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[Unnamed Inn]
Jaina's brow scrunched in confusion until Suitov hit the punchline. "You're terrible," she said, but she grinned and squeezed his hands. "Although that is bad news indeed."

She shook her head, dropping a cascade of red hair over her face. "I want your help in testing the limits of my portal ability. It's easy for me to travel between the Jaded Soul and here, but what if I could make it easy for anybody? Make a portal that didn't close? I could live there but be steps away from you." She did not add, /instead of living on property owned by a man, the way a kept woman would do/. Not aloud.

Her hands had begun to faintly glow from her anxiety. Flustered, she pulled them out of Suitov's and dropped them to her sides, willing them to stop.

"I don't think I have quite the - I don't know, strength? Mojo? - to pull it off, but maybe we could figure something out together. I don't even know where we should start. Hence the favour."  ToME:JainaJade  Twine:Jaina_Jade  Twine:Suitov_Iceheart  magic  clipblog 
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[Unnamed Inn]
Jaina entered from upstairs with a wave to our hero. "Thank you, splendiferous hero!" she called to the latter.  ToME:JainaJade  Twine:Jaina_Jade  Twine:Basaltine  clipblog 
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[Unnamed Inn] up to January 2009
When Skerv threatened to attack the cat, she pondered a moment and decided that a little buttwhuppin' never hurt anybody. This nonsensical idea can be safely blamed on her undercaffeinated state.
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[Unnamed Inn] up to January 2009
Jaina blinked again. This was a strange morning even by her standards.
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[Unnamed Inn] up to January 2009
'"I thought I heard my name," puzzled a new arrival. Pasht stepped lightly through the closed doorway, now glistening dark red around the jamb on account of her magic.

"Oh, Jaine," the vampire murmured. "Drunk again! I hope this time it was not blue." After a moment's reflection, she added, "Nor green."

Jaina dozed and hiccupped.'

Interesting. Pasht and Jaina getting along. Helps when one is fully out-of-it, of course.
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Vitiligo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A black light (also referred to as a UVA light, Wood's lamp, or simply ultraviolet light) can be used in the early phase of this disease for identification and to determine effectiveness of treatment. Skin with vitiligo, when exposed to a black light, will glow blue. In contrast, healthy skin will have no reaction.
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Jaina Jade for Ree |
Anke surprised me with a drawing of my roleplay character Jaina. Fear the stabby cuteness!
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(500) http://tin
RT : Results are now up for both the Crossword and the Caption Contest. Congratulations to our winners Jaina Ja... ...
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Profusion: The unnamed inn
Epic Jaina-Weft smackaround with no clear winner. Awesome.
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Profusion: Money 02
"Room, nothing; somebody should drop a house on him and take his ruby slippers."
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