The Eponymous Laws of Tech - daverupert.com
From Conway's Law to Bezos's 2-pizza-team rule
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6 weeks ago
Do Trees Talk to Each Other? | Science | Smithsonian
Trees apparently can feed each other and even communicate through their root structures. Or are they even individuals at all?
6 weeks ago
Revival of the American Chestnut - American Forests
About the painstaking effort to breed a blight resistance gene into the once-mighty American chestnut tree. Old school genetic engineering.
6 weeks ago
What I Learned Negotiating With Steve Jobs
Example of perspective-shift style problem solving.
6 weeks ago
Why I Ripped The Same CD 300 Times
I liked this story because of the technical exposition, the author's persistence, and the rescuing of obscure out-of-print works into digital immortality.
6 weeks ago
'Askers' vs. 'Guessers' - The Atlantic
Cultural norms around propriety vs. candor
6 weeks ago
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