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lineinfile - Manage lines in text files — Ansible Documentation
The difference between this module and the search and replace module is that the Line in File Module can be used to check the existence of text as well as to replace text, but it only works well for single line replacements. For multi-line replacements use the search and replace module instead.
documentation  ansible  guide  reference  lineinfile  module  edit  lines  in  text  files  update  change  replace  regex  regular  expression  howto  example  tutorial  check  existence 
july 2018 by racl101
javascript - Select all DIV text with single mouse click - Stack Overflow
This actually works pretty well. Make a div section select all text within it when a user clicks anywhere in the div.
stackoverflow  howto  example  javascript  function  select  text  within  node  div  single  mouse  click  onclick  guide  reference 
may 2018 by racl101
Convert recorded audio to text - YouTube
Cool hack to transcribe from audio to text using Audacity and Soundflower open source projects on Mac OS X which are both free.
example  transcript  Howto  text  audio  reverse  youtube  screencast 
may 2015 by racl101
PHP: str_pad - Manual
It can be used like sprintf to pad a number with leading zeros
PHP  Function  Str_pad  manual  Guide  ReferencE  Documentation  padding  string  text  zeroes  zeros 
september 2014 by racl101
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