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python - split dataframe into multiple dataframes based on number of rows - Stack Overflow
Awesome example that shows how to split a CSV into groups / chunks of 10 and to write them into files (CSVs) complete with header. In other words, if you have a large CSV file, you can chunk it into files with this approach. Works for read_excel and to_excel as well.
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february 2017 by racl101
Plugin API/Action Reference/init « WordPress Codex
If you need to call wp_redirect and avoid 'Headers already sent' errors, have your plugin use this hook
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may 2013 by racl101
email - Why won't wp_mail() let me set the From: header when plain old PHP mail() will? - WordPress - Stack Exchange
function yoursite_wp_mail_from($content_type) {
  return 'helenyhou@example.com';
function yoursite_wp_mail_from_name($name) {
  return 'Helen Hou-Sandi';
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