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Throwing Stones at the Sky - Chapter 1 - jacyevans - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
After wrangling hold of Lucifer and jumping into the cage, Sam wakes up in a hospital bed, three years in the past, in a universe where Jess survived the fire and joined him and Dean on the road. Sam must navigate this unknown landscape and figure out if this is real or in his head while trying to stop the chain of events that will eventually kickstart the apocalypse. All while hiding the truth from Dean and Jess and getting a handle on feelings for his brother that he was able to deny once but doesn't think he has the strength to ignore again.
fandom:supernatural  pairing:dean/jess/sam  season:two  season:three  season:four  character:sam.winchester  length:20k-50k  year:2018  subject:time.travel  character-type:!with.powers  subject:threesome  authors:j  !favorites  !rec 
november 2018 by rainbowslinky
Spaces Between
"People don't get the chance to say the things they wish they'd said, regretted not saying, when someone – I've said this to your – to your headstone, and I haven't said it to you, which is just –"

John swallows. He can hear Sherlock breathing, too light and too rapid.

[John watches Sherlock wander through the flat staring at everything like it's all new, touching random objects as if they can tell him something he doesn't already know. Their eyes meet. They look away.][post-reichenbach]
rating:r  length:05K-10K  season:two  type:first-time  authors:a  fandom:bbcsherlock  site:ao3 
august 2012 by rainbowslinky
soera: Fanfic - Waiting To Be Known [Sherlock BBC: John/Sherlock]
He still thinks, sometimes, that he might be imagining John. It does make sense. But it doesn’t matter, really, because John (whether real or a figment of Sherlock’s imagination) is always there precisely at the moments when Sherlock needs something solid to hang on to, at the moments where Sherlock is in no state to be analytical and suspicious of everything and everyone. [John Watson has been saving Sherlock's life for a very long time, even if he doesn't know it.][A bit Time-Traveler's Wife-y]
subject:drugs  genre:fusion  genre:angst  length:01K-05K  season:two  rating:r  pairing:sherlock/john  authors:s  fandom:bbcsherlock  !favorites  subject:character.death  subject:time.travel  tw:suicide 
august 2012 by rainbowslinky
incoherent_muse: shameless - take another drag (oneshot)
The flame from the lighter dances in front of his face and blurs Karen’s vision. He looks at her and Karen feels like she could vomit.

“Lost the baby. Guess it knew I’d be a shit mom.”
season:two  authors:i  subject:pregnancy  rating:r  pairing:lip/karen  fandom:shameless  length:01K-05K 
february 2012 by rainbowslinky
A Rei of Writing - Ten Turns to Trust (Brian/Justin; NC-17)
What Michael eventually says, under Brian’s expectant gaze, is, “Have you ever wondered, you know, how things might have turned out if you hadn’t seen Justin that night after Babylon?” “No.” Michael’s eyes dart back to him. Brian looks at the keys in his hand. “No, I’ve never wondered. Never thought about it.” (a narrative between Justin's S2 recovery and Brian's S4 cancer.)
fandom:qaf  pairing:brian/justin  genre:angst  notes:beautiful  authors:e  length:05K-10K  subject:cancer  subject:illness  genre:hurt/comfort  season:two  season:four  rating:nc-17  !favorites 
march 2011 by rainbowslinky
love or something like it
“Because you want to hear it. Because it’s the right thing. Because that’s what keeps you going, isn’t it, Sunshine? The thought that someday I’ll say those words and the music will swell and flower petals will drop from the ceiling and happily ever after will finally be here.” Brian narrows his eyes at Justin and tries to will him to make him say it.
fandom:qaf  author:ragingpixie  pairing:brian/justin  length:01K-05K  rating:r  season:two  notes:depressing  notes::/ 
march 2011 by rainbowslinky
burnitbackwards: ficlet: the uncertain hour
"Your hand is shaking," Brian whispers, and there's nothing Justin wants less than for Brian to think that he won't touch him with the fucking gimp hand, so he covers Brian's fingers with his on the side of his face.
fandom:qaf  author:burnitbackwards  pairing:brian/justin  rating:r  season:two  length:<1k 
march 2011 by rainbowslinky

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