Whatever happened to gamification? - Smart Insights Digital Marketing Advice
Did gamification fail to live up to the hype or is there still  untapped potential? It wasn’t long ago that leading experts were making a big fuss about it. Marketing topic(s):Gamification. Advice by Neil Davey.
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3 hours ago
Big data: are we making a big mistake? - FT.com
But the “big data” that interests many companies is what we might call “found data”, the digital exhaust of web searches, credit card payments and mobiles pinging the nearest phone mast. Google Flu Trends was built on found data and it’s this sort of data that ­interests me here. Such data sets can be even bigger than the LHC data – Facebook’s is – but just as noteworthy is the fact that they are cheap to collect relative to their size, they are a messy collage of datapoints collected for disparate purposes and they can be updated in real time. As our communication, leisure and commerce have moved to the internet and the internet has moved into our phones, our cars and even our glasses, life can be recorded and quantified in a way that would have been hard to imagine just a decade ago.
3 hours ago
Six years at SoundCloud, Five Lessons Learned — Medium
On creating a healthy culture and building a sustainable company within it
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4 hours ago
They Write the Right Stuff
How do they write the right stuff?

The answer is, it's the process. The group's most important creation is not the perfect software they write — it's the process they invented that writes the perfect software.

It's the process that allows them to live normal lives, to set deadlines they actually meet, to stay on budget, to deliver software that does exactly what it promises. It's the process that defines what these coders in the flat plains of southeast suburban Houston know that everyone else in the software world is still groping for. It's the process that offers a template for any creative enterprise that's looking for a method to produce consistent - and consistently improving — quality.
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21 hours ago
User research is good for everyone — Salesforce UX — Medium
Summary: I love having the opportunity to be directly involved in user research. I feel it goes a long way to making me …
2 days ago
Thomas Byttebier - The best icon is a text label
Thomas Byttebier is a freelance web designer creating minimalist and easy to use websites and user interfaces. Thomas lives and works in Gent, Belgium.
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2 days ago
Why Remote Work Thrives in Some Companies and Fails in Others - HBR
Successful remote work is based on three core principles: communication, coordination, and culture. Broadly speaking, communication is the ability to exchange information, coordination is the ability to work toward a common goal, and culture is a shared set of customs that foster trust and engagement. In order for remote work to be successful, companies (and teams within them) must create clear processes that support each of these principles.
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2 days ago
Susan Pinker: why face-to-face contact matters in our digital age
Our survival hinges on social interaction, and that is not only true of the murky evolutionary past. Over the last decade huge population studies have shown that social integration — the feeling of being part of a cohesive group — fosters immunity and resilience. How accepted and supported we feel affects the biological pathways that skew the genetic expression of a disease, while feeling isolated “leaves a loneliness imprint” on every cell, says the American social neuroscientist John Cacioppo.
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3 days ago
The billionaire’s typewriter
As a fan of min­i­mal­ism, how­ever, I think that term is mis­ap­plied here. Min­i­mal­ism doesn’t fore­close ei­ther ex­pres­sive breadth or con­cep­tual depth. On the con­trary, the min­i­mal­ist pro­gram—as it ini­tially emerged in fine art of the 20th cen­tury—has been about di­vert­ing the viewer’s at­ten­tion from overt signs of au­thor­ship to the deeper pu­rity of the ingredients.
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4 days ago
The surprising reasons I’m getting an Apple Watch — Medium
I am not always the earliest adopter of technology. I work off a five-year old Macbook, wouldn’t be caught dead with a G…
5 days ago
The Dompas 2.0: Apartheid’s big comeback attempt gets serious | Daily Maverick
Sometimes people ask me whether South Africa will look like Zimbabwe in twenty years, and I try not to laugh my ass off. No, friendo, South Africa will not look like Zimbabwe in twenty years, but Cape Town now—or Sandton, or any place in the country that functions as a core of impenetrable wealth ring-fenced by poverty.
5 days ago
This Is What Impactful Engineering Leadership Looks Like
"When engineering management is done right, you're focusing on three big things," she says. "You're directly supporting the people on your team; you're managing execution and coordination across teams; and you're stepping back to observe and evolve the broader organization and its processes as it grows." 
management  leadership  engineering 
9 days ago
Three Ways to Maximize the Success of Enterprise Software - The Percolate Blog
Percolate's top online publication for marketing, brand management, software and technology.
9 days ago
A Sucker Is Optimized Every Minute - NYTimes.com
Now that we have hard data on everything, we no longer make decisions from our hearts, guts or principles.
9 days ago
A Design SDK
Style guides can be great for documenting a design system and providing a way for design to be consistent across multiple projects, products and people. But they can also be a shackle for creativity. A firehose of difficult to navigate content that compromises clarity for brevity. The key thing with style guides is they rely on you going hunting for what you need. They are everything for everybody. They are pull rather than push.
A design SDK I’m talking about is push rather than pull. It’s given to you, and it contains just what you need and nothing more.
10 days ago
After GigaOm, The Non-VC “SimCity” Approach To Growing A Media Business — Medium
I can’t speak with any authority about why GigaOm suddenly ran out of money. But I can already seem the rumblings about …
startup  entrepreneurship 
12 days ago
How Apple Will Make the Wearable Market | stratechery by Ben Thompson
Apple's operations expertise, stores, and devoted customer base make the company uniquely capable of creating a need for a wearable. But it has to be pretty
apple  wearabletech 
12 days ago
How designing an invisible app almost killed us — Robin Powered — Medium
Lessons learned from building automation products that still give good feedback.
13 days ago
The Joyless World of Data-Driven Startups — Backchannel — Medium
Everyone tells early-stage startups to use data for big strategic decisions. But does that really work, and whatever hap…
startup  data 
13 days ago
6 Information Architecture Facts Every Business Should Know
There's a lot of confusion out there about what information architecture is. Columnist Shari Thurow clears up misconceptions and sets the record straight.
13 days ago
The value of design to the public sector | Design for Europe
Reduced budgets mean innovation in the public sector is vital if our public services are to become more effective and improve the experience for users.
To make a real difference to frontline services, this innovation has to start with the needs of citizens. This is a principle that applies across all areas of public sector renewal, including governance and policymaking.
We are witnessing a number of encouraging trends in this area:
ucd  publicsector 
13 days ago
Why The Card UI Is The Next Big Interaction Paradigm
The mobile explosion has quickly made the card ui the design paradigm of the future. Learn why and how you can use it in your design work.
15 days ago
Lego Crosses The Digital Divide | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
Having learned from its own mistakes, Lego is embracing technology on its own terms, putting kidsand the fun of buildingfirst.
17 days ago
Invisible design: why is less more? - Inside Intercom
What’s your product trying to be? A believable object? An invisible background process that simplifies users' lives? Or a two-ton rhino charging at them?
17 days ago
Smartphones are addictive and should carry health warning, say academics | Technology | The Guardian
University of Derby finds smartphone users in study spent average 3.6 hours a day on devices, often causing severe distraction from relationships and ‘real life’
technology  addiction 
17 days ago
Notifications & Alerts — Ford’s Sensorium — Medium
I took some steps to simplify my digital life and it is horrifying.
18 days ago
Coding Like a Girl — Medium
(this was originally given as a talk at AlterConf in Oakland)
19 days ago
After ​​the rise and fall of my content farm, ​HIPSTER RUNOFF, I’m back to generating text-based internet content, or what people who have never generated content call it, “writing.”
20 days ago
How to give better product feedback
At Facebook, we take pride in our open company culture. One way this manifests is being able to test out every product t…
21 days ago
The Religious Experience of John Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme” — Cuepoint — Medium
Fifty years on, the masterwork has come to stand for everything that is real and authentic in jazz
jazz  music 
21 days ago
Optimizing the Usability of Online Forms - Designmodo
In this post I will go over some general tips that you can use to help improve and optimize your online forms. Forms are gatekeepers of the internet.
24 days ago
Adblock Plus: the tiny plugin threatening the internet's business model | Technology | The Guardian
Are Eyeo, developers of the Adblock Plus plugin, campaigning for better adverts, or just holding the web's biggest businesses hostage?
24 days ago
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