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jquery - bootstrap 4 file input doesn't show the file name - Stack Overflow
Note: if you don't want to see the C:\fakepath nonsense use this:


//var fileUploadName = $(this).val();
var fileUploadName = this.files[0].name;
//replace the label
stackoverflow  bootstrap  bootstrap4  file  upload  input  field  doesn't  show  filename  onchange  howto  example  guide  reference  jquery  javascript 
5 weeks ago by racl101
php - Vue.js / Laravel - Handle logout correctly - Stack Overflow
Added my own example of how to implement a logout link for a SPA with an API powered by Laravel 5 using Passport and a front end powered by VueJS.
stackoverflow  howto  example  guide  reference  spa  laravel  laravel5  passport  api  frontend  backend  logout  link  revoke  token  vue  vuejs  vue2  javascript 
8 weeks ago by racl101
php - Laravel Passport use Different Model - Stack Overflow
This might be useful later for a survey app where a different table from the user's table might be the primary type of user needing to be authenticated.
stackoverflow  howto  example  laravel  passport  use  different  model  class  auth  guard  guide  reference  toread  tolearn  totry  tounderstand 
8 weeks ago by racl101
json - How do I test for an empty JavaScript object? - Stack Overflow
Good response shows how different versions of JavaScript as well as different JavaScript libraries do the job of checking for object emptiness.
stackoverflow  howto  check  test  object  empty  javascript  example  guide  reference  emptiness  explanation 
8 weeks ago by racl101
javascript - SyntaxError: Unexpected token o in JSON at position 1 - Stack Overflow
Encountered this issue with Vue and Vuex store library when setting some getters and the initial value of the state object property is an object.
stackoverflow  howto  example  troubleshoot  fix  json  class  parse  method  empty  object  guide  reference  javascript 
8 weeks ago by racl101
javascript - Vue - Cannot set property of undefined in promise - Stack Overflow

If using ES2015 then use arrow notation to fix these issues.


.then((response) => { //do something that calls this object }

If using ES5 then you need to assign this to an outside variable like so.

var that = this;
.then(function(response) { // do something that calls that }
stackoverflow  howto  vue  javascript  fix  example  troubleshoot  property  undefined  within  promise  anonymous  function  this  object  vuejs  vue2  guide  reference  tolearn  tounderstand  es2015  arrow  notation 
8 weeks ago by racl101
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