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Highwaymen - thunderlilly - The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Sometimes, Steve remembers his former lives. Sometimes, Tony does, too.
Steve is always bitter about it. Tony is always right.
Also, it goes without saying that they love each other very much.
[highwaymen.white buffalo.mp3]
subject:reincarnation  fandom:avengers  verse:mcu  authors:t  type:songfic  trope:soulmates  length:01K-05K  year:2018 
may 2019 by rainbowslinky
The Fool in the Mirror - Chapter 1 - thepinupchemist - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
The Avengers, SHIELD, and the world at large have underestimated the pain that Steve Rogers is in.

The night after a near brush with a suicide attempt, Steve discovers the world of support omegas, and in his desperation for relief from the battlefield of his brain, demands to have one.

Enter Bucky Barnes: retired marine, millennial, amputee, brother, son, and support omega. He maybe, just maybe, can help a broken alpha heal in the twenty-first century.
fandom:avengers  verse:mcu  length:100k+  year:2018  subject:ptsd  trope:shrunkyclunks  trope:alpha/omega  tw:violence  notes:funny  notes:positive.ending  authors:t  subject:jewish!bucky 
march 2019 by rainbowslinky
Circadian - throttlegainwell - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Hydra uses the Winter Soldier to keep their captives in line by brutal means. One visit is usually enough to instill obedience. But this latest prisoner, Rogers, seems to have caught their interest in a big way.
!masterpost  !favorites  notes:dark  p:marvel:bucky/steve  tw:non-con  length:50k+  tw:torture  kink:htp  genre:hurt/comfort  authors:t 
june 2018 by rainbowslinky
gale song - tomorrowsrain - Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
"The past beats inside me like a second heart. These fragments I have shored against my ruins."

In which Tony Stark makes a reckless decision, becomes a wanted fugitive, goes on the run with the former Winter Soldier, and learns how to forgive. For his part, Bucky Barnes is just trying to hold himself together. AU, post-Civil War.
fandom:avengers  verse:mcu  setting:post-civil.war  c:marvel:tony.stark  c:marvel:bucky.barnes  notes:satisfying  length:50k+  !masterpost  !rec  !favorites  authors:t  year:2016  p:marvel:bucky/steve 
april 2018 by rainbowslinky
Who Painted the Moon Black - Chapter 1 - throughthedark - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
“People died,” Harry whispers so quietly Louis strains to hear. “People died, and I killed some of them. How does life just go on after something like that?”

Louis shakes his head. “I don't know. It just does.”

Hunger Games AU where Louis Tomlinson is district six's victor from the 69th Hunger Games and Harry Styles is district seven's victor from the 72nd Hunger Games.
fandom:one.direction  fandom:thg  p:1d:harry/louis  length:50k+  notes:heartbreaking  notes:amazing  genre:fusion  quality:*****  authors:t  !favorites  !rec  genre:angst  notes:depressing  tw:violence  tw:abuse 
august 2016 by rainbowslinky
king of new york - theamazingpeterparker - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
"I’m not a cop,” Niall starts with, doesn’t really know why.
The man’s eyes crinkle and when he tugs the bandana down he’s smiling. He’s handsome. “Cops don’t usually say hi when they’re coming to arrest me,” is all he says, tucks his face back into the bandana and waves a hand that Niall understands to mean step back. “Watch my back, yeah?”

Louis is a street artist who hates rich upper east siders. Niall is a rich upper east sider.
fandom:one.direction  p:1d:louis/niall  character-type:artist  !masterpost  !rec  genre:angst  notes:depressing  subject:breakups  !has.a.sequel  authors:t  setting:nyc 
august 2016 by rainbowslinky
all of the places i ain't ever been - theamazingpeterparker - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Harry takes his dinner back to his bedroom, determined to chip away at his book that he came here to write. He’s not sure what it really is yet but he knows he wants it to be in the countryside, maybe a love story without the distractions of a city or a corporate job or a huge population to get in the way.

Or, Harry rents a room on a farm in exchange for working as a farmhand.
fandom:one.direction  p:1d:harry/niall  setting:farm  setting:hotel  length:10k-20k  notes:warm.and.fuzzy  !favorites  !rec  quality:*****  authors:t  year:2016 
march 2016 by rainbowslinky
Behavioural Ecology - Chapter 1 - turtlekz - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Louis Tomlinson is a primatologist working with the Jane Goodall Institute for primate conservation; and Harry Styles is the photojournalist sent from National Geographic to write a piece promoting awareness about the endangered species. They meet, and love is never, ever simple, as we know.

Featuring Eli the chimpanzee, bickering humans, storytelling, and five men who come to gain an understanding of what it means to be human; all stationed in the Republic of the Congo.
fandom:one.direction  p:1d:harry/louis  length:50k+  authors:t  subject:animals  type:big.bang 
march 2016 by rainbowslinky
I wrote you a song with the words you spoke - Chapter 1 - tigriswolf - One Direction (Band), Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1 [Archive of Our Own]
How people end up on Atlantis varies; some like talking about it and some don’t. Dr. Harry Styles, Lieutenant Niall Horan, and Ph.D. candidate Liam Payne end up there by accident; Zayn of Athos follows his cousin; and then there’s the nameless runner found by SGA-9 on a dead world.

Some like talking about it. Some don’t.
fandom:one.direction  p:1d:harry/louis  fandom:stargate  genre:fusion  genre:crossover  length:05k-10k  authors:t 
december 2015 by rainbowslinky
hear the wheels as they roll - temerity (forsanethaec) - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Louis gives Niall a lift from New York City to Austin, Texas, and learns to stop thinking quite so much along the way. (Secondary Louis relationships are pre-fic.)
p:1d:louis/niall  setting:road.trip  length:10k-20k  year:2013  !rec  quality:*****  tag:needs.  authors:t  fandom:one.direction 
october 2015 by rainbowslinky
so show me family - temerity (forsanethaec) - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
"Fuck," Louis whines as he looks at Harry and the tiger, unable to help himself. "I've wanted to pet her since the moment we met you, can I?" They all burst out laughing, and from there they all have to try it. It's like nothing Louis has experienced, the feeling of touching someone else's daemon, and even more so becoming comfortable with one. It's like all at once he knows everything about these boys, trusts them without a second thought, even though they've barely known each other for a week.
pairing:1D.OT5  setting:xfactor  fandom:one.direction  fandom:hdm  genre:fusion  authors:t  tag:needs. 
october 2015 by rainbowslinky
Want You More Than A - Chapter 1 - TheCellarDoor - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Falling in love with your step-brother’s best friend is a disaster enough. When he happens to be the boy everyone loves and you’re a nerd who wears sweater vests and cries during rom-coms, it takes it to a whole new level.
p:1d:harry/louis  length:50k+  setting:highschool  type:first-time  authors:t  year:2015  site:ao3  quality:*****  notes:sweet  tag:needs.  fandom:one.direction 
april 2015 by rainbowslinky
nocturne in silver and blue - Chapter 1 - tinyweirdloves - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
There’s a boy sitting on the branch. Harry’s sure he’s a real, live boy, not a pretend one. Only– he doesn’t look like any boy Harry’s seen before. Because he glows. His skin looks like there’s a gentle light coming out of it, and if Harry squints– are those colours on the boy’s skin? Harry suddenly thinks, looking at him, that he looks just like the sky.

[louis is a fallen star and harry brings him home. told over the course of fourteen years.]
[loved this one. a bit sad.]
p:1d:harry/louis  fandom:one.direction  length:50k+  subject:first.meetings  subject:first.kiss  character-type:!with.powers  genre:au  tw:underage  quality:*****  !favorites  !rec  year:2015  type:big.bang  site:ao3  authors:t  notes:melancholy  notes:positive.ending 
april 2015 by rainbowslinky
it sings to me inside - Chapter 1 - twinks - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
There’s a small, flittering speck inside of Harry, so small that if he didn’t look hard enough he’d have completely missed it. It’s pulsing ever so slightly, and he wonders if he’s the only one that does see it, but then Harry lets out a soft whimper and squeezes Louis’ hand again. “Lou, that’s—” his voice cracks, and Louis runs his thumb over Harry’s hand, letting him know that he’s here. He’s here and he’s seeing their baby on the screen. “That’s our baby.”

[Louis and Harry are primary school teachers. They’re expecting a baby.]

p:1d:harry/louis  subject:pregnancy  notes:adorable  notes:heartsforeyes  !favorites  !rec  character-type:teacher  site:ao3  authors:t  year:2015  rating:r  length:20k-50k  fandom:one.direction  tag:now.deleted 
march 2015 by rainbowslinky
Devil in the Bible Belt - TinyBeautifulTales (MikeandHarveyTime) - One Direction (Band), Shameless (US) [Archive of Our Own]
A Shameless AU starring Louis as Fiona and Harry as Jimmy/Steve.

(or, Louis is raising his seven siblings by himself, and Harry steals cars and crash lands into Louis' life. Together, they navigate south side Chicago and love.)
p:1d:harry/louis  fandom:one.direction  fandom:shameless  genre:fusion  !favorites  !rec  length:20k-50k  year:2014  site:ao3  notes:positive.ending  authors:t  quality:***** 
january 2015 by rainbowslinky
Stars - Chapter 1 - taking_sweet_time - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Harry shouldn't be alive. Louis doesn't live until he's found him.
[they meet as kids, harry has leukemia. they grow up together. harry's leukemia returns.]
fandom:one.direction  p:1d:harry/louis  subject:cancer  setting:hospital  rating:g  !rec  length:20k-50k  year:2014  site:ao3  authors:t  quality:*****  notes:;_;  notes:positive.ending 
december 2014 by rainbowslinky
There's a Fork In the Road - Turtles - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
On foreign sheets everything's new. A different slide in a different shower. A body doesn't change though. Harry's thighs still clamp around Louis' head in a strangers bed. Louis still feels warm and sure and whole against a new wall. The carpet is different against Harry's knees, but the fingers that pull against his hair aren't. The warm back along his isn't new. Louis is known and felt.

[Harry and Louis go on a road trip, but it's not really about the road trip.]
fandom:one.direction  setting:road.trip  p:1d:harry/louis  authors:t  year:2012  site:ao3  rating:pg-13  quality:*****  length:01K-05K  !favorites  notes:heartsforeyes  genre:romance  !rec 
november 2014 by rainbowslinky
you'll always be my thunder - tomorrows - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Louis doesn't let himself think about it. He doesn't think of The List or LA or the cobblestone streets he knows like the back of his hand by now. He ignores the way the sun reflects off the gold band on his finger and decidedly puts on the peppiest, most sickeningly upbeat tunes on his phone. The sound of Anne's voice was enough for him, he thinks. Now it's just a matter of coping. He wonders if he's got the strength to ignore the pain in his chest for that long, until the end of his life, he presumes.

Based on tags where a two-year long zombie apocalypse finally comes to an end and Louis and Harry don't know if the other's survived.
fandom:one.direction  p:1d:harry/louis  subject:zombies  subject:children  notes:positive.ending  genre:angst  setting:post-apoc  length:01K-05K  quality:*****  site:ao3  year:2014  authors:t 
october 2014 by rainbowslinky
This Life Of Sin - Chapter 1 - thisonegoes - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
"People go crazy when it's hot. They get restless. Anxious."

Bonnie & Clyde AU where Zayn and Harry chase the heat as they work their way across Texas, taking what they want, because they can.

Because they're good at it.
!favorites  !rec  character-type:criminal  setting:road.trip  setting:texas  genre:au  p:1d:harry/zayn  length:20k-50k  notes:heartsforeyes  notes:positive.ending  year:2014  quality:*****  authors:t  genre:action  genre:romance  rating:nc-17 
september 2014 by rainbowslinky
yes, you make my life worthwhile - tomorrows - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Harry whispers to him that this feels like every dream he’s had for the last three years and Louis kisses his temple, behind his ear, across his cheeks and by the edge of his jaw. He runs the back of his finger across Winnie’s sleep-warm cheeks and sighs, the weight of the world finally off his shoulder.

Louis' a pediatrician, Harry's a preschooler teacher, and they're having a baby.
p:1d:harry/louis  subject:pregnancy  fandom:one.direction  tag:needs.  authors:t 
june 2014 by rainbowslinky
Push Into The Sky - thisonegoes - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
This is how it starts. It begins with a lie, so pay attention. Some people lie to forget the past, and some lie to forget the present. You can't always judge them for it. Because anyone who lies on a daily basis, the people who can do it without batting an eye, without it letting it ruin them, those are the people who need it the most. They don't do it to hurt anyone, or even to hurt themselves. They just do it because they have to.

AU where Harry and Zayn help each other out.
fandom:one.direction  authors:t  site:ao3  year:2014  rating:nc-17  p:1d:harry/zayn  length:20k-50k  genre:angst  genre:romance  quality:***** 
april 2014 by rainbowslinky
Now I Got You In My Space (I Won't Let Go of You) - three_miles - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Louis and Harry used to fool around, until they just... stopped.

Until today, when Louis gets a signal from Harry that he hasn't seen in a long time.
fandom:one.direction  authors:t  kink:bdsm  kink:bondage  rating:nc-17  site:ao3  year:2014  length:01K-05K  quality:****  genre:romance  p:1d:harry/louis 
january 2014 by rainbowslinky
uncontrollable - teaboytoaliens - One Direction (Band), Radio 1 RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Rule 63 AU. Nick is the co-owner of a small record shop, and Harry is the new uni student they just hired. Nick wants to die all the time because Harry Styles.
fandom:one.direction  site:ao3  authors:t  rating:pg-13  length:10k-20k  year:2013  subject:genderswap  character-type:student  p:1d:harry/nick  p:1d:liam/zayn 
january 2014 by rainbowslinky
Louis Lucas - theteapirate - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Pornstar!AU. Louis is a pornstar with more issues than he can drink away. Harry is a bisexual singer/songwriter who is desperate to be signed to a major label. Zayn and Liam are Louis's long-suffering best friends (who also happen to be pornstars, and also happen to be dating each other). Niall just wants to play his guitar.
fandom:one.direction  p:1d:harry/louis  tag:needs.  character-type:sex.industry  subject:alcohol  authors:t  length:50k+  year:2012 
december 2013 by rainbowslinky
just a memory (and all that we could've been) - trustingno1 - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
"I think - there's something wrong. With Harry's memory," Louis says, and someone mutes the TV.

(or: Harry wakes up in a reality in which he and Louis are very much together. Which is pretty awesome. Or - it would be. If Harry could remember any of it).
fandom:one.direction  authors:t  site:ao3  rating:nc-17  year:2012  length:10k-20k  subject:amnesia  genre:angst  p:1d:harry/louis 
october 2013 by rainbowslinky
those weak and drunken hearts - theviolonist - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
He's not really her boyfriend, because she's too old to have boyfriends, and she's not his girlfriend because he's too young and she doesn't feel like a girlfriend anyway, more like a lover with her spicy skin and saucy innuendos. They go to parties together, and sometimes he slips a lose arm around her waist, his fingers playing piano on her hip like a child that's playing at being a grown-up. But that's what he is, playing. They're both playing. They're okay with that, on a certain level.
["They want 'Harry + 1' to go," he says, holding the paper up.]
fandom:one.direction  site:ao3  authors:t  length:01K-05K  year:2012  genre:angst  genre:romance  quality:*****  rating:pg-13 
october 2013 by rainbowslinky
Always There - tothemoonmydear - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Louis Tomlinson, of One Direction, has been almost completely blind since birth, the exception being he can see blotches of shadows and shapes; just enough to keep himself standing upright. He’s supposed to be doing an interview about being blind in a world wide famous boyband, instead his answers once again drift off to Harry Styles..
fandom:one.direction  site:ao3  authors:t  length:05k-10k  genre:au  subject:disability  genre:romance  genre:hurt/comfort  notes:heartsforeyes  quality:*****  year:2013  p:1d:harry/louis 
october 2013 by rainbowslinky
Enterprise Alpha - triedunture - Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (Movies), Pacific Rim (2013) [Archive of Our Own]
Pacific Rim!AU. Spock was a jaeger pilot before Vulcan was overrun by the kaiju menace. Now he must find a new co-pilot and help protect Earth from a similar fate. But is James T. Kirk, the Federation's best and brightest, really meld-compatible with him?
fandom:star.trek  fandom:pacific.rim  genre:fusion  rating:pg  authors:t  length:10k-20k  year:2013  genre:action  quality:****  site:ao3  p:st:kirk/spock 
august 2013 by rainbowslinky
Bowfishing - tawg - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
“Despite falling out of drift a number of times – and I’m sure you’re aware that even a brief falter in the connection has been a big enough weakness to bring down a Jaeger – your team never registered a system failure.” Coulson turned to look at Clint again, and the sharpness of his gaze made Clint stumble. “I’m not sure you realise how extraordinary that is,” he said quietly. [Clint knows he's lucky to have lived to see life after the Kaiju war, but that doesn't mean he'll turn down a chance to return to the Jaeger project.]
!favorites  authors:t  fandom:avengers  fandom:pacific.rim  pov:clint.barton  genre:fusion  genre:action  rating:g  genre:gen  setting:post-movie  type:future!fic  notes:fantastic  notes:depressing  notes:heartsforeyes  site:ao3  quality:*****  year:2013  c:marvel:clint.barton 
july 2013 by rainbowslinky
Tribute - the_deep_magic - Star Trek RPF, Actor RPF, Hunger Games Trilogy - Suzanne Collins [Archive of Our Own]
At 18 and facing his final reaping, Chris thought he was safe. When his name is chosen and he's shipped off to the Capitol to fight in the 72nd Hunger Games, his mentor is of limited help and his fellow tribute is a 13-year-old girl... who he might have to kill to survive. His only chance is to try to gain wealthy sponsors with the help of his stylist, Zach, who becomes the only one Chris can turn to as the countdown to the Games draws closer and closer.
fandom:star.trek  type:first-time  genre:au  rating:nc-17  authors:t  site:ao3  year:2012  quality:*****  fandom:thg  genre:fusion  genre:angst  length:10k-20k  notes:;_;  p:st:chris/zach 
july 2013 by rainbowslinky
twoskeletons: 'The Future as B-Movie' - SPN - Dean, Sam, Cas - PG13
The point is, Team Free Will is trying their hardest, they really are, but this is baby's first apocalypse, and you can't just salt and burn rivers of blood or deadly plague or boiling seas. They're kind of out of their depth here. Also: croats. Croats everywhere. Plus, on top of it all: vampires [In the middle of the zombie apocalypse, the vampires multiply and zero in on Cas.]
notes:amusing  subject:apocalypse  site:lj  rating:pg-13  year:2010  quality:****  subject:zombies  !has.a.sequel  character:sam.winchester  genre:gen  fandom:supernatural  character:dean.winchester  length:01K-05K  character:castiel  authors:t  from delicious
july 2013 by rainbowslinky
I Can Stay 'Til It's Time to Go - the_deep_magic - Star Trek RPF, Actor RPF [Archive of Our Own]
A New Year’s Eve party in which they have broken up, the orange salsa is radioactive, and everyone wants to kiss Zoe’s boyfriend.
fandom:star.trek  authors:t  site:ao3  year:2010  length:05k-10k  rating:r  genre:angst  genre:romance  subject:reunions  quality:*****  p:st:chris/zach 
june 2013 by rainbowslinky
Merry Bachelors - therumjournals - Star Trek RPF [Archive of Our Own]
[Ten years from now, Zach reads a promising script.] “That’s how I knew, you know,” Zach said quietly. Chris looked down at Zach’s hand touching his knee and back up with a curious expression. “I knew you wrote that script,” Zach continued. “When Scott asks Cary Grant about his engagement to Barbara Hutton, Cary tells him-“ Zach paused to swallow and take a breath, emotion welling in his throat. “He says ‘It’s not serious’. I think that’s when I knew it was you.”
fandom:star.trek  genre:rps/rpf  authors:t  site:ao3  year:2011  quality:*****  length:10k-20k  type:future!fic  subject:reunions  notes:heartsforeyes  rating:nc-17  p:st:chris/zach 
june 2013 by rainbowslinky
'Twould Be a Wildish Destiny - Thistlerose - Star Trek (2009) [Archive of Our Own]
Kirk is given a glimpse of the life he might have led, and realizes that he and his alternate self share the conviction that they'll die alone. Bones has something to say about that.
fandom:star.trek  verse:reboot  site:ao3  authors:t  year:2009  notes:FEELS  rating:r  quality:*****  genre:romance  genre:angst  pov:mccoy  length:01K-05K  p:st:kirk/mccoy 
june 2013 by rainbowslinky
Rebuild - theappleppielifestyle - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
[steve/tony post im3]

"“It’s been a full on few years for all of us,” Steve says, reverent. “God, not even five years ago I was a foot shorter, in a different century and couldn’t run a block unless I got carried halfway down it.”

“Five years ago I was up to my neck in booze, chicks and weapon engineering,” Tony tells him, looking out over the city, lit up like a Christmas tree. “Don’t know about you, but I kind of prefer this gig.”"
@twitter  fandom:avengers  rating:pg  length:10k-20k  year:2013  setting:post-movie  verse:mcu  authors:t  site:ao3  quality:****  character:ensemble.cast  subject:ptsd  p:marvel:tony/steve  p:marvel:tony/pepper 
may 2013 by rainbowslinky
more than half a crime - theviolonist - The Following [Archive of Our Own]
All the knives in this house are painstakingly well-sharpened; they did it the day after their housewarming party, like a spring cleaning.
kink:knifeplay  year:2013  kink:bloodplay  pairing:jacob/paul  fandom:the.following  setting:pre-series  rating:nc-17  notes:hot  quality:*****  length:01K-05K  authors:t  site:ao3 
february 2013 by rainbowslinky
W.I.P.E. - tsukinofaerii - Marvel 616 [Archive of Our Own]
An AU of the events covering SIEGE and immediate after. When Tony is rebooted after deleting his brain, he's left with no memory of anything, and lingering programs that keep him from finding out everything he missed. Sometimes you just need to start over, but there's always a place in every plan for a backup.
fandom:avengers  verse:616  authors:t  site:ao3  length:50k+  year:2011  !favorites  notes:depressing  notes:dark  subject:amnesia  quality:*****  !masterpost  p:marvel:tony/steve 
october 2012 by rainbowslinky
Handsome and the Hulk - thebratqueen
Once upon a time there was a rich merchant who had joined together with a spy, an archer, a super soldier, and a demigod to protect the kingdoms from harm or, failing to do so, to avenge any harms which had befallen them.

[Occasionally fairy tales get the details wrong, even - or perhaps especially - in a tale as old as time.][A Beauty and the Beast AU]
fandom:avengers  genre:angst  genre:romance  genre:humor  length:05k-10k  year:2012  site:ao3  authors:t  rating:pg-13  subject:fairytales  notes:amusing  genre:au  genre:fantasy  quality:*****  !rec  c:marvel:bruce.banner  c:marvel:hulk  c:marvel:tony.stark  p:marvel:tony/hulk  p:marvel:tony/bruce 
september 2012 by rainbowslinky
Just A Little Taste of Where I Came From - torakowalski - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
[Steve stares at Thor. Then down at the children. It isn't that he doesn't understand what Thor is saying; it's just that he's sure that isn't possible.

"Are you saying that those kids are Coulson and Stark?" Natasha demands. Steve is so glad that someone other than him asked that question.

Thor nods encouragingly. "I am. Is that not a relief?"

"Um," Clint says. He sounds as though he's going to freak out any second. "No?" ]
fandom:avengers  verse:mcu  subject:children  site:ao3  year:2012  quality:****  notes:adorable  authors:t  genre:gen  pov:steve.rogers  character:ensemble.cast  trope:de-aged  length:20k-50k  genre:humor  genre:hurt/comfort  c:marvel:phil.coulson  c:marvel:tony.stark 
september 2012 by rainbowslinky
the war is over and we're beginning, pepper/tony/bruce, pg-13
Bruce has never been that talkative, but Tony talks enough for two, so it isn't really a problem. Instead, Bruce observes. He observes Tony's face, the sharp traits and chiseled jaw; he observes the distance between his body and Pepper's, the way it seems unnatural, removed, like they used to stand closer. He doesn't say anything. He isn't good at saying things.
type:commentfic  fandom:avengers  authors:t  length:05k-10k  year:2012  quality:****  site:lj  genre:angst  pov:bruce.banner  rating:pg-13  p:marvel:tony/bruce/pepper  p:marvel:tony/bruce 
july 2012 by rainbowslinky
10 Things I Hate About You - thesecretmichan
It's amazing how Steve and Tony could screw up something as simple as hate-sex.

Alternatively: Love and hate may be two sides of the same coin, but moving from one to the other is far more complex than we really give people credit for.
[Steve and Tony start with hate sex; Steve moves on, Tony dates Clint for a bit; then they come to their senses with a little help from their friends]
fandom:avengers  length:20k-50k  site:ao3  year:2012  quality:***  rating:nc-17  genre:romance  genre:angst  pov:tony.stark  authors:t  p:marvel:tony/steve  p:marvel:tony/clint  p:marvel:clint/natasha 
july 2012 by rainbowslinky
From Brain to Page - all the transparence (in the shades of red)
“You remembered me.” She settles over him, feels the length of him against her.

“It could have killed you,” he says, “me remembering you.”

[It is not always about remaking, about reconstruction; sometimes it is just about trust.]

“No,” she whispers. “Clint, it saved us both.”
fandom:avengers  rating:r  notes:hnnnng  notes:positive.ending  type:coda  setting:post-movie  pov:natasha.romanova  site:lj  quality:*****  year:2012  authors:t  genre:angst  genre:romance  authors:k  !favorites  length:01K-05K  p:marvel:clint/natasha 
july 2012 by rainbowslinky
Tulipfic - Chess Pieces
Clint wouldn’t have believed it if he saw it, but he could feel it. Natasha had always been pure, tightly coiled energy. She stalked the halls of the S.H.I.E.L.D. base like a caged tiger, on the prowl and ready to pounce. Her muscles were always primed and ready for the next move, but, with his body pressed so close to hers, he felt those muscles start to relax. [five times Clint and Natasha don't have sex and the first time they do]
fandom:avengers  authors:t  year:2012  site:lj  length:05k-10k  rating:r  pov:clint.barton  type:origin.story  type:first-time  subject:first.meetings  pov:natasha.romanova  quality:*****  p:marvel:clint/natasha 
june 2012 by rainbowslinky
Hope is Not a Course of Action - thatdamneddame - The Avengers (2012), Marvel Avengers Movies Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Looking back now, and Clint can see it’s been building for years, that he and Coulson were an inevitable conclusion. Natasha was hard and fast and dangerous, and the men and women before her were more of the same. But Coulson is steel and he knows all of Clint’s secrets and when he looks at him he sees Clint, exactly as he is.
fandom:avengers  authors:t  site:ao3  year:2012  type:origin.story  pov:clint.barton  genre:gen  genre:angst  type:first-time  length:10k-20k  rating:r  quality:****  p:marvel:clint/coulson  p:marvel:clint/natasha 
june 2012 by rainbowslinky
Tulipfic - Movie Night
"Rodgers hasn’t seen Godfather. Or anything since Wizard of Oz. This must be rectified." For a few weeks, Natasha thinks Stark’s incessant badgering is the worst thing in her life. Then, in North Korea, ‘worst’ gets its proper definition back.
quality:****  fandom:avengers  setting:post-movie  rating:pg-13  genre:humor  genre:hurt/comfort  genre:angst  length:05k-10k  character:ensemble.cast  authors:t  site:lj  year:2012  c:marvel:clint.barton  c:marvel:natasha.romanova  p:marvel:clint/natasha 
june 2012 by rainbowslinky
city of sin - [fic: the avengers]
Clint’s preferred spot was whatever shadowed corner he could kick a chair in to and he was just settling in when a hand shot up Mrs. Romanoff’s backside. She took it in stride even as the atmosphere seemed to still, the piano tapering off, the men at the bar turning. [0 miles to water, 20 miles to wood, 10 miles to hell and I gone there for good ]
authors:t  length:05k-10k  rating:pg-13  genre:au  character:ensemble.cast  pov:clint.barton  notes:fantastic  setting:western  site:lj  year:2012  quality:*****  character-type:lawman  fandom:avengers  p:marvel:clint/natasha 
june 2012 by rainbowslinky
herbalistic: fic: sunspots
‘I did my changing before you were even thought of, sweetheart.’ He says, quirking an eyebrow, and she moves over slightly, so he can sit beside her. Even now, he still unnerves her, the depths she has yet to uncover. [she makes no effort to rationalise what happens next.]
rating:pg-13  setting:post-series  genre:angst  authors:t  pairing:katniss/haymitch  fandom:thg  length:<1k 
april 2012 by rainbowslinky
throughadoor: birds and snakes and aeroplanes
Three hours and you know now that Michael pulled through, is stable and will probably be okay, but you still don't know what to say to Brian. You keep thinking that you should have said, "I love you, too," like a normal human being and not some dumbstruck idiot, but if you said it now it would be weird, because the moment has passed, and in daylight it seems like some kind of crazy dream.
fandom:qaf  pairing:brian/justin  season:five  authors:t  episodic:5.10  rating:r  length:01K-05K  genre:angst  notes:beautiful  notes:bittersweet 
february 2011 by rainbowslinky
fic_flail: An Experiment, Of Sorts - Sherlock - John/Sherlock
Faced with a case where a rape victim murdered his attacker, Sherlock finds himself without the required knowledge to solve the crime. He performs an experiment on John, the most suitable subject - but the fall-out is far more shattering than he could have anticipated.
fandom:bbcsherlock  length:05K-10K  rating:nc-17  notes:depressing  genre:angst  type:first-time  kink:bdsm  pairing:sherlock/john  notes:creepy  notes:dark  authors:t  tw:non-con 
october 2010 by rainbowslinky
thedeadparrot: Fic: Between Two Lungs (Sherlock BBC, John/Sherlock)
He can't breathe, which was the whole point of the exercise after all, but he still feels something like shock, like panic. John could kill him like this, with all of the cells in Sherlock's brain slowly starving, and Sherlock would let him. Sherlock would let him, because he needs more than this, needs his body and his mind to go quiet and still under someone else's hands.
fandom:bbcsherlock  authors:t  rating:r  length:01K-05K  kink:powerplay  kink:bdsm  pairing:sherlock/john  type:first-time  kink:breathplay 
october 2010 by rainbowslinky
fic_flail: Tie You Down or Hold You Up - Sherlock - John/Sherlock
At home, Sherlock traps John against the counter as he's trying to make dinner. It digs into his front and Sherlock is plastered against his back, tall and lanky and with something vampiric about his entire air. His hands are at the chain and then his lips nuzzle against the heavy clasp that keeps it attached. "I should get a tag for you. 'Property of Sherlock Holmes. If found, please return to 221b Baker Street."
(Sherlock gives John a chain to wear around his neck. John isn't sure why he accepts.)
fandom:bbcsherlock  length:01K-05K  rating:nc-17  kink:bdsm  kink:powerplay  pairing:sherlock/john  authors:t 
october 2010 by rainbowslinky
2ndstory: here, our minutes grow hours
He swoops in like some bird of ill-omen and does what he does best, which is upset every expectation there has ever been. Whatever you thought you knew, forget it, because Sherlock Holmes is here to prove you wrong, over and over again. There’s no balance, no restraint, no...no normalcy.
fandom:bbcsherlock  length:01K-05K  rating:r  genre:angst  authors:t  type:first-time  subject:domesticity 
october 2010 by rainbowslinky

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