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theredwepainted: Fic: ...and you mean everything. (the adventures of Rage and Zephyr)
A look at Brian and Michael's relationship over 35 years, told in 5 year increments. If someone asked him if he is still in love with Brian Kinney, he wouldn't know what to say, because there's love, and there's love, and sometimes when love gets too big, too deep, it's impossible to see its shape. Like how the sunset is never just one color, and what you see depends on where you look.
fandom:qaf  pairing:brian/michael  author:blacksatinrose/theredwepainted  rating:pg-13  length:01K-05K  notes:beautiful  notes:amazing  subject:friendship 
march 2011 by rainbowslinky
theredwepainted: Fic: If I'm to be Your Camera (Part I)
Sometimes Brian wonders if Michael knows how every thought he has flickers across his face – how anyone who knows him well enough can read his mind. Love should win out in the end is playing right there, across Michael's lips, reflecting in his eyes. Brian picks up the remnants of his water and thinks, Maybe. But it never works that way. He says, "I know."
fandom:qaf  author:blacksatinrose/theredwepainted  pairing:brian/michael  length:10K-20K  type:future!fic  rating:r  type:first-time 
march 2011 by rainbowslinky
soundczech: fic: "Nearly There" 1/1 - b/j, b/m
Pretty much by the time Brian fucks Michael in the yard at their old high school, he’s already figured out it’s a fucking bad idea.
fandom:qaf  pairing:brian/justin  pairing:brian/michael  length:01K-05K  author:soundczech  genre:angst  type:future!fic  rating:r 
march 2011 by rainbowslinky
Dark Rage by Linda H
"Michael's growing up, Brian. He doesn't need a protector now. Ben won that position. He doesn't need *you* anymore." [...]

Justin stood by the door, thinking of his next move. Brian was stubborn. Michael was oblivious. Justin sighed heavily, hating what he was about to do, who he was about to go to for advice, but it couldn't be helped. The masquerade has to end, he told himself, before everyone leaves the party with the wrong date.

"I'm going out," Justin announced as he pulled the door shut behind him. He wasn't there to see Brian fall onto the bed. He wasn't there to see shaken hands cover a drawn face. He wasn't there to watch as Brian tore all the sheets from his bed and throw them around the room, didn't hear the violent crash of the lamp, didn't see the bulb splinter into a million pieces. And he wasn't there to hear Brian whisper, again and again, "I can't do this anymore."
fandom:qaf  authors:h  pairing:brian/justin  pairing:brian/michael  genre:angst  rating:r  length:20K-50K 
march 2011 by rainbowslinky

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