Guidelines for Mitigating Timing Side Channels Against Cryptographic Implementations
"The CMOVcc instruction runs in time independent of its arguments in all current x86 architecture processors. This includes variants that load from memory. The load is performed before the condition is tested. Future versions of the architecture may introduce new addressing modes that do not exhibit this property."
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3 days ago
Automatic tool for the verification of side-channel countermeasures
july 2019
Secure or Compliant, Pick One
"I’m on record as stating that FIPS 140-2 validated software is necessarily less secure than its equivalent unvalidated implementation, all other things being equal."

From the person who ran the OpenSSL FIPS validations. Good link to send people who think FIPS is a good idea.
june 2019
may 2019
Systematizing SoK
Systematizing Systematization of Knowledge
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april 2019
YOLOv3: An Incremental Improvement
But maybe a better question is: “What are we going to do with these detectors now that we have them?” A lot of the people doing this research are at Google and Facebook. I guess at least we know the technology is in good hands and definitely won’t be used to harvest your personal information and sell it to.... wait, you’re saying that’s exactly what it will be used for?? Oh.
Well the other people heavily funding vision research are the military and they’ve never done anything horrible like killing lots of people with new technology oh wait.....[1]
[1] The author is funded by the Office of Naval Research and Google.
march 2019
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