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PHPWord is a library written in PHP that create word documents. 

No Windows operating system is needed for usage because the result are docx files (Office Open XML) that can be opened by all major office software.
php  development  software  tools  webdev  microsoft  wordpress 
august 2011 by racl101
PHP: Error Control Operators - Manual
How to suppress error control in PHP using the @ sign
php  error  @  design  features  handler  operator  programming  webdev 
february 2011 by racl101
Adding and using custom user profile fields
Great example of how to add extra fields to current wordpress users
justin-tadlock  wordpress  profile  user  custom  howto  development  webdev  php  custom-fields  fields 
december 2010 by racl101
PHP: Variable variables - Manual
These are variables that can be defined by name in terms of another variable. Like this {$variable} = 'some value'
variable-variable  dynamic  manual  programming  php  variables  variable  webdev 
december 2010 by racl101
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