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Backup (mysql dump) all your MySQL databases in separate files - Running with Ruby
Really good, simple to understand Bash shell script demonstrating how to backup all the databases in a given mysql server installation into a single file or into separate files (one for each database).
blog  tutorial  howto  example  guide  reference  backup  export  database  dump  sql  files  shell  script  single  separate  mysql  bash 
november 2018 by racl101
mysql - Getting percentage of "Count(*)" to the number of all items in "GROUP BY" - Stack Overflow
Shows how to group rows by a certain column and calculate the percentage of rows containing a certain value out of all the rows in the table. This particular example even has a where clause that filters the rows. So to generalize it for your purposes remove the WHERE clause.
query  Howto  Stackoverflow  groupby  Grouping  Guide  Mysql  SQL  example  percentage  ReferencE  Database 
october 2016 by racl101
mysql - Copy values from one column to another in the same table - Stack Overflow
Shows how to set a column to the values of another column within the same table for every row.
Mysql  Stackoverflow  query  copy  value  column  SQL  Howto  example  update 
july 2015 by racl101
SQL Joins
Simple tutorial explaining the basics of MySQL join
Mysql  Database  Howto  Guide  Reference  SQL  JOIN  example 
july 2015 by racl101
php - MySQL Inner Join Update - Stack Overflow
Shows how to update a column with values from another colunn on another table using an inner join clause. Using this in 091 - LTR Mechanical Ltd website.
example  query  update  SQL  table  column  Howto  inner  Mysql  Stackoverflow  Database  JOIN 
july 2015 by racl101
jv2222/ezSQL · GitHub
Still the greatest PHP MySQL library I've ever used that is not stand alone (not part of any CMS) and not pear or PECL.
github  justinvincent  SQL  mysql  library  PHP  ezsql  Database 
march 2013 by racl101
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