Machine Learning: The High-Interest Credit Card of Technical Debt
Machine learning offers a fantastically powerful toolkit for building complex systems
quickly. This paper argues that it is dangerous to think of these quick wins
as coming for free. Using the framework of technical debt, we note that it is remarkably
easy to incur massive ongoing maintenance costs at the system level
when applying machine learning. The goal of this paper is highlight several machine
learning specific risk factors and design patterns to be avoided or refactored
where possible. These include boundary erosion, entanglement, hidden feedback
loops, undeclared consumers, data dependencies, changes in the external world,
and a variety of system-level anti-patterns.
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july 2018
W Polsce brakuje start-upów z zakresu cyberbezpieczeństwa - Bankier.pl
Nadreprezentacja inicjatyw biotechnologicznych oraz inżynieryjnych. Niedostatek zaawansowanych technologii i rozwiązań z zakresu cyberbezpieczeństwa - tak polski krajobraz start-upowy opisuje partner zarządzający funduszem TDJ Pitango Ventures Wojciech Fedorowicz.
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june 2018
Rozwiązywanie problemów z usługą Windows Update
Windows Update good problem solving microsoft page
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may 2018
Appcanary shuts down its vulnerability scanning service as the team joins GitHub | TechCrunch
Come June 1st, Appcanary’s services will all shut down and the founders are directing users to services like Spacewalk, Landscape, CoreOS Clair, Nessus Agents and ThreatStack for their vulnerability scanning needs
1803  sec 
march 2018
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