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docker - Dockerized nginx is not starting - Stack Overflow
Docker container runs as long as the command you specify with CMD, ENTRTYPOINT or through the command line is running. In your case the service command finishes right away and the whole container is shut down.

One way to fix this is to start nginx directly from the command line (make sure you don't run it as a daemon).
stackoverflow  howto  troubleshoot  nginx  image  container  server  not  starting  fix  issue  daemon  CMD  ENTRYPOINT  configuration  command  example  guide  reference 
december 2018 by racl101
Laravel + Docker Part 1 — setup for Development – Shane Osbourne – Medium
This tutorial uses version 2 of the Docker Compose syntax. Also, it seems like a pretty through example. Most examples only show you how to do nginx and php-fpm but not MySQL
medium  blog  tutorial  howto  setup  laravel  docker  php  php-fpm  nginx  mysql  docker-compose  compose  example  guide  reference  toread  tolearn  totry  tounderstand  virtual  host 
november 2018 by racl101
How to Install Multiple Versions of PHP on Ubuntu 16.04/17.10 | LinuxBabe
Really good tutorial.

tags: blog tutorial howto install multiple php versions ubuntu ubuntu16.04 example guide reference toread tolearn totunderstand totry nginx apache
blog  tutorial  howto  install  multiple  php  versions  ubuntu  ubuntu16.04  example  guide  reference  toread  tolearn  totunderstand  totry  nginx  apache  ppa  ondrej 
march 2018 by racl101
How to Install Invoice Ninja on Ubuntu 16.04
tags: blog tutorial howto install invoice ninja ubuntu ubuntu16.04 guide reference php7 php-fpm nginx toread tolearn tunderstand totry
blog  tutorial  howto  install  invoice  ninja  ubuntu  ubuntu16.04  guide  reference  php7  php-fpm  nginx  toread  tolearn  tunderstand  totry 
march 2018 by racl101
Install Invoice Ninja on a Debian 7 VPS – RoseHosting Blog
Talks about how to install and configure Invoice Ninja on Nginx (albeit on Debian 7, but still fairly applicable to Ubuntu 16.04
blog  tutorial  howto  install  invoiceninja  nginx  server  debian  guide  reference  configure  example 
march 2018 by racl101
"redcap_config" table not found error on 7.0.0 fresh install (/install.php) - REDCap
If you are having issues installing REDCap on Nginx, the issue might be with the install script's use of the PHP variable $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'], which might be set to empty on Nginx with PHP via PHP-FPM installations. Refer to the solution which I posted (using Leon's REDCap Community Login account).
redcap  forum  installation  howto  troubleshoot  server  nginx  php  php-fpm  $_SERVER  $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']  example  guide  reference 
january 2018 by racl101
PHP FastCGI Example | NGINX
If you are running Nginx and serving PHP with PHP-FPM, if you are having problems with the variable: $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] not being set then it could be that cgi.fix_pathinfo is set to 0 . However, I needed to change it to 1 for that variable to work. It doesn't seem to be a problem with Laravel 5.4 installation. But this is a problem with REDCap since it uses $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] extensibly.
nginx  server  guide  reference  documentation  example  tutorial  howto  cgi.fix_pathinfo  $_SERVER  $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']  gotcha  php-fpm 
january 2018 by racl101
PHP: Description of core php.ini directives - Manual
If you are running Nginx and serving PHP with PHP-FPM, if you are having problems with the variable: $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] not being set then it could be that cgi.fix_pathinfo is set to 0 . However, I needed to change it to 1 for that variable to work. It doesn't seem to be a problem with Laravel 5.4 installation. But this is a problem with REDCap since it uses $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] extensibly.
php  manual  guide  reference  documentation  ini  php.ini  $_SERVER  $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']  howto  troubleshoot  fix  php-fpm  nginx  cgi.fix_pathinfo 
january 2018 by racl101
Getting Nginx fpm.sock error | DigitalOcean
If you encounter this error, perhaps the error is with your pool settings. Namely, the max_children and the like type of settings.
digitalocean  forum  troubleshoot  fpm  sock  missing  file  error  php-fpm  pool  nginx  php 
december 2017 by racl101
Nginx location "not equal to" regex - Stack Overflow
This is a trick when you want to apply a rewrite to a bunch of URIs matching a certain pattern, with the exception of a fie (the ones with an empty location block.)
stackoverflow  howto  example  nginx  server  config  conf  file  trick  fix  guide  reference  exception  rewrite  expression  empty  block 
december 2017 by racl101
linux - How to set nginx max open files? - Stack Overflow
In all my tinkering with increasing maximum connections and/or requests to an Nginx server running PHP 7.0 via PHP-FPM through load tests, I haven't had to change this file ( /etc/default/nginx ) . Simply increasing the limits on /etc/security/limits.conf and changing worker_rlimit_nofile has been enough.

However, I want to keep it in mind in case I have to later.
stackoverflow  howto  troubleshoot  nginx  max  open  files  worker_rlimit_nofile  example  totry  ulimit  server  guide  reference  ubuntu  ubuntu16.04 
november 2017 by racl101
Find the process ID (PID) of a given program, using ps or pidof
The command: ps auxw | grep nginx seems to work on Ubuntu 16.04 for showing the PIDS of all of the worker processes for Nginx.
blog  tutorial  howto  get  find  process  ids  nginx  server  linux  ubuntu  ubuntu16.04  example  guide  reference  toread  tounderstand  tolearn 
november 2017 by racl101
Raising the Maximum Number of File Descriptors (Open Files) on Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty
Really good tutorial showing how to increase the maximum number of open files (file handles) that can be opened on a Linux system, on Ubuntu 14.04 (but it works as well for Ubuntu 16.04). More importantly it shows any caveats as to why maybe changing the values might not take effect immediately as well as how to check your work by checking the maximum number of open files that a given process can have. Very applicable to Nginx when increasing the worker_rlimit_nofile setting is not enough.
blog  tutorial  howto  increase  maximum  open  file  limit  linux  ubuntu  ubuntu16.04  ubuntu14.04  example  check  process  worker_rlimit_nofile  nginx  ulimit 
november 2017 by racl101
Full Example Configuration | NGINX
A great example of a fully filled Nginx main configuration file which shows exactly where the options are supposed to go.
nginx  guide  reference  sysadmin  configuration  example  full  server  documentation  manual  howto 
november 2017 by racl101
Core functionality
This is the setting that helps increase the maximum number of connections on an Nginx server. If you are encountering this error:

socket() failed (24: Too many open files) while connecting to upstream, client: ...

then definitely try to change this setting.
nginx  documentation  guide  reference  core  module  settings  worker_rlimit_nofile  manual 
november 2017 by racl101
Ubuntu 16 - how to increase maximum file open limit ( ulimit -n )
What's interesting here is that this tutorial points out that:


is the kernel limit to which limits in /etc/security/limits.conf can be increased. Other tutorials don't really mention it.
blog  tutorial  howto  example  guide  reference  ubuntu  ubuntu16.04  maximum  open  file  handle  limit  linux  server  ulimit  nginx  mysql 
november 2017 by racl101
How do I install the dom extension for PHP7?
Install this package when running composer install command to install Laravel and you get this message:

"requires ext-dom * -> the requested PHP extension dom is missing from your system."

If running PHP 7.0 with Nginx thought PHP-FPM you might consider installing this package:

$ sudo apt-get install php7.0-xml
laracasts  forum  howto  troubleshoot  guide  laravel  composer  laravel5  laravel5.4  ext-dom  php-xml  php7.0-xml  php7  discussion  reference  dependency  package  extension  module  nginx  php-fpm 
november 2017 by racl101
amazon web services - AWS ELB -> Backend Server over HTTPS with Self-Signed Certificate - Stack Overflow
Very influential question that helped me make sense out of how to create self signed certificates for backend authentication process when setting up Amazon AWS (elastic) classic load balancers and protect the connection from load balancer to EC2 instances. Especially the part where I need to configure each EC2 instance running Nginx. This example shows the Nginx config file.
stackoverflow  howto  guide  reference  example  set  up  ssl  load  balancer  elastic  elb  classic  self  signed  certificate  openssl  pem  configuration  server  nginx 
november 2017 by racl101
How To Host Multiple Websites Securely With Nginx And Php-fpm On Ubuntu 14.04 | DigitalOcean
The value of this tutorial is that it demonstrates how to set up different PHP-FPM pool configurations for different websites to be run under different users and different Nginx virtual hosts. This is important because it limits the amount of resources that different websites might need to their specific PHP-FPM pool file, as well it helps protect other sites should the website users be compromised. I.e. the same system user can't read and write to all your websites. Works on Ubuntu 16.04
digitalocean  blog  tutorial  howto  host  multiple  sites  securely  nginx  php-fpm  ubuntu  ubuntu14.04  guide  reference  security  pool  configuration  virtual  virtualhost 
october 2017 by racl101
Getting Started with NGINX Plus on EC2 in AWS
When firewall settings on EC2 instances don't work, check security group settings.
nginx  amazon  ec2  gettingstarted  guide  reference  toread  tounderstand  tolearn  security  group  traffic  ip  firewall  aws  server 
october 2017 by racl101
Prevent nginx 504 Gateway timeout using PHP set_time_limit() - Stack Overflow
Really helpful example showing how to set max execution time on an nginx server running php fpm. Works for PHP 7, Nginx and PHP FPM on Ubuntu 16.04
stackoverflow  howto  example  guide  reference  increase  max  execution  time  limit  nginx  ubuntu  ubuntu16.04  php  php7  php-fpm  virtualhost  prevent  504  timeout  error 
september 2017 by racl101
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