MoviePass co-founder’s new app rewards you with movie tickets for watching ads | BGR
- how many ads would you have to watch and what kind of personal information is being used in targeting? Also what kind of incentives does this set up and is that the kind of demographic an advertiser wants to reach?
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10 hours ago
APAC accounts for less than 15% of revenue for holding companies, says R3
- really interesting, especially when I remember Sir Martin (Sorrell) saying at Stream Asia a number of years ago that APAC had more WPP employees than Europe in his state of the union type speech
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10 hours ago
The 2019 Lincoln Nautilus | Morning Run :60 | Lincoln - YouTube
- interesting ad how Ford's Lincoln brand is trying to associate the in-car information with the utility (in fitness terms at least) with wearable tech
inspiration  fiveforfriday 
13 hours ago
A message from the CEO | News | Seiko Watch Corporation
For more than three decades, Seiko has participated in Baselworld. Over that time much has changed but, as I see it, by far the biggest change has been the increase in the knowledge of watch lovers about our industry’s creations. Today, our customers want to know not only what our watches do, but also where they come from and why they exist. Heritage is today as important as function - probably one of the best concise statements about the luxury watch market by Seiko CEO Hattori-san
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13 hours ago
Can a Facebook Post Make Your Insurance Cost More? - WSJ
- in Wadds book Brand Vandals I warned that this was inevitable. Seven years later and its now an issue
social  biodata 
15 hours ago
How a petition to revoke Article 50 blew up and broke the internet | WIRED UK
the petitions website crashed because calculating the trending count (which shows how many signatures were added in the last hour) overloaded the database running the petition.
Around 60,000 signatures were being added to the petition every hour last night, while by mid-morning today that number had tripled to 180,000. Unboxed’s own website showing a map of the constituencies that have signed the petition is struggling under the load.
uk  online 
17 hours ago
Swiss Watchmakers Say Slowing Growth in China Won't Hurt Sales | News & Analysis | BoF
Switzerland's watch industry is going through a period of profound change, notably in distribution, as brands focus on developing their own boutiques -- brick and mortar or online -- while reducing their network of third-party retailers
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Why “Drop” Retail Is the Future of Luxury Sales in China
“Drops have been popular in China because consumers want to feel that brands are making an effort to design or offer product specifically for them and drop retailing gives brands the opportunity to show that they are focused on doing something special specifically for China,”
china  luxury  retailing  e-tailing  totwitter 
Luxury Marketers Can no Longer View Chinese Consumers as a Monolith | Luxury Society
- they shouldn't have ever viewed Chinese consumers as a monolith in the first place
china  luxury  analysis  totwitter 
US Army applying new areas of math | John D Cook
- expect homotopy type theory (HoTT) to be the new machine learning in a few years
technology  bigdata  totwitter 
China’s middle class stress over debt payments as unemployment hits two-year high | SCMP
- only a matter of time before this happened due to overheated property market and slowing economic growth
china  economics  analysis  totwitter 
Weber Shandwick’s UK Consumer Lead Quits
- it’s interesting that she’s going without a plan
pr  business 
4 days ago
Faster Robots Demoralize Co-Workers | Careers | Communications of the ACM
A Cornell-led team has found that when robots are beating humans in contests for cash prizes, people consider themselves less competent and expend slightly less effort—and they tend to dislike the robots - to be fair I’d expect to see something similar if the same person kept winning employee of the week
robotics  consumerbehaviour  totwitter 
6 days ago
Flickr Cofounder Questions Tech’s Impact on Humans - WIRED
-it’s easier to ask the big questions when you’ve made it and can reflect in the tech industry
ethics  technology 
6 days ago
Marbridge Consulting - China's February 2019 Domestic Handset Shipments Down 20% YoY
- 14.51 mln mobile handsets were shipped in China in February 2019, down 19.9% YoY and 57.4% MoM, according to new figures released by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT), a department of China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). The significant month-on-month drop can be explained in part by the week-long Chinese Lunar New Year holiday towards the beginning of February.
Of total shipments in February, 13.98 mln were 4G handsets, down 20.2% YoY, 37,000 were 3G handsets, and 0.49 mln were 2G handsets
china  wireless  totwitter 
7 days ago
A Witch-Hunt on Instagram | Quilette
- western PC culture seems to have more and more cases of it eating their own
7 days ago
SXSW 2019: Virtual Cinema - JWT Intelligence
- culture is still trying to adapt AR and VR. Whilst it has the energy of an early SIGGRAPH demo reel, I still think the storytelling aspect of things is struggling to find its legs
immersion  ar  vr 
7 days ago
Patrick Pruniaux: “There Truly is an E-commerce Potential for Horology” | Luxury Society
- Kering haven't been particularly good at using Ulysse Nardin as a brand in China, but they are rectifying it now. Kering are looking to tap into 'new' watch consumers who can't spend Rolex money on a watch, this position now looks more tenable since Apple has stopped going for the luxury sector with the Apple Watch
luxury  kering  watches  totwitter 
7 days ago
How to Create an Authentic Luxury Experience for Millennials | Jing Daily
if a luxury brand wants to entice today’s consumers, whether it’s in China or beyond, it needs to underscore its authenticity and relevancy. Powerful words, to be sure, but what does it mean to be authentic and relevant? For the moment, let’s start with the opposite. During many of my brand strategy sessions, I often hear the expression “they feel staged” when people describe brands that they would never buy. Needless to say, when brand feels staged, it is neither authentic nor relevant. The synonyms unnatural, deceived, cheated, and faked come to mind. In other words, a staged brand is bullshitt*ng their consumers.
luxury  branding  totwitter 
7 days ago
Louis Vuitton Has a Michael Jackson Problem | Intelligence | BoF
Louis Vuitton parent LVMH hired Abloh, and has poured millions of dollars into promoting his collections in order to build its biggest brand into a menswear powerhouse. But whether or not Abloh’s Jackson-inspired collection ends up being a dud (because products like the penny loafers T-shirt or the military-style jackets are more visibly Jackson-derived and are thus preemptively pulled from sale, or simply because they don’t resonate with shoppers) isn’t likely to be the primary financial concern for Louis Vuitton, as men’s ready-to-wear accounts for only a fraction of total revenue. What’s really at stake is the brand’s reputation — relatively untarnished for the time being, unlike luxury peers like Prada and Gucci which have fallen afoul of social media — at a time when consumers are quick to criticise perceived missteps
LVMH  luxury  reputation  totwitter 
7 days ago
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