Micro.blog TIL types of files supported on MB
24 days ago
@bradenslen @grayareas thinking - a lot
Thread which talks about webring use to define sub-communities on micro.blog
micro.blog  webrings 
28 days ago
Third party blog commenting service. Mozilla involvement. Open source.
disqus  commenting 
6 weeks ago
index - unicyclic
Feed reader. There is a way to make your own Planet and make it public but not sure how.
planet  rss  feed  reader 
9 weeks ago
Patrick Rhone » Blog Archive » Blogging Your Breakfast
Essay on keeping writing even when there is nothing earthshattering on your mind.
writing  blogging 
9 weeks ago
I Didnt Know
DuckDuckGo can make QR codes! Who knew?
QR  codes  duckduckgo 
9 weeks ago
GitHub - afragen/github-updater:
This WP plugin will update GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, and Gitea hosted plugins and themes. If it works this is huge.
wordpress  plugin 
9 weeks ago
i.webthings: The web finally feels new again.
Essay on the current state of the web and linking.
linking  indieweb  web 
9 weeks ago
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