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Fundamentals of Data Visualization
Online preview of the book “Fundamentals of Data Visualization”
visualization  book  Design  Inspiration  Reference  introduction  ToDo  MustRead 
2 days ago by rasagy
What our Numbers Don't Show: the Story of Data Misinterpretation - Mathura
introduction to key concepts of data analysis such as correlation vs. causation, bias, overfitting, and statistical anomalies.
Design  Data  Inspiration  Reference  statistics  Fail  Fun  introduction  project 
2 days ago by rasagy
Mathura | ITP Grad
Inspiring portfolio with data art and tech projects
Design  data-art  Inspiration  Reference  Portfolio  visualization  GenerativeArt  Processing  p5js  people  India 
2 days ago by rasagy
On the Trump Emoto-Coaster - Periscopic
The emotional highs and lows of Donald Trump, visualized across his election campaign speeches.
visualization  Design  data-art  Inspiration  Reference  p-narratives  Awesome  MustRead  elections  USA  politics 
6 days ago by rasagy
The Dawn Wall: El Capitan’s Most Unwelcoming Route - The New York Times
Interesting use of a 3d map that moves around as you scroll to show the timeline of a hill hike.
ddj  WebDesign  Design  Inspiration  Reference  visualization  timeline  3d  scroll  maps  Animation 
7 days ago by rasagy
Why choose? Scrollytelling & Steppers – Zan – Medium
Great article with examples, tips and feedback on how to make scrollytelling and steppers work well.
visualization  Article  critique  process  Design  Inspiration  advice  MustRead  viz-stepper  scroll  Awesome 
7 days ago by rasagy
For the Elderly, Diseases That Overlap - Interactive Feature - NYTimes.com
Great example of a stepper, and taking a scatter plot approach and making a venn diagram out of it.
viz-stepper  viz-scatter-plot  viz-venn-diagram  visualization  Reference  Design  Inspiration  Animation  health  ddj  Awesome 
7 days ago by rasagy
Why infectious bacteria are winning — Quartz
A scrollytelling example where the chart keeps changing by rearranging the elements.
visualization  Design  Inspiration  Reference  scroll  IxD  Animation  health 
7 days ago by rasagy
Diary of a Food Tracker - The New York Times
Great example of using scroll to gradually move across a timeline on a line graph.
health  Design  visualization  Inspiration  Reference  ddj  scroll  p-narratives  Awesome  Animation  timeline 
7 days ago by rasagy
Money wins Elections
Scrollytelling viz for talking about how elections are funded to lobby agendas
scroll  visualization  Reference  p-narratives  Inspiration  Design  elections 
7 days ago by rasagy
Make Art with Data
Morph is a free & open-source tool for creating designs, animations or interactive visualizations from data.
By Google News, Datavized & Alberto Cairo
opensource  tools  visualization  data-art  Data  Inspiration  Fun  Awesome  ToDo  GenerativeArt 
14 days ago by rasagy
swirl | Students
Learn R through interactive tutorials
R  DataScience  Tutorial  ToDo  Reference  Inspiration 
15 days ago by rasagy
Adam Dunford - The UX of the food buffet on Vimeo
Fun talk about using analogy to explain UX design concepts and proposals.
Good analogy are:
1) Relatable (Blueprint for building makers to explain wireframe)
2) Relevant
3) Different enough (Vehicle types for personas)
4) Durable (Maintenance in Gardening for Governance)
5) Appropriate
Design  UX  Fun  talk  Presentation  Inspiration 
16 days ago by rasagy
Out of Office Hours
Designers & Engineers volunteer their time for a breakfast with folks!
mentorship  Reference  Technology  Design  Career  advice  people  project  Inspiration 
16 days ago by rasagy
When TED lost control of its crowd
Great article on how TED diluted its brand by starting TEDx that were not curated, and how to balance open-ness with community collaborations
TED  TEDx  brand  Conferences  Article  management  Inspiration 
19 days ago by rasagy
CSS Zen Garden: The Beauty of CSS Design
Great demo of how just CSS can change the complete look of a website
Design  Reference  Inspiration  WebDesign  CSS  HTML  UI  resource  Awesome 
21 days ago by rasagy
Digitarians – UMK
The United Micro Kingdoms (UmK) is divided into four super-shires inhabited by Digitarians, Bioliberals, Anarcho-evolutionists and Communo-nuclearists.
speculative  Reference  Design  Inspiration  project  fiction 
24 days ago by rasagy
Speculative Everything Anthony Dunne at Resonate 2013 - YouTube
A summary of interesting RCA projects for Designing Interactions program.
speculative  Design  Inspiration  Reference  project  Video  talk  Presentation  people 
24 days ago by rasagy
Sternberg Press - Books
Speculative fiction on futures of different countries!
speculative  Reference  Design  Inspiration  fiction  SciFi  book  Fun 
24 days ago by rasagy
Eneropa: our energy future? | Art and design | The Guardian
Eneropa: Map of Eneropa with countries forming new regions according to what type of energy they would supply to the grid.
speculative  maps  Design  Inspiration  project 
24 days ago by rasagy
The Superstitious Fund Project
The Superstitious Fund is an investment fund - one that is run by a superstitious trading algorithm or Robot named 'Sid'. As a live experiment, the robot trades as a one year experiment based on superstitious beliefs. The autonomous algorithm makes decisions based on lunar cycles and numerology, and also develops its own form of superstitious logic, creating lucky and unlucky values that influence its behaviour.
speculative  Reference  project  Inspiration  Design  Technology 
24 days ago by rasagy
Chronological timeline of our hidden history, highlighting government projects & operations, the occult beliefs held by our world’s controllers, declassified information, lies we have been sold by the media, and generally things you won’t read about in standard history books, yet can be easily referenced on Wikipedia
visualization  Reference  world  Data  p-network-viz  Inspiration  Design 
october 2018 by rasagy
Universal Principles Of User Experience Design — Smashing Magazine
Excellent compilation on Visual Grammar, Typography and more with great case studies and references
Design  UX  Reference  Article  advice  Awesome  MustRead  GraphicDesign  Typography  Inspiration  UI 
october 2018 by rasagy
Rob Roy Kelly: Home
Great set of writings on education, pedagogy, management and more
Design  Inspiration  Education  teaching  Reference  Inspiring  advice  MustRead  people  history 
october 2018 by rasagy
Publications – Yanni Alexander Loukissas
Such an inspiring list of books, publications and talks!
people  history  Data  Inspiration  Portfolio  Resume  RSD 
october 2018 by rasagy
Generative Portraits Made from Your Voice and Webcam Photos - Creators
he took photos of participants while asking them to describe themselves. This was then converted, using a Web Speech API, into text.
ImageProcessing  audio  sound  Reference  Inspiration  Design  GenerativeArt  Photography  Installation 
september 2018 by rasagy
You are what you stream. - YouTube
Created for a Cannes Lions panel—where Adam Bly, Spotify's VP Data, interviewed burlesque performer Dita Von Teese—this visualization shows how your music streaming habits offer a window into who you are. With her explicit permission, Spotify analyzed Dita's listening history to find stories that elucidated her habits and personality. The visualization makes the metaphor explicit: the 7,532 dots represent each of Dita's streams; the dots dance across the screen to tell her musical story.
data-art  visualization  scroll  storytelling  Music  quantifiedself  Reference  Awesome  Inspiration  Video 
september 2018 by rasagy
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