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Love in Slow Motion - hapakitsune - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Louis had been proposing to Liam on and off for going on four years now. It started as a joke, an insistence that he could absolutely come up with a hundred wedding proposals as sweet as kittens bearing rings. It started as a joke. It didn't stay that way.
p:1d:liam/louis  fandom:one.direction  length:20k-50k  rating:r  trope:pretend.relationship  subject:marriage  year:2015  quality:*****  authors:h  site:ao3  genre:romance 
september 2015 by rainbowslinky
titanium (we bleed in whispers) - Anonymous - One Direction (Band), BBC Radio 1 RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Harry knows that he and Nick were meant to be. Just not yet. They've got time for that, yeah? They can be all Ed Sheeran, "we found love right where we are," old and boring together later.

When this certainty collapses in the blink of an eye, Harry struggles to come to terms with a life in which he could lose Nick, in which no matter what he sacrifices, Nick might not wake up.
fandom:one.direction  p:1d:harry/nick  subject:injury  genre:angst  subject:coming.out  notes:ouch  notes:positive.ending  length:10k-20k  type:exchange  author:anon  site:ao3  year:2015  rating:r  comm:onedirecshaw 
july 2015 by rainbowslinky
on the other side like always - Anonymous - One Direction (Band), BBC Radio 1 RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Nick, and the rest of the country, realized fairly quickly that living in the zombie apocalypse – the daily, monotonous grind of living – isn’t actually that unbearable. It’s not really the end of the world, anyway. There’s just a fast-spreading disease prevalent among a large percentage of the population and as long as Nick stays out of the way of the infected, he’ll be safe, and when the infection is under control, then life can function as it used to.

At least that’s what Louis told him. And Louis should know, he guesses.
fandom:one.direction  p:1d:louis/nick  subject:zombies  type:exchange  setting:post-apoc  author:anon  length:10k-20k  site:ao3  year:2015  quality:*****  notes:fantastic  genre:angst  notes:positive.ending  rating:r  comm:onedirecshaw 
july 2015 by rainbowslinky
These Constant Stars - Anonymous - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Louis’ career has nowhere to go but up. He’s living at the height of New York City on the precipice of an epic promotion. Life is good and only getting better. And then one day, things turn disastrous.

This is a story about life, death, and punk rockers turned guardian angels.

Title inspired by "Fool's Gold" by One Direction.
p:1d:harry/louis  fandom:one.direction  setting:nyc  genre:au  subject:injury  subject:ptsd  character-type:musician  length:20k-50k  rating:r  quality:*****  site:ao3  year:2015  authors:s 
july 2015 by rainbowslinky
here comes the sun (little darling) - you_explode - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
louis and liam are a trapeze act who’ve just joined syco circus. despite his best efforts, louis immediately falls head over heels for harry, one of the jugglers with a penchant for glittery pink leotards. but louis’s had issues before with intra-circus dating, so he’s trying his best to ignore his feelings. which is why he’s not at all bothered by harry flirting with everyone but him.

featuring lots of pining, lots of ot5 friendship, runaway boys reconnecting with their families, harry and louis becoming co-dependent best friends until they figure out they’re in love with each other, liam fancying zayn who’s already dating perrie, and a beatles-themed circus. [THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE THING.]
!favorites  !rec  p:1d:harry/louis  fandom:one.direction  authors:y  type:big.bang  setting:circus  length:20k-50k  year:2015  site:ao3  notes:heartsforeyes  notes:fantastic  genre:romance  rating:r  quality:***** 
april 2015 by rainbowslinky
it sings to me inside - Chapter 1 - twinks - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
There’s a small, flittering speck inside of Harry, so small that if he didn’t look hard enough he’d have completely missed it. It’s pulsing ever so slightly, and he wonders if he’s the only one that does see it, but then Harry lets out a soft whimper and squeezes Louis’ hand again. “Lou, that’s—” his voice cracks, and Louis runs his thumb over Harry’s hand, letting him know that he’s here. He’s here and he’s seeing their baby on the screen. “That’s our baby.”

[Louis and Harry are primary school teachers. They’re expecting a baby.]

p:1d:harry/louis  subject:pregnancy  notes:adorable  notes:heartsforeyes  !favorites  !rec  character-type:teacher  site:ao3  authors:t  year:2015  rating:r  length:20k-50k  fandom:one.direction  tag:now.deleted 
march 2015 by rainbowslinky
Three French Hems - 100percentsassy, gloria_andrews - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
In which Louis is a designer at Burberry and Harry spends December wearing Lanvin… and Lanvin… and Lanvin.

[i'm not sure anyone's actually a model but ''fashion industry'' and ''non-famous'' didn't seem accurate]
p:1d:harry/louis  character-type:model  authors:#  rating:r  year:2014  length:10k-20k  tag:needs.  fandom:one.direction 
february 2015 by rainbowslinky
more than you bargained for (but everything you’ll ever need) - words_unravel - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
The moment Louis Tomlinson walks in the door, Liam wants to say, No, absolutely not.

Or; Harry's seven months pregnant, Liam's boss is too demanding, and Louis Tomlinson ends up being more important than they ever thought possible.
p:1d:harry/liam  p:1d:harry/louis/liam  subject:pregnancy  fandom:one.direction  site:ao3  authors:w  rating:r  kink:polyamory  notes:heartsforeyes  genre:romance  year:2015  length:20k-50k  quality:*****  character-type:non-famous 
january 2015 by rainbowslinky
This Would Be It. - marquis - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Liam works in a cemetery and Louis is everything he wants, everything he once had, and everything he never dreamed of.


louis is a reaper.]
p:1d:liam/louis  fandom:one.direction  subject:character.death  genre:angst  genre:au  notes:???  quality:****  authors:m  notes:fascinating  rating:r 
december 2014 by rainbowslinky
no place quite like here (stay ready) - pirata - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Gordon rings him in the middle of a recording session. He excuses himself and rushes out into the empty hallway to take the call. “Congratulations, Zayn. It’s a girl.”

In which Zayn inherits a daughter and juggles his newfound fatherhood with life on tour, with a little help along the way.
p:1d:louis/zayn  subject:children  authors:p  site:ao3  fandom:one.direction  rating:r  year:2014  type:big.bang  length:20k-50k  quality:*****  genre:romance  genre:angst  !rec 
december 2014 by rainbowslinky
i couldn't make you feel a fucking thing - Anonymous - One Direction (Band), Radio 1 RPF [Archive of Our Own]
nick and louis have been together for a year; they live together, they're not hiding their relationship, louis isn't constantly on tour anymore.

it should be perfect, but it's not.
fandom:one.direction  p:1d:louis/nick  type:future!fic  subject:breakups  rating:r  genre:angst  site:ao3  quality:*****  year:2014  author:anon  length:10k-20k 
december 2014 by rainbowslinky
hoping this cold blue water scrubs me clean and spits me out again - phantasmagoria (whiteteethteen) - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
"Stay," Harry whispers desperately, pressing his lips to Louis' temple like he can somehow ease the pain that's blooming there, but he can't make the pain stop and no matter how hard he tries he can't make Louis stay.

[this is the saddest thing i think i've EVER READ oh god but it was so sAD and so lovely :(]

[now deleted, reposted by someone else here - https://archiveofourown.org/works/12955197]
fandom:one.direction  p:1d:harry/louis  rating:r  length:10k-20k  subject:character.death  notes:;_;  notes:depressing  notes::(  genre:angst  subject:illness  subject:cancer  site:ao3  year:2014  authors:p  quality:*****  !favorites  !rec  tag:now.deleted 
december 2014 by rainbowslinky
Old Dog, New Tricks - becka - One Direction (Band), Radio 1 RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Nick’s thirty-eight years old and just been dumped. Moving into his old flat in Primrose Hill feels like a further step backwards, but at least he has a new (old, flatulent) dog and long-suffering BFF Daisy Lowe for company, and the hot young barrister down the street is awfully friendly...
fandom:one.direction  p:1d:harry/nick  subject:animals  length:10k-20k  rating:r  quality:*****  notes:cute  site:ao3  year:2014  genre:romance  author:becka 
december 2014 by rainbowslinky
eyes glowing red - Anonymous - One Direction (Band), Radio 1 RPF [Archive of Our Own]
When Nick Grimshaw is only nine years old, his best mate is attacked by a Cyclops. Nick decides that he is going to stop all supernatural beings from walking on the face of planet Earth and ends up finding a secret agency. He signs up as fourteen year old, and has the time of his life.

Years after that, he is still working at the agency and is assigned a rather easy case - a vampire. What he doesn't know is, that vampires can be extremely sneaky, and very persuasive.
fandom:one.direction  p:1d:harry/nick  rating:r  character-type:vampire  author:anon  length:10k-20k  notes:cute  genre:romance  genre:humor  quality:*****  site:ao3  year:2014 
november 2014 by rainbowslinky
the present and probable future - sevenfoxes - Push (2009) [Archive of Our Own]
"Every decision echos upward. Every choice you could possibly make, every branch of eventuality. That's what watchers see - probability. That's why our visions are so fleeting. The future never changes - decisions just tell us which branch off the path a person will actually take. The good watchers can see more than a few hours into the paths, navigate them, follow the decisions to the inevitable conclusion of the probability. Some can see days - years - into the future."

The future is a game of chance. Nick's always been a gambler.
fandom:push  pairing:nick/cassie  rating:r  year:2013  comm:yuletide  length:05k-10k  genre:angst  genre:romance  quality:*****  notes:lovely  site:ao3  authors:s 
november 2014 by rainbowslinky
where there is doubt, faith - radiophile - The Musketeers (2014) [Archive of Our Own]
Aramis quickly steps closer and claps a hand to Porthos' shoulder, squeezing tight for reassurance -- as much for himself as for Porthos, he is willing to admit. It is a pale substitute for what Aramis really wants to do, but they are in the middle of the garrison in broad daylight, soldiers and servants milling around them. None of them would think twice if they saw Aramis embrace Porthos; it is nothing untoward for a musketeer to comfort his fellow brother, and everyone knows the two share a close bond, even if they don't know just how close. But for Aramis to wrap his arms around Porthos now, with the latter looking as if any harm that fell on Aramis would wound him twice as much, feels too much like crossing the line they have drawn for themselves.
fandom:the.musketeers  pairing:aramis/porthos  year:2014  rating:r  kink:gunplay  quality:*****  notes:gorgeous  authors:r  site:ao3  genre:action  length:05k-10k  trope:5+1 
november 2014 by rainbowslinky
A Flexible Metaphor - Anonymous - One Direction (Band), Radio 1 RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Nick doesn't mind being on his own; it kind of goes hand in hand with being a vampire. It's only when he has to turn Harry Styles into one too to save him from a sudden and stupid death that things start to get messy.
p:1d:harry/nick  subject:vampires  fandom:one.direction  site:ao3  year:2014  notes:fantastic  notes:amusing  length:20k-50k  quality:*****  rating:r  genre:au 
november 2014 by rainbowslinky
the mad ones (pool party remix) - irishmizzy, miss_bennie - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Maybe it’s because the other three are sacked out in the back, but Liam’s movements are very careful, measured, when he uncaps the sharpie and leans over. Harry instinctively shifts away, but Liam’s not moving to draw a dick on Harry’s bare arm. When Liam sits back, Harry sees he’s captioned the selfie still hanging from the mirror with five chevrons.
[ Harry buys a car in NYC = OT5 road trip to LA. 24-hour diners, shit hotels, Polaroids, golf, line dancing, and too many people in the backseat: this is what dreams are made of.]
p:1d:harry/niall  fandom:one.direction  notes:fantastic  notes:FEELS  quality:*****  authors:i  setting:road.trip  !favorites  !rec  type:future!fic  length:10k-20k  rating:r  site:ao3  year:2014 
october 2014 by rainbowslinky
(break me) like a promise - pendules - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Louis wonders why he's so fascinated by self-destruction. Maybe the people who are are the ones who could never really accomplish it, the ones who are too hopeful, the ones who care too much, the ones who feel too much and wish they didn't.

It's easier, really, than admitting you don't know what the right thing is anymore.

Maybe Louis' skin is clean but his thoughts aren't. Running away is easy as long as you don't look back, but Louis's never known how to do either.

Harry hasn't asked him anything yet, about what his plans are, if he's going to go to uni, and maybe he won't. Louis actually doesn't know what he'll say if he does. He tells people he's on a gap year; maybe it's the truth, maybe it's just his life now.

[Louis lives in a sleepy college town, helping his mum taking care of his sisters. Harry's just started school and is working part-time at a bakery he frequents.]
fandom:one.direction  !favorites  !rec  notes:depressing  notes:heartsforeyes  notes:positive.ending  notes:beautiful  p:1d:harry/louis  rating:r  setting:college  genre:angst  genre:romance  genre:au  length:10k-20k  year:2014  site:ao3  quality:*****  authors:p 
october 2014 by rainbowslinky
my heart, in deadly rhythm - impetuous - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
There exists somewhere a very, very small list containing the names of people who don’t want Louis Tomlinson dead. Harry Styles may or may not be one of those people.

(or a Spies!AU in which Liam is the Wade to Louis' Kim Possible, Zayn seduces people for intel, Niall is an expert at blowing things up, and Harry is more than a bit famous in his particular field... or infamous, actually. And Louis? Well, Louis just wishes people would quit trying so bloody hard to kill him all the time
p:1d:harry/louis  character-type:spy  length:20k-50k  fandom:one.direction  genre:romance  genre:action  year:2014  rating:r  quality:*****  site:ao3  authors:i 
august 2014 by rainbowslinky
Baby, There's No Other Superstar - childrenbehave - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Zayn’s whole life changes when he wins the Oscar. Liam’s whole life changes when he doesn’t. Actors!AU.

[Alternatively, A not-so-accidental romantic comedy about a movie star and his PA]
fandom:one.direction  p:1d:liam/louis  site:ao3  authors:c  !masterpost  year:2013  character-type:actor  quality:*****  !rec  rating:r  genre:romance  length:100k+ 
june 2014 by rainbowslinky
my little bird - preshire - One Direction (Band), Radio 1 RPF [Archive of Our Own]
harry likes nick a whole load, and he gets a whole load in him.

or: the one where nick knocks harry up, with some very questionable character timelines.
fandom:one.direction  p:1d:harry/nick  rating:r  subject:pregnancy  authors:p  site:ao3  year:2013  quality:*****  genre:angst  genre:romance  length:20k-50k 
april 2014 by rainbowslinky
If You Wanna Be My Lover, You Gotta Get With My Friends - fiddleyoumust - One Direction (Band), Radio 1 RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Nick is rubbish at talking to people about anything of substance; talking about feelings is akin to actual torture. But he has to admit they can’t go on like this. It’s only a matter of time before he completely loses his mind and blows up at Harry – or worse, kills Louis in a jealous rage. That would probably put the brakes on Harry being in love with him.

Or, the one where Louis and Eleanor break up and Louis starts hanging around so much that Nick starts to feel like a third wheel in his own relationship.
quality:*****  genre:romance  genre:humor  p:1d:harry/nick  fandom:one.direction  year:2013  length:05k-10k  rating:r  site:ao3 
april 2014 by rainbowslinky
we are not alone in the dark with our demons - alison - One Direction (Band), Radio 1 RPF [Archive of Our Own]
It's a Wednesday when Nick leaves. One too many questions about his feelings for Harry Styles, one too many jokes, one too many laughs. He leaves because he can't anymore, can't pretend that's all it is: a joke. He can't play along anymore, so he walks out of the studio and gets in his car and drives, the destination not seeming important in this moment.

The last person he would expect to find him is Louis.
rating:r  !favorites  p:1d:louis/nick  length:20k-50k  fandom:one.direction  authors:a  site:ao3  notes:ouch  year:2014  quality:*****  genre:angst  genre:romance  genre:hurt/comfort  notes::(  notes:positive.ending 
april 2014 by rainbowslinky
this is a back alley - Febricant - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Here is the only thing you know: the body remembers.

Holding a knife feels as natural to you as walking, running, slipping in under someone’s defenses and wrapping your metallic fingers around their throat.

Here is the only thing you know how to do: pull the trigger. Wrap your hands around hilts and push blades into bodies. It’s all just meat.
fandom:avengers  verse:mcu  setting:post-movie  year:2014  length:10k-20k  rating:r  tw:violence  quality:*****  pov:steve.rogers  pov:bucky.barnes  pov:2nd  authors:f  genre:angst  genre:romance  genre:action  genre:hurt/comfort  site:ao3  p:marvel:bucky/steve 
april 2014 by rainbowslinky
Semper Fi - xsnarksthespot - The Musketeers (2014) [Archive of Our Own]
Modern AU crossover with The Walking Dead.

The first walker they killed was wearing a sheriff’s uniform. It knocked Porthos to the ground, scrambling and snarling and snapping its teeth, raining pieces of God-knows-what down upon his chest. Porthos shoved it upwards with a shaking hand forcefully jammed up under its jaw.

“Shield your face!” Aramis shouted, panicked but still raising his gun with all the steady aim his training instilled. As quickly as Porthos turned his head and closed his eyes, Aramis put a bullet through the walker’s skull and raced over to heave the corpse off of his friend.

“So much for serve and protect,” Porthos growled.
fandom:the.musketeers  year:2014  rating:r  authors:x  pairing:aramis/porthos  length:01K-05K  genre:au  subject:zombies  genre:gen  tw:violence  genre:crossover  genre:fusion  quality:***** 
april 2014 by rainbowslinky
hold your vision (always looking back at you) - ignited - Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
If Bucky were awake right now, Steve reasons he’d say: Don’t laugh. Bucky gets a very special tattoo. Steve is desperate to see it, but life keeps getting in the way.
fandom:avengers  authors:i  subject:tattoos  rating:r  length:01K-05K  year:2014  genre:romance  genre:humor  verse:mcu  quality:*****  p:marvel:bucky/steve 
march 2014 by rainbowslinky
All The Songs That You Sing In The Dark - pukeandcry - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Louis is tired constantly, bags under his eyes. Harry will press up against him the moment they get to the shed, kissing and licking and biting, pulling Louis’ clothes off. He pushes Louis onto the broken wooden floor and yanks off his clothes, lays Louis flat on his back and presses inside him until Louis can only see blackness, no stars. He bites too hard at Louis’ neck, his hips, his chest, like he’s trying to consume him, and Louis lets him.

[What happened was that first people got sick.

What happened after that was that they died.

But the worst thing was what happened after that. After they died, they came back.]
fandom:one.direction  p:1d:harry/louis  subject:zombies  genre:humor  subject:ghosts  subject:grief/mourning  site:ao3  quality:*****  notes:depressing  notes:;_;  notes:dark  notes:negative.ending  length:10k-20k  subject:character.death  rating:r 
february 2014 by rainbowslinky
Hold You Closer - Chapter 1 - harriet_vane - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Louis cuddles the baby against his chest. “I’m going to bloody murder you,” Louis says, clearly to Liam, but his tone is still baby-soft and sing-songy. “What the hell were you thinking?” Ailie reaches for Louis’s hair and tugs, and he pretends he’s going to eat her hand with a rumbly, “nom nom nom nom.” She laughs and claps.

“Dunno,” says Liam honestly. He looks around his flat and sees all the scattered toys and bits of leftover meals lying around. It's a big space, but it's covered in baby debris. He doesn’t remember making such a mess. “I was at the hospital and I met Ailie and then I… I mean. Look at her.”

“She’s beautiful,” says Louis, and Liam feels a bit proud, even though he had nothing to do with it. “And you’re an idiot.”
notes:heartsforeyes  !favorites  !rec  rating:r  fandom:one.direction  authors:h  length:50k+  year:2013  site:ao3  quality:*****  genre:romance  subject:children  subject:christmas  subject:birthdays  p:1d:liam/louis  author:harriet_vane 
january 2014 by rainbowslinky
want it to be you and I forever - estrella30 - One Direction (Band), Radio 1 RPF [Archive of Our Own]
“So we make a deal, yeah? If neither of us are married by what, the time we turn thirty? Then we get married to each other,” Harry says simply.

Nick stares. He’s waiting for the punchline or for Harry to yell gotcha! and let Nick know this was all just a big joke of an idea. He keeps waiting though, and it doesn’t happen.

“So stay single until we turn thirty,” Nick says calmly. “And then if we’re thirty and not with anyone we marry each other.”


“Like...like in one of those terrible Mills and Boon novels my mum reads.”

“Yes,” Harry says and grins. “Exactly.”

or: Harry and Nick make a marriage pact.
fandom:one.direction  author:estrella30  site:ao3  rating:r  subject:marriage  genre:romance  genre:schmoop  year:2014  length:10k-20k  quality:*****  p:1d:harry/nick 
january 2014 by rainbowslinky
Through the Darkest of Your Days - robpatFF - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
"Harry thinks he might not really know what okay is, but Louis is warm next to him, solid and constant and questioning. He’s all wide eyes and nerves and vulnerability. And this feels alright, this might be some sort of okay, Harry thinks." Future!fic, roadtrip!fic, OT5 friendship!fic.
fandom:one.direction  !favorites  rating:r  type:future!fic  subject:alcohol  length:20k-50k  setting:road.trip  year:2012  quality:*****  site:ao3  authors:r  p:1d:harry/louis 
december 2013 by rainbowslinky
leira17: when i feel that something [1/1]
In which Harry and Louis are put into a duo instead of a group, and Louis Googles asexuality.
fandom:one.direction  author:leira17  !favorites  rating:r  length:05k-10k  p:1d:harry/louis  tag:needs. 
december 2013 by rainbowslinky
there is a light that never goes out - robpatFF - One Direction (Band), Radio 1 RPF [Archive of Our Own]
The door slides open and Harry doesn’t move, just looks up and tries to trace the contours of Nick’s face that don’t quite match up to what Harry remembers. He’s thinner maybe, tired. He’s got his track bottoms on and a soft, cotton t-shirt. Harry could pretend to not notice it’s his, but it’s the middle of the night, so he reaches out and thumbs over the hem, breathes carefully. [HAIR WASHING!!!]
fandom:one.direction  authors:r  site:ao3  year:2013  rating:r  length:01K-05K  quality:*****  genre:angst  p:1d:harry/nick 
november 2013 by rainbowslinky
bright light city (gonna set my soul on fire) - brojan - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
The first thing Harry realizes when he wakes up is that he's fallen asleep in his shoes, which is honestly maybe the worst feeling ever. His head is killing him and the added stress of having heavy, sweaty feet is making him want to hurl. He curls up, his hands swiping uselessly for his feet, until he manages to get both boots unzipped and pushed to the ground, groaning quietly to spare his aching head. He sweeps a hand across the nightstand and finds, miraculously, a cool glass of water just waiting for him. He gulps it down and silently congratulates his drunk self for at least that small bit of foresight.
[accidentally married in vegas fic.]
fandom:one.direction  authors:b  site:ao3  subject:marriage  setting:vegas  length:10k-20k  year:2013  rating:r  genre:humor  genre:romance  notes:hilarious  notes:positive.ending  quality:****  p:1d:harry/liam 
november 2013 by rainbowslinky
Hand in My Pocket/Head in the Clouds - LittleLostPieces - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Everyone has seen One Direction in photos and on television. They're manufactured and synthesized but harmless and fun enough, all bright smiles and wide eyes, styled within an inch of their lives. There's nothing wrong with them exactly, but Harry is dive bars and touring in a second-hand van with songs he wrote himself. He's industry credibility and respect, with a moody pout and an apathetic hair flick. Their worlds don't exactly collide on a normal basis.

Another one of those stories where the band only has four members and the other (Harry) is a moody solo artist.
fandom:one.direction  authors:l  site:ao3  !masterpost  length:20k-50k  genre:angst  genre:au  quality:*****  year:2013  rating:r  p:1d:harry/louis 
november 2013 by rainbowslinky
not the cheap pinot - ratherunnecessary - One Direction (Band), Little Mix (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Except Perrie isn't crying out for them to get a room, like she usually does. She's leaning up against the couch next to Zayn, watching Louis and Eleanor closely, sipping at her wine. "Not too bad of form, I'll say," she murmurs, mostly to Zayn. "I think that's the last of El's lipstick. And, ooh, he's going for extra points!" she squeaks, pointing. Louis's hand is rucking up Eleanor's top, splaying out across her back. Perrie leans into Zayn, and he looks at her. She says nothing, but raises her eyebrows slightly at him. Zayn opens his mouth, but doesn't know what he means to say.

It's couples' night in, and five bottles of red wine means things get messy.
fandom:one.direction  authors:r  site:ao3  type:pwp  rating:r  kink:polyamory  length:01K-05K  quality:****  year:2013  p:1d:zayn/perrie  p:1d:louis/eleanor 
october 2013 by rainbowslinky
waves that rolled you under - irishmizzy, miss_bennie - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
“Costa Rica,” Harry says, like it’s the start of another dumb round of the game. Zayn pictures it, imagines it’d be quiet and hot, the beach and the jungle and blue skies everywhere. Probably wouldn’t be too bad.

Or: the one where they burn out, fuck off, and try to figure it all out.
fandom:one.direction  authors:i  site:ao3  length:20k-50k  rating:r  year:2013  setting:road.trip  quality:*****  !favorites  p:1d:harry/niall  p:1d:harry/zayn  p:1d:zayn/niall 
october 2013 by rainbowslinky
Replay - carissima - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
"Well, I like Zayn's collection because it's most like mine," Liam muses as he grins at Zayn, who grins back at shared memories of blasting Zayn's music at the top speaker level on late, lazy nights. "But Harry's is the biggest."


fandom:one.direction  authors:c  site:ao3  rating:r  year:2013  quality:*****  type:first-kiss  length:10k-20k  genre:romance  genre:humor  p:1d:harry/liam 
october 2013 by rainbowslinky
hearts breaking even - estrella30 - Supernatural RPF, One Direction [Archive of Our Own]
Jensen slides onto the empty seat next to Harry’s in time to hear the bartender laugh and toss a dirty bar rag at Harry’s head. “I keep telling you that you don’t have a cool reputation here, Styles,” he says, and what the fuck, what is Jensen’s life that he’s listening to Steve’s band in a crappy bar in LA on a Saturday night with popstar from a boyband?
[Futurefic where Jensen Ackles and Harry Styles meet in a bar in LA.]
fandom:one.direction  fandom:supernatural  length:01K-05K  rating:r  x-pairing:harry.styles/jensen.ackles  type:future!fic  site:ao3  year:2012  notes:fantastic  genre:rps/rpf  setting:bar  quality:*****  author:estrella30 
october 2013 by rainbowslinky
keep my heart slow - estrella30 - One Direction (Band), Radio 1 RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Cities and shows pass in a blur. Half the time Harry barely knows where they’re pulling into before they get there but he tries to think of something about each place to text Nick about, something to keep Nick involved in his life even when he’s away.
fandom:one.direction  site:ao3  rating:r  notes:positive.ending  genre:angst  notes::(  quality:*****  length:10k-20k  setting:on.tour  year:2013  author:estrella30  p:1d:harry/nick 
october 2013 by rainbowslinky
memories like fingerprints are slowly raising - estrella30 - One Direction (Band), Radio 1 RPF [Archive of Our Own]
“Louis said Zayn called him after Harry woke up. Harry’d gone to see Zayn first in the morning and was asking him all kinds of questions about the tattoos that he’s gotten that Zayn knew Harry had seen. He figured Harry was just taking the piss or hungover or summat, but then Niall showed up, and Harry wanted to know where his braces were, and then they called Liam and Harry asked how his hair grew back so fast. By the time Louis got there and Harry was wondering when they were going to leave to start the tour they all started to freak out.”

or Harry gets amnesia
fandom:one.direction  site:ao3  rating:r  year:2013  subject:amnesia  length:10k-20k  genre:angst  genre:romance  genre:hurt/comfort  quality:*****  author:estrella30  p:1d:harry/nick 
october 2013 by rainbowslinky
on the other side - lazy_daze - One Direction (Band), Radio 1 RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Shouldn't? Weren't going to? Fucked it up proper like the last time? There's a look in Harry's eyes and a tightening greedy heat in Nick's stomach that tells him nothing he's gonna say will stop this and there's nothing he even wants to say; he never stopped wanting Harry, for one fucking second.
[Harry and Nick have dinner and then have feelings.]
fandom:one.direction  authors:l  site:ao3  rating:r  year:2013  length:01K-05K  genre:angst  genre:romance  quality:*****  author:lazy-daze  p:1d:harry/nick 
october 2013 by rainbowslinky
Through the Darkest of Your Days - robpatFF - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
"Harry thinks he might not really know what okay is, but Louis is warm next to him, solid and constant and questioning. He’s all wide eyes and nerves and vulnerability. And this feels alright, this might be some sort of okay, Harry thinks." Future!fic, roadtrip!fic, OT5 friendship!fic.
fandom:one.direction  site:ao3  authors:r  rating:r  !favorites  year:2012  quality:*****  length:20k-50k  subject:alcohol  type:future!fic  notes:ouch  notes:;_;  notes:depressing  setting:road.trip  p:1d:harry/louis 
october 2013 by rainbowslinky
things have gotten closer to the sun - starseas - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
it’s strange, making the choice to face his past—it almost feels like he’s heading for the sun straight on, like he’s screaming come on and burn me, i deserve it.


when a solar flare is announced to end the world in twelve days, harry reunites with the people that he used to know better than the back of his own hand.

[literally crying just thinking about it. so gorgeous but so so sad.]
fandom:one.direction  !favorites  !rec  notes:;_;  notes:depressing  notes:beautiful  subject:character.death  type:future!fic  length:20k-50k  rating:r  quality:*****  year:2013  site:ao3  subject:apocalypse  authors:s  genre:angst  author:starseas  p:1d:harry/louis  p:1d:liam/zayn 
september 2013 by rainbowslinky
life on the moon - bail - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Niall doesn't remember when five turned to four + one, but he knows that he feels left out whenever he sees Harry, Liam, Louis and Zayn cuddling up together without him. (Niall-centric angst with OT5 ending)
fandom:one.direction  pairing:1D.OT5  authors:b  site:ao3  year:2012  kink:polyamory  rating:r  length:10k-20k  genre:angst  genre:romance  quality:**** 
september 2013 by rainbowslinky
this bullet lodged in my chest, covered with your name - Chapter 1 - Cinaed - The Avengers (2012), Captain America (2011), Marvel Avengers Movies Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Some of Natasha’s memories are true, some are false, but throughout all of them runs one thread of remembrance: a cool metal hand gentle upon her back, tender against her cheek, tight around her throat; an assassin with a crooked smile and eyes like winter.
fandom:avengers  length:20k-50k  authors:c  rating:r  pov:natasha.romanova  year:2012  quality:*****  !favorites  genre:angst  genre:romance  genre:action  tw:violence  tw:torture  site:ao3  p:marvel:natasha/bucky 
september 2013 by rainbowslinky
Mission Bells - enigma731 - Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
She is offering him sanctuary, he realizes, from the monsters he’s found inside of himself. But this is about what she needs too, her scars not so different from his own. A post-movie fic about learning to live when everything is different.
fandom:avengers  pov:clint.barton  setting:post-movie  verse:mcu  rating:r  subject:ptsd  length:05k-10k  quality:*****  !favorites  year:2013  site:ao3  authors:e  !part.of.a.series  p:marvel:clint/natasha 
september 2013 by rainbowslinky
Built, Broken, Rebuilt - songandsilence - Pacific Rim (2013) [Archive of Our Own]
“I want to travel,” she breathes, and the back of his neck tingles. “I feel restless. I want…” Gently, a little hesitantly, she touches her finger to his mouth. “I want to see the things you’ve seen. I want to see new things with you.”

For a moment he can’t speak, and has to clear his throat before he can. “Yeah,” he whispers, voice rough. “Yeah. That sounds good.”
setting:road.trip  setting:post-movie  fandom:pacific.rim  rating:r  pairing:raleigh/mako  authors:s  year:2013  quality:*****  length:05k-10k  site:ao3  genre:romance  genre:hurt/comfort 
august 2013 by rainbowslinky
those who run with wolves - epistolic - Pacific Rim (2013) [Archive of Our Own]
She’s matched him from the start, blow for blow, move for move, and for the first time since he saw her six months ago he realises that Aleksandra Dmitriyeva is beautiful.
fandom:pacific.rim  pairing:sasha/aleksis  year:2013  site:ao3  authors:e  quality:****  rating:r  subject:first.meetings  length:01K-05K 
august 2013 by rainbowslinky
Us Ones in Between - comeswithaprice - Pacific Rim (2013) [Archive of Our Own]
He likes the pain. There’s no point in denying it. The needle touches his skin and he likes the way it feels, the scratch and burn of it - he even likes the humming noise of the Stigma Rotary. Six hours later, Trespasser is staring at him from his left thigh.
fandom:pacific.rim  pairing:newt/hermann  year:2013  quality:*****  length:05k-10k  site:ao3  authors:c  rating:r  type:character.study  genre:angst  notes:depressing  notes:fantastic  notes:positive.ending  subject:tattoos 
august 2013 by rainbowslinky
Unveil My Unsightly Heart - Chapter 1 - Mizzy - The Avengers (2012), Iron Man (Movies), Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Looking over an old prototype helicarrier for its future viability as a base for the Avengers should have just been a routine day full of bickering and non-adventure for Steve Rogers and Tony Stark.

But when they're catapulted into an alternate universe – where their alternate selves are married and battling with a mysterious threat – the two are forced to get over their differences in order to figure out what's going on, before it's too late.

Because there's more going on than meets the eye, and Steve and Tony falling in love might just be the most dangerous thing that can happen. Not just for one universe, but for all of them…
fandom:avengers  verse:mcu  rating:r  type:big.bang  year:2013  quality:*****  !favorites  length:20k-50k  genre:au  genre:angst  subject:apocalypse  authors:m  subject:bed.sharing  site:ao3  p:marvel:tony/steve 
august 2013 by rainbowslinky
you're my apocalypse - epistolic - Pacific Rim (2013) [Archive of Our Own]
The entire world believes they are in love, but this is not true.

It isn’t easy to explain. She has been in his mind and he has been in hers: after that, the human definition of love begins to feel somewhat flimsy. In a crowded room, he always knows where she is. When he sleeps, she can read his dreams in his face. They don’t touch anymore – not unless absolutely necessary – physical touch feels more and more like a sham, like placing a candle next to the sun.
subject:addiction  fandom:pacific.rim  character:mako.mori  pairing:raleigh/mako  site:ao3  year:2013  authors:e  rating:r  notes:depressing  notes:;_;  setting:post-movie  quality:*****  !favorites  !rec  length:01K-05K 
july 2013 by rainbowslinky
Apollo Retribution - Chapter 1 - besanii - Les Misérables - All Media Types, Les Misérables (2012), Les Misérables - Schönberg/Boublil, Les Misérables - Victor Hugo [Archive of Our Own]
Seven years into the Kaiju War, Grantaire lost his co-pilot in the midst of battle. Haunted by her death, he fled, hiding from the war and surviving on rations earned through manual labour. Five years later, he is dragged back onto the frontline and forced to choose a new co-pilot: a talented young man with phenomenal test scores and zero battle experience, who still believes that the world can be saved.
fandom:les.mis  fandom:pacific.rim  genre:fusion  genre:au  *WIP  site:ao3  quality:*****  year:2013  pairing:enjolras/grantaire  rating:r  authors:b 
july 2013 by rainbowslinky
HOMOSEXUALLY EVER AFTER - Fidelity | Pinto | R | 1/4
[ AKA, Zach's Skilful Circumvention of the Dangerous and Unintentionally Charming Chris Pine. Chris is engaged, Zach is his wedding planner, and everyone in the world is an asshole.]
length:10k-20k  fandom:star.trek  genre:rps/rpf  site:lj  authors:l  rating:r  year:2011  quality:*****  genre:angst  genre:romance  genre:au  character-type:wedding.planner  p:st:chris/zach 
july 2013 by rainbowslinky
The Nature Of Dust - inkvoices - Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
[For as long as he can remember Clint has always been getting into trouble for seeing things that he shouldn’t, or rather for getting caught at it. Oklahoma, 1934, and this time trouble comes in the form of a girl.

For the prompt 1930s dustbowl AU. Clint and Natasha are members of a travelling circus. Dark/supernatural elements a la Carnivale optional but very welcome]
fandom:avengers  length:10k-20k  authors:i  rating:r  setting:great.depression  year:2013  site:ao3  quality:*****  setting:circus  genre:romance  p:marvel:clint/natasha 
july 2013 by rainbowslinky
I Can Stay 'Til It's Time to Go - the_deep_magic - Star Trek RPF, Actor RPF [Archive of Our Own]
A New Year’s Eve party in which they have broken up, the orange salsa is radioactive, and everyone wants to kiss Zoe’s boyfriend.
fandom:star.trek  authors:t  site:ao3  year:2010  length:05k-10k  rating:r  genre:angst  genre:romance  subject:reunions  quality:*****  p:st:chris/zach 
june 2013 by rainbowslinky
I am the sea, and I will reach you - sidnihoudini (luca) - Star Trek RPF [Archive of Our Own]
"Thanks for letting me know that Silver Lake's golden couple broke up," Zoe snaps at him the next morning, trawling through his sleep addled routine with reckless abandon. Zach squints into the sun pooling through the kitchen windows, and braces himself with one hand against the counter.
fandom:star.trek  authors:s  site:ao3  rating:r  genre:angst  notes:positive.ending  year:2010  length:01K-05K  p:st:chris/zach 
june 2013 by rainbowslinky
Rest My Chemistry - withthepilot - Star Trek RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Zach has no interest in being friends with Chris. But when they're stuck together 24/7 during the press tour, things take a turn.
fandom:star.trek  authors:w  site:ao3  rating:r  year:2010  length:01K-05K  quality:****  p:st:chris/zach 
june 2013 by rainbowslinky
Filmmaking for Assholes - Chapter 1 - screamlet - Star Trek RPF, Actor RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Set during the summer of 2011, For Zach's 34th birthday, J.J. Abrams give him the reins of the Star Trek reboot franchise and tells Zach to give him a script, a cast, and a shooting schedule by the end of the summer. Not to be left out, Chris helps out by turning the original screenwriters' swamp of notes into a shooting script and John takes over casting duties. Despite three months of whining, cereal, sighing, whining, and cross-country banter, they might just manage to get this movie together and make something new of their careers.[i don't know how i feel about the ending though???]
fandom:star.trek  genre:rps/rpf  genre:gen  genre:humor  site:ao3  year:2011  authors:s  length:20k-50k  rating:r  quality:****  notes:amusing 
june 2013 by rainbowslinky
Maybe In Another Universe I Deserve You - zarimav - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
[Russia held particular remembrance because he was there when they took the Czar and his family away. He remembered Nicholas's proud face and the scared looks of his daughters. Enjolras (Evgeni then) was so proud, and for once Grantaire thought that they would live this one out. Evgeni fucked him that night, and he was happy in his victory and Grantaire almost couldn't bear it. They were fumbling in the dark, breathless laughter punctuated by breathless moans, and they fell asleep entwined. Grantaire felt as close to complete as he had since he'd first had Enjolras in his grasp almost a hundred years ago.]
fandom:les.mis  pairing:enjolras/grantaire  subject:reincarnation  genre:angst  notes:depressing  site:ao3  subject:character.death  notes:positive.ending  quality:*****  year:2013  authors:z  length:10k-20k  rating:r  tw:violence  tw:homophobia 
june 2013 by rainbowslinky
'Twould Be a Wildish Destiny - Thistlerose - Star Trek (2009) [Archive of Our Own]
Kirk is given a glimpse of the life he might have led, and realizes that he and his alternate self share the conviction that they'll die alone. Bones has something to say about that.
fandom:star.trek  verse:reboot  site:ao3  authors:t  year:2009  notes:FEELS  rating:r  quality:*****  genre:romance  genre:angst  pov:mccoy  length:01K-05K  p:st:kirk/mccoy 
june 2013 by rainbowslinky
A Passage That Sings - Rave - Star Trek RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Footsteps beside him; the creak of bedsprings as Chris sits down by his head. Zach could bite his ass, if he could move. He wouldn't, but he could. It would be tempting. "Front all you want: 'Cathedral' still skull-fucks you with its awesomeness," says Chris, shoving the water up to his face. "Every time. Open your mouth."
fandom:star.trek  genre:schmoop  genre:humor  genre:rps/rpf  genre:romance  subject:ust  authors:r  site:ao3  quality:*****  year:2012  length:10k-20k  notes:amusing  rating:r  p:st:chris/zach 
may 2013 by rainbowslinky
carpe_verba: 058 - SPN (R)
After the call and Dean telling him they've reached the end of the line, Benny drives west. Away from the sea, away from memories and his old life. He chased after both, didn't do him any good. That's over and it won't be coming back. No more being sea-bound. Maybe he'll head for the desert for a change, hot and dusty and devoid of old threads to get tangled up in. He doesn't have much money on him, just one bag of blood in the cooler in the trunk, and the tank's half full. Something's gotta give sooner or later, but he won't worry about that right now.
year:2013  rating:r  season:eight  site:lj  fandom:supernatural  genre:angst  quality:****  length:01K-05K  pairing:dean/benny  authors:g  from delicious
may 2013 by rainbowslinky
Memento Vivere - Chapter 1 - rivlee, Steorie - Spartacus Series (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
In 71 BCE, Spartacus and his forces are nearing the end of the rebellion. After a failed escape plan, Agron and a handful of others are separated and forced to flee on the seas south to survive. This is the story of how they learn to live and cope in a new world.
fandom:spartacus  pairing:agron/nasir  length:20k-50k  year:2013  site:ao3  quality:****  type:future!fic  rating:r  type:big.bang  subject:children  subject:injury  authors:r 
april 2013 by rainbowslinky
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