Win)
Take the most from your sample library!
Breezer is a complete and affordable sample library manager for Windows, which helps you to find and preview your audio files. It can build a catalogue of every sound in your system and search it instantly to find the samples you need when you need them.

Browse and search your library locally or over a network. Enjoy the power of a multi-threaded, GPU accelerated engine with built-in support for the most common audio formats including Propellerheads REX 1/2 and FLAC.

If you have thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of samples, then Breezer will become your best companion.
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march 2015 by rickcogley
Library Monkey Pro - Monkey-Tools (Mac)
Sleek, powerful, and dominant, Library Monkey Pro is the 800-lb gorilla you need to handle all of your monkey business. A complete librarian and CD ripper with an integrated Sound Grinder Pro; Library Monkey Pro is the main event. Import, manage, edit, process and "Portion Control™" all your audio one place -- with full AU and VST Plug-in support. And don't worry if you're running ProTools®, Digital Performer®, Logic®, or another pro DAW, Library Monkey Pro fully adapts to any habitat.
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Snapper 2 - features (Mac)
What's Snapper ?
When you select an audio file in the Mac Finder, Snapper immediately appears right beneath the current window, showing you the wave form.

Hit the space bar or double-click in the wave form to play. Or use auto-play to start playing the moment you select the file. Vari-speed is available too.

Drag, Drop and Convert
In the Snapper wave form you can select a part of the sound file and:
• drag it out, to create a new file.
• drag it to any sequencer or audio editor (new in version 2...)
• turn the selection into an mp3 file. (or ogg, mp4 flac)
• split stereo files into separate .L and .R files or vise versa
• convert to mp4 and attach it to an email in one go.
• export to AIFF, WAV, BWF, mp3, or m4a.

Which formats can it handle?
All of them.
Snapper opens over 50 sound file formats. That includes compressed files, split stereo, 192 kHz, 5.1 surround files, red book audio, cds and movies containing audio. It shows loops, markers, timestamps, regions, BWF annotations, even album covers. You name it, Snapper can handle it. For some formats you need to install external components, here's more on that.
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march 2015 by rickcogley
MUTANT software | SONICWIRE (Mac, Win)
MUTANT is free sound file management software provided by SONICWIRE. Download and install MUTANT now to navigate through the large offer of sound files on SONICWIRE, find more easily the sounds you're looking for and preview them with a single click in the program. The additional "Comment" and "Bookmark" function allow you to easily organize and classify sound files.
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march 2015 by rickcogley
WavSniper - A Sample Librarian (Win)
A Sound Sample Librarian/Cataloger/Tagger designed for Musicians,
Producers, Sound Engineers
WavSniper is a no-fuss time-saving utility for easy tagging, and previewing, digital sound files (wav or mp3).
When you are in a creative mood, nothing spoils it more than having to search through countless sub-diectories and sound file sample disks to find that perfect sound.

Simply scan all your sound samples on your Hard Drive with WavSniper, and it will attach appropriate TAGs to your sound files to get you started.
Quickly preview your samples and easily edit/attach your own TAGs to your sounds, individually, or in bulk.
Sound file tagging is done automatically at first, but you are free to make edits as needed.
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march 2015 by rickcogley
RYAudio Sample Librarian (Win) - Manage your audio samples and sample CDs
Sample Librarian is an invaluable tool for managing and auditioning all of your audio samples and sample CDs to help you home in on just the sounds you want when you're in the middle of creating your next hit.

With Sample Librarian you no longer need to waste time navigating through deeply-nested folders of all your audio samples, which is a sure-fire way to lose your focus (and then the moment of inspiration has gone). Instead you can use a tool designed specifically for the purpose of managing and searching for samples. Once you’ve found the perfect sounds for your new song, simply drag-and-drop them directly into your DAW.

Previously, breaking off from composing to go digging through your sample collection to find that elusive sample you know is in there (somewhere) could seriously interrupt your creative flow. With Sample Librarian, using your sample collection now forms a key part of your music-making process.
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