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Uploading Files With VueJS and Axios - Server Side Up
This actually worked well. It shows how to create a form with a file upload field and submit it via ajax (using Axios.js) library and how to handle, or receive the file upload on the server using Laravel (PHP framework.)
blog  tutorial  howto  example  create  form  file  upload  vuejs  vue2  vue  multipart  html5  ajax  axios  javascript  guide  reference  laravel  php  server 
march 2019 by racl101
Build a modern web application with Laravel and Vue
Really good tutorial demonstrating how to build a single page application (SPA) with a backend powered by Laravel with Passport and a front-end powered by VueJS. As of February 2019, it is 5 parts.

I'm using this tutorial as the basis for Onboard V3 Prototype app.
blog  tutorial  laravel  laravel5  spa  app  single  page  application  web  passport  json  token  jwt  api  vue  vuejs  vue2  javascript  framework 
february 2019 by racl101
php - Vue.js / Laravel - Handle logout correctly - Stack Overflow
Added my own example of how to implement a logout link for a SPA with an API powered by Laravel 5 using Passport and a front end powered by VueJS.
stackoverflow  howto  example  guide  reference  spa  laravel  laravel5  passport  api  frontend  backend  logout  link  revoke  token  vue  vuejs  vue2  javascript 
february 2019 by racl101
spatie/laravel-permission: Associate users with roles and permissions
This pretty much does the job that Zizaco Entrust used to do but doesn't require Redis to be installed and is still being maintained.
github  laravel  permission  library  package  roles  permissions  laravel5  user  database  models  guide  reference  documentation  howto  example  tutorial 
february 2019 by racl101
How to use multiple authentication guards in a Laravel app
I really need to try this. This might give insight into how to create multiple types of user tables and then use guards for each type of user table to log different types of users into the system.
laravel  blog  tutorial  howto  use  multiple  guards  users  tables  laravel5  auth  authentication  example  guide  reference  toread  tolearn  totry  tounderstand 
february 2019 by racl101
php - Laravel Passport use Different Model - Stack Overflow
This might be useful later for a survey app where a different table from the user's table might be the primary type of user needing to be authenticated.
stackoverflow  howto  example  laravel  passport  use  different  model  class  auth  guard  guide  reference  toread  tolearn  totry  tounderstand 
february 2019 by racl101
Home - jwt-auth
Even though Laravel 5.5 has introduced its Passport feature this library might still have some use for its ability to support multiple Laravel authentication guards.
jwt-auth  laravel  library  json  web  token  authentication  php  project  lumen  documentation  guide  reference  tutorial  quickstart 
february 2019 by racl101
"Laravel 5.5 API Resources" vs "spatie/laravel-fractal"
Interesting forum discussion comparing and discussing the merits of using Larave 5.5's API Resources features and the PHP Fractal library (or a Laravel wrapper for the Fractal library).
laracasts  forum  discussion  library  php  laravel  laravel5  api  resources  feature  fractal  pros  cons  merits  guide  reference 
february 2019 by racl101
flugger/laravel-responder: A Laravel Fractal package for building API responses, giving you the power of Fractal with Laravel's elegancy.
Library that uses Fractal PHP library underneath for API resource (data) transformation but, also, facilitates HTTP responses in JSON format for a RESTful API.
github  library  laravel  package  fractal  api  development  response  http  restful  guide  reference  tolearn  totry  tounderstand  howto  example  documentation 
february 2019 by racl101
Laravel + Docker Part 1 — setup for Development – Shane Osbourne – Medium
This tutorial uses version 2 of the Docker Compose syntax. Also, it seems like a pretty through example. Most examples only show you how to do nginx and php-fpm but not MySQL
medium  blog  tutorial  howto  setup  laravel  docker  php  php-fpm  nginx  mysql  docker-compose  compose  example  guide  reference  toread  tolearn  totry  tounderstand  virtual  host 
november 2018 by racl101
siquylee/jenkins-php: Jenkins jobs with Docker for PHP projects inspired by http://jenkins-php.org
This is a Github project showcasing how to adapt Sebastian Bergmann's PHP Jenkins Template Ant buildfile and adapt it to a website / app project built with Laravel and implementing the buildfile (build.xml) with the Phing build tool (a tool that uses Ant buildfile syntax but has PHP specific tasks/ options and only requires PHP (not Java) to run.)

For the Laravel project look within the BookStack directory.
github  project  howto  example  jenkins  php  ant  phing  buildfile  build  template  laravel  laravel5  docker  toread  tolearn  totry  tounderstand  guide  reference 
november 2018 by racl101
BookStackApp/BookStack: A platform to create documentation/wiki content built with PHP & Laravel
This is an open source project for a service written in Laravel that looks really, really amazing. There's probably a lot of good ideas to mine from this project on how to write good code with Laravel and what good third party software to use to build your project and not just for PHP / Laravel but also for JavaScript.

It also has a demo site to see it in action.
github  project  laravel  laravel5  toread  tounderstand  totry  ideas  good  practices  coding  standards  tools  howto  example  guide  reference 
november 2018 by racl101
css - Programmatically creating PDF from webpage - Stack Overflow
I wrote a Stackoverflow response to the problem of creating PDFs programmatically. After trying out Browsershot, Puppeteer and Chrome / Chromium headless browser solution on Laravel and seeing it work. This came after being frustrated with trying to install / run wkhtmltopdf on Ubuntu 18.04.
stackoverflow  howto  example  guider  reference  suggestion  render  pdf  programmatically  server  side  php  php7  browsershot  laravel  laravel5  ubuntu  ubuntu18.04  puppeteer  chrome  chromium  headless  browser  totry  tolearn  tounderstand 
november 2018 by racl101
verumconsilium/laravel-browsershot: Browsershot wrapper for Laravel 5
This looks like a decent library to utilize Browsershot and Puppeteer NodeJS library via PHP to leverage Chrome / Chromium headless browser to achieve tasks such as PDF rending and Screenshot generation all on Laravel.

Installing it worked on Laravel 5.5 but it required me to use php 7.1 or higher.
github  project  library  tool  package  composer  php  browsershot  puppeteer  nodejs  chrome  chromium  headless  browser  pdf  rending  screenshot  laravel  laravel5  php7.1 
november 2018 by racl101
PHP and WordPress Hosting on DigitalOcean - ServerPilot
This service looks promising for hosting PHP projects like WordPress and Laravel in that it looks like it has very modern software stack, and yet, might be wasy enough for someone like Erick to use.
hosting  monitoring  service  server  php  wordpress  laravel  totry  tolearn  tounderstand 
august 2018 by racl101
vue-tables-2 - npm
This is a great and easy to use VueJS 2 library / component to create an HTML table in the style of the jQuery DataTables plugin and supports the following:

- Searching / Filtering (for all rows in table with one text field filter or individually for any column via text field filter)
- Dropdown Filtering (for an individual column)
- Ordering
- Loading data through Ajax from an API (and it has a convenient Laravel server example to implement searching /filtering and pagination)
github  project  vuejs  vue2  vue  data  table  datatable  component  library  ajax  searching  ordering  filtering  laravel  server  side  php  laravel5  implementation  documentation  npm  repository 
july 2018 by racl101
php - How do I convert an object to an array? - Stack Overflow
I use this approach to convert an array of PHP objects to an array of associative arrays. You need to do this in Laravel 5 when you query database rows not using an Eloquent Model facade but the DB facade.
stackoverflow  php  howto  example  guide  reference  convert  array  objects  associative  arrays  laravel  laravel5  model  object 
june 2018 by racl101
php - belongsToMany relationship in Laravel across multiple databases - Stack Overflow
Someone figured out how to do a relationship column / property between two models (with pivot table), i.e. belongsToMany where the second model might have a dynamic database connection (i.e. it's not the same each time a query is done). So they figured out howto obtain the database for the current database connection (i.e. the current PHP script execution).
stackoverflow  laravel  laravel5  howto  belongstomany  model  relationship  property  column  between  different  database  connections  example  guide  reference  pivot  table 
may 2018 by racl101
orm - Laravel Eloquent Filter By Column of Relationship - Stack Overflow
Doesn't work all that well if the relationship property / field is defined on a table in a different database connection than the main model object that you're doing the operation on.
stackoverflow  laravel  laravel5  howto  filter  by  relationship  column  property  model  where  query  example  guide  reference  totry  tounderstand 
may 2018 by racl101
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