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Inside Facebook's Hellish Two Years—and Mark Zuckerberg's Struggle to Fix it All | WIRED
For two years, Facebook has been hijacked, vilified, and besieged. Here's the inside story of the struggle.
politics  facebook  socialmedia  tech 
february 2018 by ravynash
“Motivated ignorance” is ruining our political discourse
From confirmation bias and motivated reasoning to 'motivated ignorance', the uphill battle in political discourse.
politics  psychology  socialmedia 
june 2017 by ravynash
The limits of free speech (when you have 50 million YouTube subscribers) - Polygon
A private individual’s right to tell you to shut up, and a company’s right to censor your offensive content, are both protected by the first amendment.
politics  culture  internet  socialmedia  freespeech  legal 
february 2017 by ravynash
The Data That Turned the World Upside Down
Psychologist Michal Kosinski developed a method to analyze people in minute detail based on their Facebook activity. Did a similar tool help propel Donald Trump to victory? Two reporters from Zurich-based Das Magazin (where an earlier version of this story appeared in December in German) went data-gathering.
bigdata  politics  echochambers  socialmedia  internet 
january 2017 by ravynash

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