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Hugo :: A fast and modern static website engine
Hugo is a general-purpose website framework. Technically speaking, Hugo is a static site generator. This means that, unlike systems like WordPress, Ghost and Drupal, which run on your web server expensively building a page every time a visitor requests one, Hugo does the building when you create your content. Since websites are viewed far more often then they are edited, Hugo is optimized for website viewing while providing a great writing experience.
Static_Site_Generator  JRC_blogging_tools  static  cms  golang  website  site  blog  via:snipergirl  octopress  hugo 
november 2014 by rickcogley
An extremely simple, pluggable static site generator.
Static_Site_Generator  generator  static  javascript  node 
november 2014 by rickcogley
Newman API - Docs
Newman API is a quick and easy way to add form mailer functionality to your (static) website.
The design and complexity of your forms is entirely up to you. You code, we send it.
JavaScript is not required but you can certainly use it to spice up your forms.
Static_Site_Generator  Commercial  Newman  Form2Mail 
march 2013 by rickcogley
aarongough/potion · GitHub
Potion is a simple, clean, and easily extensible static site generator. Potion is designed from the ground up to be friendly to any tech-savvy person running a blog or website of almost any kind.
Static_Site_Generator  ruby  potion 
march 2013 by rickcogley
seattlerb/zenweb · GitHub
Zenweb is a set of classes/tools for organizing and formating a website. It is website oriented rather than webpage oriented, unlike most rendering tools. It is content oriented, rather than style oriented, unlike most rendering tools. It uses a rubygems plugin system to provide a very flexible, and powerful system.
Static_Site_Generator  zenweb  ruby  site-wide 
march 2013 by rickcogley
Serve - Delicious ERB, Haml + Sass
Build fantastic websites with your favorite template languages. ERB, Haml, Markdown, Textile, and more!
Static_Site_Generator  Serve  Ruby  ERB  HAML  Markdown  Textile 
march 2013 by rickcogley
Welcome to Acrylamid — Acrylamid 0.5.1 documentation
With Acrylamid you can write your weblog entries with your editor of choice in Markdown, reStructuredText or textile. With several content filters you can pimp your HTML (typography, math, hyphenation). Acrylamid provides a very sophisticated CLI and integrates perfectly with any DVCes. It generates completely static HTML you can host everywhere.
Static_Site_Generator  python  pandoc  cli  math  acrylamid  posativ  blogging 
february 2013 by rickcogley
Static web site generator - Pagegen
Pagegen is a static web site generator, meaning it creates web sites from flat text files and directories. Great for managing sites from the command line.
Static_Site_Generator  pextile  command  line  terminal  shell  webdev 
february 2013 by rickcogley
drone/jkl · GitHub
jkl is a static site generator written in Go, based on Jekyll
Static_Site_Generator  drone  jkl  go 
february 2013 by rickcogley
piranha/gostatic · GitHub
Gostatic is a static site generator. What differs it from most of other tools is that it's written in Go and tracks changes, which means it should work reasonably fast.
Static_Site_Generator  go  piranha  tracking 
february 2013 by rickcogley
Graze: Static site generator using Razor - Mikael Koskinen
Graze is a simple static site generator. It takes a template and a configuration file and generates a static web site. The generated sited is pure HTML / CSS / JavaScript and can be hosted on any web server. The Graze templates are created using the Razor Syntax.
Static_Site_Generator  Graze  Razor 
february 2013 by rickcogley
fugitive: README ; p4bl0's blog
fugitive is a blog engine running on top of git using hooks to generate static html pages and thus having only git as dependency.
Static_Site_Generator  fugitive  shebang  shell  blogging 
february 2013 by rickcogley
Hexo - Node.js blog framework
A fast, simple & powerful blog framework, powered by Node.js.
Static_Site_Generator  hexo  node.js  generator 
january 2013 by rickcogley
redline6561/coleslaw · Static Blog Software in Lisp
Coleslaw aims to be flexible blog software suitable for replacing a single-user static site compiler such as Jekyll.
Static_Site_Generator  coleslaw  lisp 
january 2013 by rickcogley
Publishing Org-mode files to HTML
This Tutorial describes one of many ways to publishing Org-mode files to XHTML. We use the publishing mechanism to keep the *.html files separated from our *.org files and to access them via web browser. Simply exporting the Org-mode files to HTML would leave them in ~/org/.
Static_Site_Generator  emacs  org-mode  org-publish 
january 2013 by rickcogley
Wok ~ Home
Wok is a static website generator. It turns a pile of templates, content, and resources (like CSS and images) into a neat stack of plain HTML. You run it on your local computer, and it generates a directory of web files that you can upload to your web server, or serve directly.
Static_Site_Generator  generator  wok 
january 2013 by rickcogley
Hammer for Mac - Static Websites
Hammer is a web development tool for web designers & developers. Build out static HTML sites quickly and easily. No fuss, no mess, no PHP.
Static_Site_Generator  hammer  mac  osx 
january 2013 by rickcogley
Nitrogen - Nitrogen Web Framework for Erlang
Nitrogen Web Framework is the fastest way to develop interactive web applications in full-stack Erlang.
Static_Site_Generator  Erlang  webdev  development 
january 2013 by rickcogley
Hakyll - Home
Static sites are fast, secure, easy to deploy, and manageable using version control. Hakyll is a Haskell library for generating static sites, mostly aimed at small-to-medium sites and personal blogs. It is written in a very configurable way and uses an xmonad-like DSL for configuration.
Haskell  Static_Site_Generator 
january 2013 by rickcogley
mynt – simply powerful
With the ever growing population of static site generators, all filling a certain need, I've yet to find one that allows the generation of anything but the simplest of blogs. That's where mynt comes in, being designed to give you all the features of a CMS with none of the often rigid implementations of those features.
Static_Site_Generator  mynt  python 
january 2013 by rickcogley
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