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Ecommerce University | Display 12 Recently Added Products on Homepage - Shopify Design
I came up with a rudimentary way to display the most recently added products to the index page.
shopify  forum  ecommerce  howto  example  guide  reference  show  display  query  recently  added  products  index  template  theme 
august 2018 by racl101
PHP: array_values - Manual
This method provides an easy way to convert associative arrays / hashes with numeric indexes that might not be consecutive into normal arrays with numeric indexes that start from zero until length of array minus 1.
php  manual  guide  reference  documentation  array_values  convert  array  associative  numeric  index 
may 2018 by racl101
Accessing the index in Python 'for' loops - Stack Overflow
In short, in Python 2.7 there appears to be no for(i=0; i<= some_number; i++) type of construct (i.e. for loop with index) so this is the alternative.
stackoverflow  python  python2.7  for  loop  with  index  alternative  workaround  example  howto  guide  reference 
april 2018 by racl101

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