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“The Peter Principle” and Other Reasons To Think Twice Before Accepting a New Promotion - 99U
“…in a hierarchical organization, employees tend to rise to the level of their incompetence.”
#TIL about “The Peter Principle” and why to think twice before accepting a promotion/role with different skillsets
Career  Reference  Article  MustRead  Awesome  Inspiration  management  Leadership 
yesterday by rasagy
The Design Thesis – Shopify UX
Great idea by @verneho to add depth to your design practice.
Also loved his way of evaluating designers by their answers to “Why?” — how they rationalize their design decisions. 👏🏻
Design  Career  Reference  mentorship  advice  Inspiration  ToDo  Awesome  MustRead 
yesterday by rasagy
ADC Young Guns 16
Love the parallax effect with letters as svg
RSD  WebDesign  Design  Inspiration  Animation  scroll  SVG  Reference  Awesome  Parallax 
2 days ago by rasagy
The Uncomfortable - a collection of deliberately inconvenient objects
Great collection of products to inspire someone to understand the value of design
ProductDesign  Design  Inspiration  Fun  Awesome  lists 
2 days ago by rasagy
Crystal Code Palace
Tracery is a JavaScript library, by GalaxyKate, that uses grammars to generate surprising new text.
bots  generative  storytelling  text-analytics  Inspiration  Reference  Tutorial  Article  Development  Awesome  ToDo 
9 days ago by rasagy
The Graph - A Query Protocol for Blockchains
Love the small details like subtle animations, scroll position indicator on left etc.
WebDesign  Design  Inspiration  GraphicDesign  SVG  Animation  RSD 
14 days ago by rasagy
Design Thinking Is B.S.
Love how @FastCoDesign show two sides of the argument around #DesignThinking:
“Design thinking is B.S.” by @njenworks highlights the lack of criticism & skepticism, and finds the prescriptive nature worrying: http://bit.ly/2LOtZrE
“The Skeptic’s Case For Design Thinking” by @khoi highlights the value in democratization of design, & why design shouldn’t follow the *Cathedral* model (exclusive) but the *Bazaar* model (open, participatory): http://bit.ly/2LMXLNR
Design  design-thinking  designthinking  Reference  Article  process  Career  Inspiration  Awesome  MustRead 
21 days ago by rasagy
The Skeptic’s Case For Design Thinking
Love how @FastCoDesign show two sides of the argument around #DesignThinking:
“Design thinking is B.S.” by @njenworks highlights the lack of criticism & skepticism, and finds the prescriptive nature worrying: http://bit.ly/2LOtZrE
“The Skeptic’s Case For Design Thinking” by @khoi highlights the value in democratization of design, & why design shouldn’t follow the *Cathedral* model (exclusive) but the *Bazaar* model (open, participatory): http://bit.ly/2LMXLNR
Design  design-thinking  designthinking  Reference  Article  process  Career  Inspiration  Awesome  MustRead 
21 days ago by rasagy
Scientists weighed all life on Earth. It’s mind-boggling. - Vox
“If the tower of life were an office building, plants would be the main tenants, taking up dozens of floors.”
All life on Earth, in one staggering chart, visualized by mass.
By weight, human beings are insignificant.
visualization  Inspiration  world  environment  Data  Design  scroll  storytelling 
21 days ago by rasagy
Tinder Places: match with maps – Points of interest
Tinder now uses Mapbox to let you select your favorite hangout spots, and get matched by others who frequent that place!
Love how the subtle map style complements the bold colors for the cards, so beautiful. #BuiltWithMapbox
Mapbox  UI  UX  Inspiration  Design  Reference  cartography  GraphicDesign  App 
22 days ago by rasagy
The Places in the U.S. Where Disaster Strikes Again and Again - The New York Times
The Places in the U.S. Where Disaster Strikes Again and Again: Detailed map visualizations of natural disasters over the last 15 yrs, visualized by year and by type of disasters.
geoViz-graduated-proportional-symbol  Inspiration  weather  USA  Design  cartography  visualization  Awesome  ddj  small-multiples 
23 days ago by rasagy
Create graphics with a hand-drawn, sketchy, appearance
drawing  GenerativeArt  Development  Fun  RSD  Design  Inspiration  ToDo  WebDesign 
24 days ago by rasagy
What Can Algorithms Tell You About Your Writing?
Nice demo of the variety of text analysis tools like NLP, sentiment analysis and writing complexity.
text-analytics  visualization  writing  Reference  Inspiration  Article  demo  machinelearning  algorithm  nlp  sentiment-analysis  p-text-viz 
24 days ago by rasagy
The Tarot Cards Of Tech
An amazing repository of 12 broad areas to explore unintended consequences/ethical ramifications of your product.
ethics  Design  UX  Inspiration  Reference  Awesome  MustRead  Article  lists  Psychology  philosophy  Technology  Startup 
24 days ago by rasagy
Our Rainforest Is Not For Sale
Our Rainforest Is Not For Sale: Inspiring narrative for the campaign by Waorani people of upper Amazon in Ecuador to defend their ancestral lands from oil exploration.
Mapbox  Inspiration  Reference  Design  cartography  GraphicDesign  Illustration  storytelling  scroll 
27 days ago by rasagy
Click that ’hood!
“Click that ’hood” is a fun geo-game where you need to quickly identify states/neighborhoods on a map.
Here’s one for Indian states! #BuiltWithMapbox
Design  maps  cartography  Fun  Mapbox  visualization  IxD  Reference  Inspiration 
4 weeks ago by rasagy
Building a UX Team – Medium
Good thoughts on design in context of an organization.
Design  Inspiration  Reference  Career  team  UX  Article  advice  work-culture 
4 weeks ago by rasagy
US Wind Turbine Database Viewer | USWTDB
Beautiful ⚡️🗺: The US Wind Turbine Database maps 57,636 turbines along with an interactive way to filter by capacity, year, height etc. #BuiltWithMapbox
environment  maps  IxD  geoViz-heatmap  geoViz-density-map  Design  Inspiration  Reference  visualization  Awesome  Mapbox 
4 weeks ago by rasagy
What Happens to the Plastic We Throw Out
Shocking visualization of how rivers like Ganga & Yangtze (China) are flowing into the ocean with several thousand tons of mismanaged municipal plastic waste:
ddj  visualization  maps  Inspiration  world  environment  storytelling  scroll  geoViz-graduated-proportional-symbol  animation  Awesome  MustRead 
4 weeks ago by rasagy
The three-degree world: cities that will be drowned by global warming | Environment | The Guardian
The 3˚ world: Cities across the world that will be drowned by global warming, with city maps of each city and projected areas that will be flooded.
These geo-visualizations really summarize the shocking future ahead.
environment  Reference  visualization  storytelling  maps  cartography  Data  world  p-city-data  geoViz-density-map  Inspiration  Awesome  MustRead  ddj 
5 weeks ago by rasagy
In the Arctic, the Old Ice Is Disappearing - The New York Times
In the Arctic, the Old Ice Is Disappearing: How a single map visualization (as a gif) is enough to communicate the alarming impact on Arctic ice.
Design  maps  visualization  cartography  Data  environment  Inspiration  Gif  Animation  Awesome  Reference  ddj  geoViz-choropleth 
5 weeks ago by rasagy
hostile design
Hostile designs are designs against humanity.

They are made specifically to exclude, harm or otherwise hinder the freedom of a human being.
ethics  Reference  politics  architecture  Article  Inspiration  Design 
5 weeks ago by rasagy
The Right Direction: How Mapbox Is Winning Over Developers To Challenge Google's Mapping Dominance
“Map data is not like food, air, water that's just around. It takes active work to make it.” — “Every time you touch the map, our map is learning!”
On Forbes: How Mapbox Is Winning Over Developers To Challenge Google's Mapping Dominance
Mapbox  Reference  Inspiration  news  Technology  maps  Article 
6 weeks ago by rasagy
Volcano Contours / Observable
Showing the topography of Maungawhau (the classic volcano dataset and terrain.colors from R) with d3-contour and d3-hsv.
d3js  visualization  maps  Color  Development  Tutorial  Reference  Inspiration 
6 weeks ago by rasagy
User Experience Careers
This 189-page free report analyzes how UX pros educated and trained themselves for their careers. We surveyed 963 people working in the field to find out what they do at work, what is most useful to know, and which kinds of people thrive in UX research, interaction design, and information architecture.
Design  UX  Reference  Inspiration  Career  Awesome  MustRead  UI  IA  HCI  research 
6 weeks ago by rasagy
OpenCity – Urban Data Portal
Open City is an urban open data platform for public data and documents - collated, scraped, RTI-sourced and crowdsourced.
Data  dataset  Reference  Inspiration  project  India  Awesome  p-city-data 
6 weeks ago by rasagy
Users Don’t Hate Change. They Hate Our Design Choices. – Medium
Users don’t hate design changes, they hate the choices designers make when rolling out a change.
Design  process  UX  Inspiration  advice  Article 
8 weeks ago by rasagy
10 Useful Findings About How People View Websites
F shape or Gutenberg diagram, above the fold and scroll, and more
HCI  Design  Inspiration  Reference  research  paper  Article  lists 
8 weeks ago by rasagy
The Anti-Mac User Interface (Don Gentner and Jakob Nielsen)
“…the human interface is stuck… there is very little real innovation in interface design anymore.”
The Anti-Mac User Interface: A paper that explores how to think beyond conventional interaction patterns, written in 1996.
Design  Inspiration  Reference  history  people  IxD  UI  UX  HCI  paper  research  Awesome  MustRead 
9 weeks ago by rasagy
“Designers nevertheless call themselves the invisible industry. Many companies either don’t use them or use them in frivolous ways.”
Inspiring article on NYTimes from 1985 (!) on the state of Industrial Design as a practice, and how product value increased with better Form, Semantics & Ergonomics.
Design  Career  Reference  Article  history  ProductDesign  Inspiration 
9 weeks ago by rasagy
Has dopamine got us hooked on tech? | Technology | The Guardian
Great perspective on the disadvantage of engagement, and Dopamine: the Kim Kardashian of molecules.
Silicon Valley is using Dopamine to make tech sticky — aka profitable — from engaging on Social Media to behavior changing apps to gaming.
What tech gives you the Dopamine rush?
Psychology  Reference  Inspiration  MustRead  Technology  ethics  Article  CognitivePsychology 
9 weeks ago by rasagy
Normal Type | normalfutu.re
N O R M A L T Y P E is designed to be a display font with no fixed shape.
Design  Inspiration  Typography  Reference  GenerativeArt  Animation  creativecode 
9 weeks ago by rasagy
EarthFlow | Devpost
We wanted to take daily satellite images and remote sensor network data to measure and predict water flow across roads in flood prone areas, and use that information to provide safe and effective routes for commuters and merchants.
Mapbox  Reference  Inspiration  maps  India  environment  visualization  Animation  timeline  project 
9 weeks ago by rasagy
Tech’s Ethical ‘Dark Side’: Harvard, Stanford and Others Want to Address It - The New York Times
We need to at least teach people that there’s a dark side to the idea that you should move fast and break things.
Courses on Ethics as an attempt to counter the Silicon Valley mindset of Build it first and ask for forgiveness later.
ethics  Technology  MustRead  Article  Reference  Inspiration  Awesome  Education 
10 weeks ago by rasagy
Steve Jobs MIT: HIRING PHILOSOPHY | Stealing people from Microsoft Intel HP - YouTube
All the good people that I really want to hire seem to take me a year to hire.
Steve Jobs talking about his hiring philosophy
hiring  Reference  Career  job  Video  interview  Inspiration  MustWatch 
10 weeks ago by rasagy
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