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File Permissions on Cloud Sites | Knowledge Center | Rackspace Hosting
Short version: regardless of what FTP user you are using, give the file 664 permission if you want all users under same group to be able to edit it.
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may 2015 by racl101
coderwall.com : establishing geek cred since 1305712800
This is very important for Laravel installations being hosted on Rackspace Cloud sites and getting net::ERR_INCOMPLETE_CHUNKED_ENCODING errors in Google Chrome browser.
Xcache  chrome  500  Rackspace  HTTP  caching  error  example  cloudsites  Google  rackspacecloud  Laravel  Blog 
november 2014 by racl101
Ubuntu Hardy - Apache and PHP install | Knowledge Center | Rackspace Hosting
Most of this was useful to me. Had to figure out certain parts in other tutorials.
Apache  howto  Server  Tutorial  Guide  setup  ReferencE  rackspacecloud  Rackspace  PHP 
june 2014 by racl101
Step 10. Set up Ubuntu - Next Generation Cloud Servers™ Getting Started  - API v2
Followed this tutorial, not all there but figured out a lot from it. Useful in getting started with Rackspace Cloud servers specificatlly.
Tutorial  howto  Server  setup  rackspacecloud  linux  ubuntu  Rackspace 
june 2014 by racl101
One Q, One A: How do I set up a Next Generation Rackspace Cloud Server running Debian 7 (Wheezy)?
Really good tutorial at giving you an overview of what you have to do. It doesn't all work perfectly but it's mostly there.
PHP  rackspacecloud  mysql  debian  Tutorial  Guide  Cloud  example  Rackspace  Apache  nextgen  linux  howto  install  Server 
june 2014 by racl101
How to use Cron to Backup CloudSites to CloudFiles | Cloud Computing and Web Hosting Knowledge Center by Rackspace
Could be useful if Crons actually fired off when they're supposed to. Probably won't work for a giant site. Nevertheless the Cloudfiles PHP API code was indeed useful and the Bash script can be made to work on a local machine.
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march 2012 by racl101
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