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Troubleshooting Systems Manager Run Command - AWS Systems Manager
If your instances don't show up on SSM service console check the following:

- If using non admin/account owner users (i.e. IAM users) check if they have the right policies attached to them.
- Do the EC2 instances in question have SSM Agent software installed on them
- Do the EC2 instances in question have the Role containing the policy named AmazonEC2RoleforSSM attached to it and, if so, has the instance been restarted after having the role attached to it?
- Is type of command that is being run available for the OS in question
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Configuring Access to Systems Manager - AWS Systems Manager
To be able to use AWS SSM service on EC2 instances (which allows one to run shell scripts by having AWS invoke script execution directly) you need to configure the users invoking the ssm service directly with the right policies and configure the EC2 instances with the proper roles.
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