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oh, we dreamed a life - 1000_directions - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
whole. That Bucky was whole, and Clint fell in love with that man, but the only man left now is him, here in the present, and he’s just been shattered so many times that he can’t ever promise anyone that his pieces are all back where they’re supposed to be.

Clint falls in love with Bucky twice.
fandom:avengers  verse:mcu  p:marvel:bucky/clint  year:2019  subject:time.travel  length:01K-05K  authors:# 
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Twelve Times Damned, Twelve Times Hopeful - Chapter 1 - hafital - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
They were on the street when the voice came through comms. It went to all of them. They could all hear.

“Steve,” said the voice.

Clint stopped, turning to Rogers and Wilson at the sound of the unfamiliar voice. Rogers raised his hand up to his helmet and looked at the surrounding buildings, turning in a circle. “Bucky?” he asked. “Is that--Where are you?”

“Steve,” said the voice again, and Clint now knew it belonged to James Barnes. “It’s an ambush, Steve. Get the hell out of there.”
fandom:avengers  p:marvel:bucky/clint  p:marvel:bucky/clint/laura  trope:kidfic  subject:children  setting:post-winter.soldier  verse:mcu  notes:sweet  length:20k-50k  year:2016  kink:polyamory  trope:found.family 
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Infinity (and Beyond) - Lissadiane - The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Bucky had always thought that Wakanda was just about the closest thing to Heaven that he’d ever find, so it makes sense that he’d wind up here, at a celestial version of it, at the end of everything.

He sits up and closes his eyes as a soft breeze blows over his face and through his hair and he thinks maybe if he’d known that this is what death would be like, he’d have let it come earlier.
fandom:avengers  p:marvel:bucky/clint  setting:post-infinity.war  setting:heaven-ish  length:05k-10k  year:2018  authors:l  notes:soft  trope:temp.char.death 
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The Other Man out of Time - Chapter 1 - sara_holmes - The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Also known as Time Travelling Clint Wrecks the Universe.

Due to The Time Stone having a great day screwing around the fabric of reality, Clint finds a copy of himself thrown back into Normandy, 1944. Cue Clint 2.0 meeting Bucky Barnes, the Howling Commandos and a pretty different version of Steve.
fandom:avengers  !rec  !favorites  p:marvel:bucky/clint  subject:time.travel  length:50k+  year:2016  setting:wwii 
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Behind Bars - Chapter 1 - sara_holmes - The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Reasons that Bucky has vowed never to get involved in Steve’s fights ever again: 1. He’s landed himself in jail, 2. The jail is in the ass-end of Latveria, 3. The only other American within a hundred clicks is an asshole, 4. Said asshole happens to be his cellmate and Bucky’s stuck with him.
fandom:avengers  p:marvel:bucky/clint  setting:prison  year:2018  length:20k-50k 
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Speechless - sara_holmes - The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
It's not that Bucky doesn't want to talk. It's that sometimes (most of the time) he can't. So learning ASL is 50% getting around that slight issue and 50% getting Steve to shut his cake-hole about the necessity of him learning to speak again.

Well, to begin with. Then it's pretty much all about him falling head-over-heels for his incredibly hot - yet slightly tragic - ASL teacher.
fandom:avengers  genre:au  p:marvel:bucky/clint  subject:disability  year:2016  length:10k-20k  notes:cute  notes:sweet 
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I'll Keep You Safe Here With Me. - Chapter 1 - sara_holmes - The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Yes, Clint is avoiding the other Avengers. No, he does not want to go back to New York. But then again, he didn't exactly want to be kidnapped by the Winter Soldier either. Really, he just wants to go back to bed.

[the super secret former brainwashed assassin recovery club overwhelmed my feelings in the best way]
fandom:avengers  length:100k+  p:marvel:bucky/clint  notes:fantastic  notes:;_;  notes:FEELS  !favorites  !rec  subject:recovery  setting:hotel  setting:road.trip  subject:ptsd  subject:memory 
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Clint Barton's Super Secret Snipers' Club - Chapter 1 - sara_holmes - The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
"When Steve brings Bucky back to the tower for the first time, Clint’s first thought is that Tony Stark’s pride and joy is quickly becoming a less of a very tall and expensive ‘fuck you’ in the faces of investors who don’t believe in self-sustaining energy, and more of a superhero rehabilitation center."

Boyfriends, compromises and learning to like oneself.
fandom:avengers  p:marvel:bucky/clint  length:50k+  year:2015  notes:FEELS  !rec 
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