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replace - Replace all instances of a particular string in a file using a back-referenced regular expression. — Ansible Documentation
Use this module to search for strings or regex patterns within files and replace them with other strings. It's possible to used captured groups here as well.
ansible  documentation  guide  reference  search  and  replace  regex  module  howto  example  tutorial  regular  expression  pattern  captured  groups 
july 2018 by racl101
lineinfile - Manage lines in text files — Ansible Documentation
The difference between this module and the search and replace module is that the Line in File Module can be used to check the existence of text as well as to replace text, but it only works well for single line replacements. For multi-line replacements use the search and replace module instead.
documentation  ansible  guide  reference  lineinfile  module  edit  lines  in  text  files  update  change  replace  regex  regular  expression  howto  example  tutorial  check  existence 
july 2018 by racl101

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