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romainl/Apprentice: A dark, low-contrast, Vim colorscheme.
This color scheme has really good and intuitive colors for vimdiff (vim diff) mode.
github  vim  editor  color  scheme  theme  diff  vimdiff  mode  guide  reference  dark 
december 2018 by racl101
Dracula — A dark theme for Vim and 50+ apps
Cool vim theme that actually works for me. Whereas Atom-Dark didn't work for me.
vim  theme  color  scheme  editor  download  github  cool 
december 2018 by racl101
My .vimrc file
Jeffrey Way is the creator of Laracasts. This is his vimrc file.
vim  example  Github  config  vimrc 
february 2015 by racl101
Day 1: Vim to Emacs | Isaac Su
Really good tutorial explaning Emacs and Vim keyboard commands and their respective equivalents.
emacs  vim  Guide  ReferencE  editor  Tutorial  howto  Blog 
july 2014 by racl101
carlhuda/janus · GitHub
Vim distribution for beginners.
nerdtree  yehuda  distro  vim  github 
may 2014 by racl101
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