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Rocket.Chat - The ultimate Open Source web chat platform
From group messages and video calls all the way to helpdesk killer features.
Our goal is to become the number one cross-platform open source chat solution.
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may 2016 by rickcogley
How to Write a Git Commit Message
Introduction: Why good commit messages matter
If you browse the log of any random git repository you will probably find its commit messages are more or less a mess. For example, take a look at these gems from my early days committing to Spring:

$ git log --oneline -5 --author cbeams --before "Fri Mar 26 2009"

e5f4b49 Re-adding ConfigurationPostProcessorTests after its brief removal in r814. @Ignore-ing the testCglibClassesAreLoadedJustInTimeForEnhancement() method as it turns out this was one of the culprits in the recent build breakage. The classloader hacking causes subtle downstream effects, breaking unrelated tests. The test method is still useful, but should only be run on a manual basis to ensure CGLIB is not prematurely classloaded, and should not be run as part of the automated build.
2db0f12 fixed two build-breaking issues: + reverted ClassMetadataReadingVisitor to revision 794 + eliminated ConfigurationPostProcessorTests until further investigation determines why it causes downstream tests to fail (such as the seemingly unrelated ClassPathXmlApplicationContextTests)
147709f Tweaks to package-info.java files
22b25e0 Consolidated Util and MutableAnnotationUtils classes into existing AsmUtils
7f96f57 polishing
Yikes. Compare that with these more recent commits from the same repository:

$ git log --oneline -5 --author pwebb --before "Sat Aug 30 2014"

5ba3db6 Fix failing CompositePropertySourceTests
84564a0 Rework @PropertySource early parsing logic
e142fd1 Add tests for ImportSelector meta-data
887815f Update docbook dependency and generate epub
ac8326d Polish mockito usage
Which would you rather read?

The former varies wildly in length and form; the latter is concise and consistent. The former is what happens by default; the latter never happens by accident.

While many repositories' logs look like the former, there are exceptions. The Linux kernel and git itself are great examples. Look at Spring Boot, or any repository managed by Tim Pope.
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may 2015 by rickcogley
Splice - Music Made Better | Splice
Music Made Better
The cloud platform for music creation, collaboration, and sharing.
collaboration  sync  music  live  ableton  splice  service 
april 2015 by rickcogley
No more sending your stuff back and forth via email, just set up a pad, share the link and start collaborating!
Etherpad allows you to edit documents collaboratively in real-time, much like a live multi-player editor that runs in your browser. Write articles, press releases, to-do lists, etc. together with your friends, fellow students or colleagues, all working on the same document at the same time.

All instances provide access to all data through a well-documented API and supports import/export to many major data exchange formats. And if the built-in feature set isn't enough for you, there's tons of plugins that allow you to customize your instance to suit your needs.

You don't need to set up a server and install Etherpad in order to use it. Just pick one of publicly available instances that friendly people from everywhere around the world have set up. Alternatively, you can set up your own instance by following our installation guide
editor  writing  opensource  collaboration 
january 2015 by rickcogley
About JS Bin - JS Bin Documentation
JS Bin is an open source collaborative web development debugging tool.
collaboration  javascript  programming  JRC_Web_Development  jsbin  frontend  debug 
december 2014 by rickcogley
The Outliner of Giants: A feature rich outline processor designed to support the creation and management of large corpuses of information, such as those generated by students, researchers, writers and project managers.
The Outliner of Giants is a feature rich on-line Outline Processor designed to support the creation and management of large corpuses of information, such as those generated by students, researchers, writers and project managers.
outliner  productivity  collaboration  JRC_Outliners  giants 
january 2014 by rickcogley
teamwork’s blog
Blog for Teamwork, a web-based PM and collaborative work solution in Java.
teamwork  project_management  project  collaboration  blog 
january 2013 by rickcogley
Diagram Software to draw Flowcharts, UML & more Online | Creately
100's of thoughtful features to make diagramming quick and natural, A diagram software with a difference.
drawing  tools  collaboration  creately 
january 2013 by rickcogley
Flow Chart Maker & Online Diagram Software | Lucidchart
Diagrams Done Right. - We have rethought and redesigned the entire diagramming process to make it as easy as possible. Make flow charts, wireframes, mind maps, and org charts.
drawing  flowchart  collaboration  tools  eSolia 
january 2013 by rickcogley
Team WhiteBoarding with Twiddla - Painless Team Collaboration for the Web
Mark up websites, graphics, and photos, or start brainstorming on a blank canvas.
drawing  web2.0  collaboration  tools 
january 2013 by rickcogley
Highrise: Small Business CRM, Web-Based Contact Manager
Highrise provides a central place to keep all customer info, notes, and emails.
crm  management  collaboration  tools  37signals 
january 2013 by rickcogley
Online Project Management | Smartsheet
The work collaboration and spreadsheet tool for businesses of all sizes.
cloud_db  project  tools  collaboration  projectmanagement  productivity 
january 2013 by rickcogley
Online Spreadsheets - EditGrid
EditGrid is an Online Spreadsheet service delivering Data on Demand.
cloud_db  collaboration  web2.0  spreadsheet 
january 2013 by rickcogley
TeamDesk Web Based Database Software
Online database to empower your business management.
cloud_db  database  collaboration 
january 2013 by rickcogley
MindMeister Online Mind Mapping
Mind Mapping. Brainstorming. The leading online mind mapping software.
mindmap  tools  collaboration  web2.0  mind_mapping 
january 2013 by rickcogley
Thinklinkr: the best real-time collaborative online outliner
Simply put, outlining is the most effective way to organize your brain. There is a reason that your teachers always made you create an outline before writing a paper.
outliner  outline  tool  collaboration  web2.0 
january 2013 by rickcogley
LooseStitch | Online Outliner
Outliners are a great way to brainstorm ideas. Jot down. Rearrange. Organize. With a LooseStitch Pro account you can access all your documents from one window.
outliner  collaboration  productivity  tools  list 
january 2013 by rickcogley
Project Planner | Online Gantt Chart | Tom's Planner
Tom's Planner is online Gantt chart software that allows anyone to create, collaborate and share Gantt Charts online with drag and drop simplicity.
collaboration  tomsplanner  project  tools  projectmanagement  productivity 
january 2013 by rickcogley
Kindling - Idea Management and Collaboration
Track and promote all of your organization’s ideas simply and easily. Kindling is where inspiration and collaboration turn into action.
collaboration  kindling  tools  ideas  idea  management 
january 2013 by rickcogley
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