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css - Programmatically creating PDF from webpage - Stack Overflow
I wrote a Stackoverflow response to the problem of creating PDFs programmatically. After trying out Browsershot, Puppeteer and Chrome / Chromium headless browser solution on Laravel and seeing it work. This came after being frustrated with trying to install / run wkhtmltopdf on Ubuntu 18.04.
stackoverflow  howto  example  guider  reference  suggestion  render  pdf  programmatically  server  side  php  php7  browsershot  laravel  laravel5  ubuntu  ubuntu18.04  puppeteer  chrome  chromium  headless  browser  totry  tolearn  tounderstand 
november 2018 by racl101
Installing headless chrome on Ubuntu.
Shows how one might add the Chromium Browser (headless) apt repository to Ubuntu.
github  gist  script  shell  bash  howto  example  add  chromium  chrome  headless  browser  ppa  apt  repository  linux  ubuntu  ubuntu16.04  ubuntu18.04  guide  reference 
november 2018 by racl101
Contains a neat task that demonstrates how to update the Ubuntu apt-get repositories to be able to add the ondrej/php repository that allows us to install multiple versions of php on a given Ubuntu 16.04 server using an Ansible playbook to do it.
github  ansible  project  task  playbook  howto  example  add  software  repository  linux  apt  apt-get  ubuntu  ubuntu16.04  guide  reference 
november 2018 by racl101
phusion/baseimage - Docker Hub
The Laradock Docker Image uses this as its base Ubuntu 16.04 image. So it stands to reason that this is a good Docker Image using Ubuntu 16.04 to use for non-specific LEMP / Laravel setups.
base  repository  dockerhub  github  project  minimal  ubuntu  ubuntu16.04  image  docker  linux  toread  tolearn  totry  tounderstand  touse 
november 2018 by racl101
phusion/baseimage-docker: A minimal Ubuntu base image modified for Docker-friendliness
The Laradock Docker Image uses this as its base Ubuntu 16.04 image. So it stands to reason that this is a good Docker Image using Ubuntu 16.04 to use for non-specific LEMP / Laravel setups.
github  project  minimal  ubuntu  ubuntu16.04  image  docker  linux  toread  tolearn  totry  tounderstand  touse 
november 2018 by racl101
Installing MySQL (with Debconf) | Servers for Hackers

echo mysql-server mysql-server/root_password password root | debconf-set-selections;\
echo mysql-server mysql-server/root_password_again password root | debconf-set-selections;\
apt-get install -y mysql-server mysql-client libmysqlclient-dev

So that you don't have install mysql server interactively and can set the root password programmatically.

Works for installing MySQL 5.7 on Ubuntu 16.04 as well.
blog  tutorial  screencast  video  howto  install  mysql  mysql5.7  server  debian  configuration  root  password  programmatically  ubuntu  ubuntu16.04  script  bash  shell  example  guide  reference 
october 2018 by racl101
How to Run Sites Securely with Apache and Php-fpm on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS |
What's good about this blog post is that it demonstrates how to do it with PHP-FPM, Ubuntu 16.04 and Apache which is a rare combination these days.
blog  tutorial  howto  set  configure  php-fpm  ubuntu  ubuntu16.04  pool  user  apache  server  process  virtual  hosts  example  guide  reference 
july 2018 by racl101
How To Configure NGINX Using Ansible on Ubuntu
Good tutorial showing you how to get started with Ansible by running a playbook locally on Mac OS X to manage / set up remote Ubuntu instances.
blog  tutorial  ansible  ubuntu  ubuntu16.04  guide  reference  howto  example  toread  tolearn  totry  tounderstand  python  windows 
july 2018 by racl101
Ansible - Creating users and copying ssh keypair files to the remote server
This is a good example of how to use an Ansible playbook to create users, add them to one or more user groups, and give them passwords on a Linux system from a list of users (denoted as variables) and how to create .ssh directories for them. It's a good start. Works on Ubuntu 16.04 It also shows how to create a user group too.
github  gist  ansible  playbook  create  users  module  linux  ubuntu  ubuntu16.04  list  group  howto  example  guide  reference  ssh  key  remote 
july 2018 by racl101
The Process Component (Symfony Docs)
Symfony package for running shell scripts on the web server. I tested this on my Laravel Homestead Vagrant Virtual Machine to run a Python script from a Laravel (PHP) command and from a controller web route and it worked beautifully.
symfony  package  exec  shell  script  server  linux  ubuntu  ubuntu16.04  tutorial  documentation  guide  reference  laravel  laravel5 
april 2018 by racl101
How to Install Multiple Versions of PHP on Ubuntu 16.04/17.10 | LinuxBabe
Really good tutorial.

tags: blog tutorial howto install multiple php versions ubuntu ubuntu16.04 example guide reference toread tolearn totunderstand totry nginx apache
blog  tutorial  howto  install  multiple  php  versions  ubuntu  ubuntu16.04  example  guide  reference  toread  tolearn  totunderstand  totry  nginx  apache  ppa  ondrej 
march 2018 by racl101
How to Install Invoice Ninja on Ubuntu 16.04
tags: blog tutorial howto install invoice ninja ubuntu ubuntu16.04 guide reference php7 php-fpm nginx toread tolearn tunderstand totry
blog  tutorial  howto  install  invoice  ninja  ubuntu  ubuntu16.04  guide  reference  php7  php-fpm  nginx  toread  tolearn  tunderstand  totry 
march 2018 by racl101
Error: duplicate listen options for [::]:443 · Issue #5550 · certbot/certbot
This happened to me when I tried to create an SSL certificate for two virtual hosted sites that share the same top level domain but have different subdomains and their www versions.

E.g. site1.myawesomesite.com and site2.myawesomesite.com (and their www versions www.site1.myawesomesite.com and www.site2.myawesomesite.com )


change listen [::]:443 ssl ipv6only=on; to listen [::]:443;
github  forum  letsencrypt  ssl  certificate  ubuntu  ubuntu16.04  howto  troubleshoot  fix  duplicate  listen  options  error  virtualhost  example  guide  reference 
march 2018 by racl101
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