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Installation — Vue.js
Really important sections explaining all types of NPM VueJS 2 builds that one could include with a software like Webpack.

In short, if you include the vue.esm.js version you'll need es2015 preset. You can't just include it standalone.
vuejs  vue2  installation  documentation  guide  reference  different  builds  npm  package  manager  es2015  commonjs  explanation  webpack  toread  tolearn  tounderstand 
april 2018 by racl101
pyenv setup instructions
This gist shows a pyenv installation on MacOSX with a virtual env and numpy, pandas and matplotlib
gist  github  howto  example  guide  reference  pyenv  installation  macosx  macos  numpy  pandas  matplotlib 
january 2018 by racl101
"redcap_config" table not found error on 7.0.0 fresh install (/install.php) - REDCap
If you are having issues installing REDCap on Nginx, the issue might be with the install script's use of the PHP variable $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'], which might be set to empty on Nginx with PHP via PHP-FPM installations. Refer to the solution which I posted (using Leon's REDCap Community Login account).
redcap  forum  installation  howto  troubleshoot  server  nginx  php  php-fpm  $_SERVER  $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']  example  guide  reference 
january 2018 by racl101
jonnnnyw/php-phantomjs: Execute PhantomJS commands through PHP
Potential solution for rendering graphs made with Canvas (i.e. through certain libraries like ChartJS)
github  guide  reference  tutorial  documentation  laravel  php  phantomjs  howto  example  installation  canvas  chartjs  chart 
april 2017 by racl101
PHP PhantomJS
Potential solution for rendering graphs made with Canvas (i.e. through certain libraries like ChartJS)
github  guide  reference  tutorial  documentation  laravel  php  phantomjs  howto  example  installation  canvas  chartjs  chart 
april 2017 by racl101
wkhtmltopdf/INSTALL.md at master · wkhtmltopdf/wkhtmltopdf
Worked on Ubuntu 14.04, namely the sudo scripts/build.py setup-schroot-generic and scripts/build.py linux-generic-amd64 targets respectively.
Github  wkhtmltopdf  wkhtmltoimage  Howto  instructions  Documentation  installation  Guide  ReferencE  Tutorial 
december 2016 by racl101
installation - Setting up PHPUnit on OSX - Stack Overflow
sudo pear channel-discover pear.phpunit.de
sudo pear channel-discover pear.symfony-project.com
sudo pear upgrade-all
pear  phpunit  stackoverflow  howto  installation 
november 2011 by racl101
GUI for ubuntu Server - Ubuntu Forums
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop was a useful command for me to install a GUI on my Ubuntu 9.10 Server
ubuntu  gui  server  linux  for  forums  installation 
april 2010 by racl101
QuickInstallationGuide - modwsgi - Quick installation guide for mod_wsgi. - Project Hosting on Google Code
This is a good page that shows how to install the Apache modwsgi module need to run python (and possibly django) on apache. I installed on my local apache installation using the steps outlined here.
python  install  apache  ubuntu  adapter  django  installation  module  mod_wsgi  wsgi 
march 2010 by racl101
MySQL-python EnvironmentError: mysql_config not found | InfoEntropy
This blog post helped me install the MySQLdb and _mysql modules for python. Specifically, the lines below:

# The path to mysql_config.
# Only use this if mysql_config is not on your PATH, or you have some weird
# setup that requires it.
mysql_config = /usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql_config
mysql  python  mysqldb  module  installation  howto  blog 
march 2010 by racl101
Git Book - Installing Git
Shows how to install git command on Unix machine. I used the option under Mac 10.5 and installed from the Git OSX Installer link (a dmg installer)
installation  tutorial  howto  source  tools  development  git  install 
march 2010 by racl101
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