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Download Ruby
Use this page to look up the most current stable version number to use to download ruby using rbenv and ruby-build
Ruby  Programming  language  distribution  rbenv  macosx  Unix 
september 2015 by racl101
For Sample Code repo Apache Cordava 3 Programming
Github  johnwargo  cordova  samplecode  phonegap  Programming 
may 2015 by racl101
The Post Redirect Get Pattern – Andy Pemberton
example application in PHP demonstrating the post redirect get pattern
programming  post-redirect-get  apache  http 
october 2011 by racl101
Scripting Mac Applications With Ruby: An AppleScript Alternative
programming  development  php  tutorial  ruby  applescript  rbappscript 
september 2011 by racl101
REPLACE INTO: think twice | code.openark.org
Consider using INSERT INTO ... ON DUPLICATE KEY UDPATE statement instead of REPLACE INTO statements.
programming  development  tips  mysql  blog 
september 2011 by racl101
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