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Template for Jenkins Jobs for PHP Projects
Really excellent guide that teaches you a lot about how to set up a server that can act as a Jenkins master or slave for building and testing PHP projects.
jenkins  howto  guide  reference  php  projects  tools  job  template  continuousintegration  continuous  integration  configuration  automation  toread  tolearn  totry  tounderstand  testing 
october 2018 by racl101
Shopify Liquid REPL
Looks promising for testing out basic Liquid data types, variable assignment and control flow and outputting variables.
tool  shopify  liquid  repl  development  testing  syntax 
june 2018 by racl101
Start a separate Chrome app on OSX with flags from Terminal | TECH.SAIGONIST.COM
Add --make-chrome-default if you want to bypass the first pop that asks if you want to make Chrome the default browser.
blog  tutorial  howto  launch  google  chrome  separate  new  instance  spawn  development  testing  example  guide  reference  macos  macosx  commandline  cli  terminal  switches  flags  options 
january 2018 by racl101
List of Chromium Command Line Switches « Peter Beverloo
Of importance are these:

--user-data-dir and --make-chrome-default when trying to launch a separate instance of Google Chrome for development or testing.
blog  chrome  app  commandline  cli  switches  options  google  browser  separate  spawn  instance  development  testing  howto  guide  reference 
january 2018 by racl101
ruby 2.2.0 rails 4.0.13 and rspec 3.1.0 cannot load such file -- test/unit/assertions · Issue #1273 · rspec/rspec-rails
Solved my issue when trying to set up Rspec tests using: Ruby 2.2.0, Ruby on Rails 4.2.0. Turns out I was missing the gem: 'test-unit' in my test group inside the Gemfile.
rspec  Github  Forum  troubleshoot  Fix  Howto  unit  testing  Issue  unittest 
november 2016 by racl101
WebdriverIO - Selenium 2.0 javascript bindings for nodejs
This might be WebdriverJS project formerly. I'm not entirely sure.
selenium  testing  webdriverjs 
june 2016 by racl101
php - Laravel 5 app always using 'testing' environment configuration - Stack Overflow
How to set up SQLite as the database to use when running Unit Tests (i.e. the testing environment) on Laravel 5.1. You might want to do this when you have to migrate and seed the database before running unit tests because it's faster.
Laravel5.1  phpunit  setup  Stackoverflow  testing  Howto  Laravel5  Database  unittesting  environment  sqlite  Laravel  useful 
august 2015 by racl101
Run android application with instrumentation turned on - Stack Overflow
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   $ adb shell pm list instrumentation
to verify that your instrumentation is there. You will receive something like

   instrumentation:my.pkg.text/my.instr (target=my.pkg)
then run

 $ adb shell am instrument -w my.pkg.test/my.instr
testing  stackoverflow  target  troubleshooting  pm  howto  instrumentation  adb  android 
april 2012 by racl101
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