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if this room was burning, i wouldn't even notice (everything is on fire anyway) - rumpledlinen - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
“I’m sorry, listeners,” Nick says, pitching his voice low in the way he’s pretty sure once convinced Chris to give up his job. “I didn’t mean to laugh there. Obviously, there is nothing funny about Intern Nate’s death--even if it was his own doing, and even if the car he were driving were comically small. We here at Radio One take every death seriously, even those our Secret Police would rather not discuss. Goodbye, Intern Nate, and may your next life lead to a more interesting outcome.” He pauses to take a sip of coffee. “And now, dear, sweet, wonderful listeners, the weather.”

or: a Welcome to Night Vale AU.
p:1d:harry/nick  fandom:one.direction  authors:r  genre:fusion  fandom:wtnv  length:01K-05K  site:ao3  year:2015  quality:*****  rating:g 
may 2015 by rainbowslinky
inspired by your laugh to wait for things - gyzym - Welcome to Night Vale [Archive of Our Own]
Maybe in Night Vale, where everything else works a little bit wrong, love works a little wrong too. Maybe in Night Vale, where time occasionally stands on end and gravity pulls slightly less than usual every second Thursday, someone like Cecil, a love like Cecil's, could come without any strings attached at all.
author:gyzym  fandom:wtnv  pairing:cecil/carlos  genre:horror  site:ao3  quality:*****  rating:pg-13  year:2013  length:01K-05K  type:non-linear 
november 2014 by rainbowslinky
a love song for schrödinger - patho (ghostsoldier) - Welcome to Night Vale [Archive of Our Own]
With his own two eyes Carlos has observed a house that empirically doesn’t exist. He’s never seen a quantum particle, but his computer models and lab readouts reassure him of their presence. Cecil – lovely and wonderful and strange Cecil – is comforting and solid in every way…except in Carlos’ peripheral vision, when his edges waver as though the lack of direct observation has left him unsure of what shape he should be.

It means absolutely nothing, to see a thing in Night Vale.
fandom:wtnv  pairing:cecil/carlos  authors:p  subject:immortality  year:2013  length:01K-05K  rating:pg  genre:horror  site:ao3  quality:***** 
november 2014 by rainbowslinky
The Rat and the Ruby Slippers - indigostohelit - Welcome to Night Vale [Archive of Our Own]
Carlos is having the strangest dreams, and the strangest headaches, like there's something he's supposed to be remembering. Not to mention the intern's wedding coming up, and that new chemical StrexCorp wants him to develop. It's going to be a busy week.
fandom:wtnv  pairing:cecil/carlos  authors:i  site:ao3  rating:pg-13  genre:horror  year:2013  length:05k-10k  subject:amnesia  quality:***** 
november 2014 by rainbowslinky

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