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Failed to download Chromium r515411 · Issue #1597 · GoogleChrome/puppeteer
In short: when installing Puppeteer and you get an error about downloading chromium, you might get an error. It could be an intermittent connection so try a few more times to see if works.
github  forum  puppeteer  google  chrome  chromium  headless  browser  issue  howto  troubleshoot  fix  example  guide  reference 
november 2018 by racl101
How to get HTTPS working on your local development environment in 5 minutes
This still works as of October 2018. Followed a Homstead Vagrant Bash shell script implementation of this found in a file called: /scripts/create-certificate.sh

The thing that makes all the difference is creating the root certificate and then creating the specific site certificate from the root script.
blog  tutorial  freecodecamp  howto  create  ssl  certificate  self  signed  site  root  google  chrome  https  development  environment  example  guide  reference  security 
october 2018 by racl101
javascript - A Parser-blocking, cross-origin script is invoked via document.write - how to circumvent it? - Stack Overflow
How to deal with the: "A Parser-blocking, cross-origin script, http://example.org/script.js, is invoked via document.write. This may be blocked by the browser if the device has poor network connectivity." from Google Chrome browser.
stackoverflow  howto  troubleshoot  google  chrome  error  parser  blocking  cross  origin  script  javascript  example  guide  reference  async 
june 2018 by racl101
haydenbbickerton/vue-charts: *UNSUPPORTED* Google Charts plugin for Vue.js
Pretty good Vue JS add-on / plugin to use Google Charts plugin to create charts as Vue Components.
github  project  vue-charts  google  charts  vue  vuejs  vue2  javascript  library  tutorial  documentation  demo 
may 2018 by racl101
Getting started - ChromeDriver - WebDriver for Chrome
Use this with Selenium to be able to script Selenium tests with Python.
google  chrome  driver  webdriver  gettingstarted  guide  reference  documentation  python 
march 2018 by racl101
Start a separate Chrome app on OSX with flags from Terminal | TECH.SAIGONIST.COM
Add --make-chrome-default if you want to bypass the first pop that asks if you want to make Chrome the default browser.
blog  tutorial  howto  launch  google  chrome  separate  new  instance  spawn  development  testing  example  guide  reference  macos  macosx  commandline  cli  terminal  switches  flags  options 
january 2018 by racl101
List of Chromium Command Line Switches « Peter Beverloo
Of importance are these:

--user-data-dir and --make-chrome-default when trying to launch a separate instance of Google Chrome for development or testing.
blog  chrome  app  commandline  cli  switches  options  google  browser  separate  spawn  instance  development  testing  howto  guide  reference 
january 2018 by racl101
The Hard Truth About Measuring Page Load Time - Analytics Demystified
Explains some caveats about measuring page load timings using Google Analytics.
Analytics  Measuring  Time  Blog  Tutorial  Toread  Speed  PAge  tounderstand  Google  Load 
april 2016 by racl101
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