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DB Browser for SQLite
Pretty good app actually. Use it to open sqlite .db or .sqlite files. Works on MacOS High Sierra as of March 20, 2019. You can even run SQL queries on it.
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9 weeks ago by racl101
xcode - requires a development team. Select a development team in the project editor.Code signing is required for product type 'Application' in SDK 'iOS 10.0' - Stack Overflow
When doing free provisioning (i.e. testing your app on your iOS device) without having an Apple Developer program membership make sure to not use someone else's bundle identifier (i.e. especially if that identifier is already registered in the App Store) but rather use your own (assuming you've never joined the Apple Developer program).
stackoverflow  howto  configure  xcode  ios  development  team  bundle  identifier  example  guide  reference  code  signing  free  provisioning  apple  developer  program 
march 2018 by racl101
File Extension .PDF Details Known MIME types for pdf files
Detailed information for file extension PDF:
Primary association: Acrobat
Company: Adobe Systems Incorporated
Mime type: application/pdf, application/x-pdf, application/acrobat, applications/vnd.pdf, text/pdf, text/x-pdf
Identifying characters Hex: 25 50 44 46 2D 31 2E , ASCII: %PDF-1.
Related links: Adobe PDF Reader, Brava! Reader Free PDF Viewer, Zoho Viewer (Web Viewer), PDF-XChange Viewer
application  extension  mime  program  type  pdf 
may 2010 by racl101
SAIT.ca - Baking and Pastry Arts
SAIT description on Baking and Pastry Arts
baking  SAIT  program  arts 
march 2010 by racl101

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