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seriousfic: Avengers fic: Names Are For Lovers, Aliases Are For Us (Clint/Natasha)
She grabs his hand off the bar suddenly and her grip is warm, singularly warm, like a lighter just after the flame's gone out. Her fingertips trickle over his palm, his fingers, the spot where he doesn't have a ring. "Fine set of calluses. What calculator gave you those?"

"What Bible gave you yours?" he asks, because he's used to fingers a little softer, nails a little longer.[When they first met, she was Natalie and he was Hector. Then Hawkeye and the Black Widow got to know each other.]
quality:***  notes:quality.dialogue  fandom:avengers  rating:pg-13  site:lj  year:2012  length:05k-10k  authors:s  genre:romance  type:casefic  subject:first.meetings  p:marvel:clint/natasha 
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