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PHP and WordPress Hosting on DigitalOcean - ServerPilot
This service looks promising for hosting PHP projects like WordPress and Laravel in that it looks like it has very modern software stack, and yet, might be wasy enough for someone like Erick to use.
hosting  monitoring  service  server  php  wordpress  laravel  totry  tolearn  tounderstand 
august 2018 by racl101
single_cat_title() | Function | WordPress Developer Resources
Function used to output the category title inside an archive page template (archive.php, index.php, category.php) being used to currently display a category listing.
WordPress  Function  ReferencE  Guide  Tutorial  Documentation  single_cat_title  category  title  current  Howto 
september 2016 by racl101
Licensing | Drupal.org
Really good explanation about the GPL as it relates to distributing Drupal themes and plugins. This really applies to WordPress as well since they referred to this.
GNU  Software  explanation  Toread  Drupal  tounderstand  WordPress  GPL  licensing 
august 2016 by racl101
NextGEN Templates
HOW TO CREATE YOUR OWN TEMPLATES shows how to override main gallery code.
nextgengallery  gallery  Plugin  WordPress  Howto  example  override  template  Code  Tutorial  Guide  Reference 
april 2016 by racl101
WordPress Best Practice: Configuring DNS for WP Engine | WordPress Hosting by @WPEngine
Shows how to add DNS A Record on a registrar (domain hosting company) like GoDaddy. Worked for AMJ.
WordPress  Howto  Guide  ReferencE  Documentation  changing  DNS  video  example  Wpengine  godaddy 
april 2016 by racl101
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